Mera Naseeb : My Fate (TwiNj + DevAkshi OS)

Hi , I m here with a new os. This is is on two couples…TwiNj and DevAkshi
Itz my last OS.. ???So plz comment!!!! ??Plz…..As my vacations are ending???.. Hope u like it …☺️☺️☺️☺️
My previous Os

Here it goes
It starts with two girls, Sonakshi and Twinkle sitting in the garden of their house where they are listening to the stories of their Aunt ). She tells them that they were born on the same day and the same time to two different mothers. A special priest has said that their fate has been intertwined; whatever happens to Twinkle will affect Sonakshi’s fate as well, but in a negative way. Twinkle , a shy and secretive girl takes this seriously whereas Sonakshi, a bold and rebellious girl thinks this is all nonsense. When Sonakshi finds out there is an interesting Bollywood movie that showing at the cinema, she decides that both her and Twinkle should go and see the movie even though the elders of their home will not give them consent to do so. They skip college and leave for the movie where they meet Yuvraj who directs them to the proper entrance to the cinema. Being new to the whole concept of movies at the cinema, they buy tickets thinking that the drinks and popcorn will be included. When they are told to pay the bill, Sonakshi refuses and starts a fight with the cashier. In the meantime, the man who showed them to the entrance, Yuvraj, comes in and they find out that he is the owner of the shop. He tries to explain the situation to Sonakshi and even negotiates with her, but she misunderstands his courtesy for flirting. He then allows them to take the drinks an tells them they can pay him off later.
Twinkle tells him that she will pay him off in installments of Rs. 50 per month. Yuvraj starts to like Twinkle and gives her his number.He rings her and he asks her to meet him in the restaurant. Twinkle and Sonakshi both go to meet Yuvraj at the restaurant where he proposes to Twinkle and asks if he can marry her. In the mean time they are spotted by a neighbour who takes them home and falsely accuses them. On hearing this Twinkle’s mother stops her from going to college thereafter.
Both Sonakshi’s and Twinkle’s weddings get fixed, Sonakshi’s to an American educated man called Dev and Twinkle’s to a man called Kunj, who has an overbearing mother. However, on the night of the wedding, Twinkle plans to flee with Yuvraj, only to be caught in the nick of time by her aunt . Therefore both marriages take place.
After the marriage, problems arise for the two girls. Dev loses his job and ends up living in a small flat, whilst Sonakshi takes up a job in a primary school as a means of financial support. Dev, arrogantly, refuses to apply for jobs that he thinks are beneath him. In twinkle’s household, her husband finds out about Yuvraj, but does nothing. Then her mother in law starts hounding her for a grandchild, preferably a boy.

Things continue to get worse to Sonakshi, when her husband starts drinking, eventually they have to move back to Dev’s parents house because of money worries. Dev’s father is cruel and beats his wife ). Ironically, this is the reason Dev cannot stand him, and is emerges that he only married Sonakshi to spite his father. Whilst all this is happening, Twinkle falls pregnant and Usha (MIL)goes crazy buying blue things, as she expects a boy. Twinkle doesn’t mind the gender, neither does Kunj but he keeps quiet to please this mother.
Sonakshi has an argument with Dev and moves back to her maternal home. Her mother is not told of the argument in case it upsets her fragile heart, as she has had major surgery. Leela (Twinkle mum), try and convince her to go home, which she does and reveals to Dev that she too is pregnant.
Twinkle on the other hand finds out that she is expecting a girl, due to a sonogram she attends with Kunj. She is ready to reveal all to usha but Kunj cuts in and lies that she’s having a boy. Dev gets badly beaten up by Yuvraj , for harassing Twinkle on the phone which makes him realise how much Sonakshi cares for him when she tends to his wounds.
One day Twinkle truth gets revealed about the baby’s gender and Usha kicks her out and claims that the baby isn’t even kunj’s. Usha then pesters Kunj to divorce Twinkle, when he has already promised to stick by Twinkle whatever happens. Due to all the pressure of the situation, he acts that he died in an accident..On his funeral, usha breaks down and begs Twinkle’s family for forgiveness, finally having realised her mistake.
When Twinkle hears of his accident she goes into early labour. Upon giving birth and returning home, she sinks into depression. Her mother, Leela, then encourages her to go back to college and make something of herself, which she does.
Few days Later
Twinkle takes her daughter to meet Usha who apologises for what she has done and also encourages Twinkle to marry Yuvraj. Yuvraj then meets Twinkle and says that he is moving abroad, as he got married..Twinkle congratulates him as he does not wanted to marry him..
Sonakshi meanwhile also delivers her baby and is seen watching a film with Dev in their bedroom. Dev shows her job opportunities for him in the US and asks whether she’ll consider a move to there. Sonakshi supports him and they too are seen to be happy together.

Leap of 2 Months
Kunj comes back and twinkle is shocked to see him..He apologies and makes her understand what his situation that time…She forgives Kunj…And takes her to meet her daughter “…They then move to US As well…
LEAP OF FIVE YEARS (So many leap sorry for that ?)
TwiNj are shown happily together as well as DevAkshi are happy together…
They meet each other every week (DevAkshi And TwiNj)… The both couples at the end are showing enjoying their life with their Children,,,……???

The End……

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