Mera ishq part 4


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Rest ill tell in someother epi and ya sorry i forgot the precap yesterday ill give today
Lets continue….

Epi 4:
Morning and Twinkle gets ready and comes out, she then gets a call and attends it.
T- Hey babesss. ?
C – Hey beautiful. (Caller) ?
T – Yuvi, when are u coming?
The caller is Yuvraj.
Y- Baby, I’m coming tomorrow.
T – Okay, I’ll be waiting but you better come soon ?
Y- Baby doll, missing me too much? ?
T – Come now! Love you ?❤️
Twinkle then disconnects the call and turns around. She sees Kunj standing there and fakes a smile.

K – Twinkle, should we go?
T – Where?
K – I think I came on the wrong time.
T – No u haven’t. I’ll get ready and comes
Kunj says yes and Twinkle leaves.

Kunj then gets a call.
K – Hello?
Y – Hey Kunj mere Bhai, I’m coming today
K – Today? You said tomorrow
Y – Yes but my baby doll was missing me too much
K – Oh, who is Baby Doll? You better introduce me to her
Y – I will don’t worry
K – Take care
Y – What do you mean take care? U r piking me up.
K – wat? I’m not
Y – M arriving 2 hrs man, u r!
K – Fne but baby doll
Y – Yes Kunj.
Kunj cuts the call and Twinkle comes.
T – Chalien?
K – Srry, my brother is cumin and I hv to pick him up.
T – Ohh, k DW
K – I’ll meet u tomorrow
Kunj leave and twinkle feels sad.?

Cafe ?????
Twinkle walks inside and is shocked.
T – (thinks) Kunj? He said he had to pick his bro up. But he is here Viv Neha? ?
Kunj and Neha are talking.
N – I love you Kunj, very much and I really do! ?
Neha kisses Kunj on the cheeks.

Twinkle sees and hears and runs from there, she is shocked and cries.
T – Kunj cheated on me ?

K – Neha! Stop it, she is nt going to react like that ?
N – Okay Kunj, chill. But she also Luvs u.
K – I need to pick Yuvi, I’ll brb
Kunj leaves.

Twinkle reaches a place and cries.
T – It was Kunj whom I loved, but he break my heart. ?
Boy – Aunty, y r u cryin?
Twinkle wipes her tears.
T – No who is cryin?
A man comes there.
Man – Anmol
The boy turns
Boy/A – Papa.
The man comes near and is surprised to see twinkle.
Man – U R twinkle?
Twinkle sees him.
T – Yes, how you know?
Man – U r marryin Kunj, my bro?
Twinkle – U r Kunj’s bro?
The man nods.
Man – My name is Lerrance, y u cryin?
Note – Lerry is Kunj’s cousin bro.

Twinkle then looks down
T – My hole life ruined, Kunj cheated on me ?
L – Oh, sad. Y? Wat happnd?
T – He Luvs his frnd Neha. He ruind my life.
L – Dnt cry.
Twinkle then hugs Lerrance and Lerrance is shocked.

L – U can marry me, ur problem wuld be solved.
Twinkle is shocked and thinks about it.

2 hrs later Twinkle walks in Sarna house with Lerrance. All r shocked especially Kunj and Yuvraj. Dey see Lerrance and Twinkle married.
Y – Baby doll? ?
K – Siyappa Queen??
Yuvi and Kunj look at each Oder n r shocked.?
Then twinkle feels a slap across the face and she is shocked.?
A – No! Dnt hit my mamma!?
Anmol hugs twinkle.

Do cmmnt n tell hw u find if.

Precap: Last Epi. Kunj n Lerrance get intimate …

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    It’s awesome but last part is scary twinkle married kunjs cousin ?????
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