Mera pehla pyaar (Part 10)

Hello guys moni is here again. So how are u all? Are u all still angry at me because of my delay in ff. Sorry guys but i promise i will complete this ff at any cost. Thanq for your comments. So shall we start now.


Small clash of swalak.


Swara’s p.o.v

I have met gayu in cafeteria, but my thoughts were all on what happened on Friday and Saturday… i had still the feel of laksh’s lips on mine & how his sweetness tasted.

Stop swara! I had to myself , i was beginning to get out of his thoughts, the sparks that felt through my body.

I regret leaving the way i did. .. but i had to. My mind goes off whenever i am around him & i know thatif i were have to stayed, i would have regretted it by doing something embarrassing! Although i want him, i want him to want me first.

“Swara!!” Gayu screamed at me… grabbing my attention.


“I have been talking to you from 10 mins & u have been sat there like a statue what’s wrong?”
Gayu could always tell when i was not feeling alright. I can’t lie her.

“Oh sorry. .. and its laksh… last night after u left.. and i told her everything & she gave a sympathetic look because she knows how much i falling in love with him, but she also knew how much of a player laksh was.

“Oh swara, i am sorry!! If i had known how you felt i wouldn’t have pushed you to stay with him that night … but i had something that could make u feel better…” I raised an eyebrow at her suspiciously ….

“What”… ? I was too scared to ask but her joking mischievous smile made me laugh.

“We are going to a party tonight & our plan is, we are going to make laksh jealous & wish he never fooled my swara!!” We both broke out into laughter over our evil plan.

Laksh & his remaining members came to the table each taking an available seat. Laksh took seat next to me. I didn’t like being this close, not after the weekend we had.

He looked at me deeply noticing what i amm thinking. This confused me y was he so considerate over what I have thought of him. I couldn’t be with him right now, not with my emotions. I needed to go.

I stood up and took my exit from table but while leaving i saw laksh. His eyebrows were pushed together & his eyes shown hurt… he was upset. But was it over me leaving? I shook my head. I was being stupid. So i walked away.

At evening

I walked out of the college as soon as possible , i went near gayu’s car & she is already in car waiting for me. We went to gayu’s house which was near to college. We are going to her house because we agreed that she would have s*xier clothes i could wear to impress & also she could do my hair & makeup. Wow.

We went to gayu’s house it was huge. But after seeing laksh’s no other house could compare in size. It looked beautiful. We went to her room & her room was double the size of mine, a queen sized bed on the right, a huge window with cushions on window so you were able to sit & watch the world go by… opposite the bed was wardrobe & next was bathroom. The walls were painted pink & white. She was a girly girl !

“Here it is” gayu gave me small black dress
“Try it on” gayu loves dress up & loved it more when i let her do my makeup & hair….

I looked at dress & looked at gayu “is this a top! There is no way i am going to wear this”.

“Trust me shona it will look great on you”. Trust her! Never. I looked back at the dress… fine. Without saying another word i went to change.

I slide the dress up my body & zipped it up the side. When i looked at mirror i was surprised…the dress didn’t look on so bad. But instead it came close to my knee & hugged my curves in the right places my waist even smaller. There was v line cut but enough to tease.

I walked out & gayu looked at me with her mouth wide open, ” no need to try more. This is perfect . Now let me do your hair”. Yes it was a nice dress.

Gayu wear a short red dress & straightened her hair. She loosely curled my hair & applied makeup. I didn’t recognise myself at first… i was completely different, but in a good way – i was looking hot.

Thats it guys. Please comment. Love u all.


Same party.

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