Mera ishq part 5


Hey girls! How r u all?
Im thinking to end this ff in this epi only
So this is last epi but ill write other stories also
Lets continue…..

Epi 4 ( i guess)
Marrige day
Twinkle calls kunj
K – hello
T – hi kunj
K – kya hua? Subha subha kyun call kiya?
T – mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai isse pehle der ho jaaye
K – kaho
T- kunj…..i love you
K – what? Are u serious?
T – yes !jabse mili hun bas tum hi dimaag mein rehte ho problem kya hai tumhaari tumhaare bina kuch accha nahi lagta aur bas bolna shuru karungi toh band nahi hongi isliye bas i love u
Kuch bolte kyun nahi do u love me
K – chup ho jaa bolne toh de
I love u too???
T – ( very happily) thank god
K – im coming
T – no no no pls if mom catches u then we both are gone
K – yaa bye i love u
T – bye i love u 2
Cuts the call

Marrige time sarnas arrive
Kunj is searching for twinkle
L – twinkle is getting ready
K – i want looking for her
L – i didnt say u were looking for he thats means you were really
Everyone laughs
But kunj is busy staring someone yaa its our no no kunjs bride the great twinkle taneja
They sit on the mandap
Pandit starts chanting mantras
And other things are done
They are husband and wife now???
They reach sarna mansion
U – twinkle this is your new house?
T – ( blushes)
U – come lets do other rasams also
T – ok aunty

U – call me mummy
T – ok mummy
Toota jo kabhi tara tune plays in background
They enter…..
Twinkle is waiting when kunj comes inside
He looks at her with a naughth smile
T – dont look at me like this
K – okay jaan i will not look at u ill just do it
T – you will do what?
K – sleeping? Dont tell me u thought that way you dirty mind
T – shut up!
K – sorry baba lets start now
T – is this a show that lets start
K – im talking about our suhagrat my love?
T – ( blushes )
They consumate their marrige
5 years later
Twinj have a daughter named jasmine and a son named sidhant they are twins?

Bye guys?? ill miss you?
But i will write other ff’s too but those will be most probably os as i dont like continuing my ff again and again as i have to think so much that what happened in previous epi?
Bye? pls comment love u loads?????

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  1. Chiku

    I am confused about last episode nd dis one

  2. Angita

    Itna jaldi?
    Confusion aab ki clear nei Hui…

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Hey fatima d epi was nice
    But so confusion
    In the last one there was some different Precap but now u have shown something else
    Plzz clear much confusion
    Kunj n lerrance were supposed to be get intimated ??
    Plzz tell me

  4. itsss too confusing dear.. last epi 4 was new entry kunj’s cousin nd then finally marriage… sooo confusing yrrr

  5. dreamer...arundhati

    Cute anf simple but fatima…dwar there is a serious confusion. ..the epis are not relating..

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome…bt confused abt this epi & last epi…..

  7. Kritika14

    okay, it was a nice one but i think there is some confusion that needs to be cleared. The last eps of yours had a different story and this has a different one. In the last one, twinkle marries kunj’s cousin and here they are marrying? Too much confusion which really needs to be cleared. Waiting for your reply 🙂

  8. Superb epi.. but there’s some confusion regarding the previous and this epi.. hope you clear it soon 🙂

  9. Sanjanaagrawal

    What is this yaar ??????????????????????? ???????????????
    I could not understand …. u had given some other precap and then this ….. yaaar clear this …
    And ur ff is gud …. hope u will come up with lots more good ff …..

  10. Romaisha

    Confusion here yaar last epi she married kunj’s cousin n somebody was getting slapped .. Here? Hmm..
    Please do clear confusion nahh eager to keep reading

  11. m so confuuseed about the last 1 n dis 1

  12. Sayeeda

    Yrr Fatima don’t mind dear but it was bit confusing… Twinkle married her cousin .. Then how come Twinj be together….
    All over nice…. U should have continued it for long as ur ff was interesting….
    Gonna miss u.. Hope u come back soon with next one

  13. Huh? What is this?! I mean there was something else on Part 4 and something else here?

    Please explain I’m sooooooooo confused Cuz.

    What’s happening? When? How? Why? What?!!

  14. Dis is soo confusinggg yaaaaaar???the last episode and this epi is so different!!!Where is yuvi and lerrance??!!!n last epi she married kunj’s cousin and sm slap scene n all was goin on…n in dis epi she married kunj!!too much confusion???Hope u clear it soon??

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey fatima I read ur ff from part 1 it is like amazing till part 3 but part 4 and 5 full of siyappa omg be honest to me u must be angry with tei right? so u wrote part 1, 2 and 3 with romance and then create siyaapa to vend out your anger 😛 well u should have not done so after part 3 should have wrote more i even recommened my friends to read ur ff after i read first part and they dont usually read ff but u ended it huh? lol there is this saying anger spoils everything 😛 but if u didnt wish to continue this ff we couldnt do anything also katoholic especially well part 4 is my fav 😛 jking jking and yeah part 5 happy ending and please answer what happened to lerrance janta chahte hain jawab the nation wants to know

  16. Jisha

    A bit confused with the previous shot n dis one… please clear it…come back soon with new Os..

  17. Baby

    hey fatima dear osm epiosode bt y did u ended it
    yah i m cnfusd bt yr y did u end it u were going amazing
    yr cmnt bck pls n clear r cnfusions n pls dont end it
    u r amazing rtr
    pls dear

  18. Thanmy

    Hey why did u end it so soon but don’t mind its bit confusing didn’t lerrance marry twinkle and how come kunj and twinkle anyways going to miss you come back soon

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