Mera ishq part 2


Hi!! Thank u thank u thank u so much i got such positive comments on the first epi only ummm.. i didnt even thought for the story i just wrote whatever came in my mind and i didnt knew u would love it??? thanks everyone pls comment again i got so many yesterday that i was tired of replying?? sorry for making u bored lets continue……

Epi 2

Next day
Twinkle wakes up and finds her home being decorated she goes down and searches for her mom
T – mom where are u?
L – im in my room only
T – why are so many preparation going on??
L – u forgot so early i have fixed ur marrige
T -ohhhh yaa
L – go and have breakfast they are coming
T – who is coming
L -your inlaws are coming?
T – oh okay?
Sarnas arrive

Manohar – namaste! Kese hai aap log
L – namaste we are fine come sit
M – where is twinkle
L she must be coming
( till now kunj was searching for twinkle as he cant wait to see her wouldbe wife)
Twinkle arrives
All of them sit together and discuss about their marrige ( i will not tell u the date it will be a surprise)
Note – no yuvi and chinki in my ff and mahi can come if i need her
They all have lunch together
While sarnas were leaving kunj asks leela if he can take twinkle on a date leela allows them
Day for the date
Kunj arrives as usual looking handsome
And twinkle is also looking beautiful??
They drove away

Date setup – i will not describe as i cant think of it u can imagine urself sorry
Kunj and twinkle sit there and order somefood
K – can i ask something?
T – yaa
K – do u have a boyfriend i know its a personal question but still
T – no i got many proposals also but i rejected
K -why?
T – i wanted to get married to a person i love
K -then why did u say yes for this proposal?
T – for my mom
K -(thinks) dont worry ill fulfill ur wish ill make u fall in love with me before marrige?
T – where are u lost?
K – no nowhere
Twinkle sees ppl dancing and says
T – lets dance!!!
K – ummm..okay as your wish
They started dancing on a romantic song?imagine yourself with sidhant sir????
The song finished but they are still lost in each other
Waiter – sir.maam song has finished
They come back to senses
K -lets go
T -yaa
They leave he drops her home
L – how was the date?
T- very nice?hes a nice guy mom
L – im happy that you like him
T – thanks mom u always choose the best for me i love you??
( should i write more ok a little )

Next morning
Twinkle wakes up and finds a note there
Note says
Goodmorning! Enjoyed last night?
Get ready by 8 today i want to make u meet my friends?
From- kunj
Twinkle smiles seeing this?
T – pata nahi kyun lag raha hai jaise he is the right guy for me and the only right guy thank u god for giving me life partner like him

To be continued …

How was it?? Was it better than last one pls comment and tell me something about yourselves pls i want to make new friends?and i use a lot of emojis so sorry should i write longer?? Should i add mahi to it?
Bye…love u all

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  1. Sameera

    Amazing Fatima loved it yaar

  2. Jisha

    Hi Fatima,
    I loved it…I think u should write a bit lengthier one… actually I prefer longer episodes…
    I think u knowe coz u read my ff… anyways I will introduce myself…
    Jisha, 29 years, house wife with family (a 4 year old girl n hubby) staying in Bangalore…

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thank u and sorry for short epi as i havent think of a story i just write whatever comes in my mind and i have a small brain so??you can understand and i like your name

  3. Angita

    Continue dear….loved it

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks surely will continue

  4. SidMin

    Cute episode slowly slowly something something Twinkle will realise her Love for Kunj Loved the episode 🙂

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks yaar and even if she doesnt want to realise i will make her??

  5. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode… Fatima….
    Too good ..
    Loved the dialogue where kunj said that Twinkle’s wish of getting married to a person she loves will be fulfilled was fab….

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks dear? im happy that u enjoyed

  6. Aamu

    hey it was wonderful………
    sorry i cmnt today only on ur first part…..hope u had read it…….
    ur story is different one i loved it……
    n something about me i had already told my name den also again….kya harz hai apnaa naam bataane me
    place i live:surat,gujarat,india naam to sunaa hi hoga surat kaa…just joking
    birthday:3rd november
    so its enough of my bakbak….n yaa u should post a longer1 …………….it willllllll b more amazing n awesome.

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks yaar aamena?ill try to write longer i usualy dont because i have a small brain so i cant think so much??but surely try to write longer

      1. Aamu

        i had giv u my info…….
        wats ur age?
        means i want to know u r older dan me or ???

      2. Aamu

        n khan its ur surname….?………actually its my bestie cum sissy surname also …
        .i love it………
        n ur chotu saa dimaag ne hi muje enjoy karaayaaa hai…………..tumhaare chotu se dimaag kocomplain pilaao………….hehe

      3. Baby

        heyy y do u always keep on saying dat u hv a small brain dont say luk dat n if u hv a small 1 so i luv it bcz it hv gr8 ideas n if u hv small den hmare paas to hayi nhi hhehehehhe dont reapeat dis agn nhi toh i ll nt talk to u hk luv u dear n dont reapeat it agn

    2. Aamu di u r frm surat?? Actually my fathers or should i say grandfather becausenit will be easy to tell the my grandfather’s brother and his family lives in surat..i usually visit there..wer do u live..just tell me once..

  7. dreamer..arundhati

    Osum dear but I m with jisha increase the length if possible

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks and yaa ill try to increase the length sorry

  8. Baby

    hey fatima all ur choice deart episode was amazing luvd it 2 d core luk if u cn ryt longer episode den u shuld hehe yr bt srsly luvd it 2 d core osm wts d precap? post nxt asap dear

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks dear!ill tru to write longer and sorru forgot the precap because i am writing fo the first time in my life?and im happy to get friends like u all keep reading keep commenting

  9. Baby

    n yah i m 15 gonna b 16
    bday 8th september
    i live in delhi noida
    n yah u shuld post a bit loger 1abhi mein upr gyi or dekha so if psbl
    luv u dearsissy n we all r ur frnds

  10. Fan


  11. Its amazing post asap and loooooonnnnnger epi next tme plz

  12. Kruti

    Amazing epi loved it

  13. Fatima.z.khan123

    Im 14 and a katoholic and sidhantian i love then both? and my name is fatima zahra khan usually i dont put khan as my name everyone says is just fatima zahra i put khan because my family is khan?

  14. Heyy fatima it was amazing..
    Loved it to core dear…
    Post nxt episode ASAP…
    Love u..

  15. Shatakshi

    Fatima u should not ask such questions okay…becoz tum jitna bhi lamba likhogi…it will be shorter for me??
    N ur emojis makes the ff so cute
    Plzzz dont stop putting it
    Loved it❤

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks yaar ill post next tomorrow

  16. Twinjfan.tamanna was just so cute episode…one of my frnd name is also fathima zahra…I m of 14 yrs…9th std…udupi twinj(sidmin)…

  17. Fatima.z.khan123

    Sorry sorry ill not repeat?

  18. Very nice epi di…loved it..n about myself..
    name: yogi..
    class: 7th
    age: 12
    place: mumbai
    date of birth: 4th june, 2016..
    hope this would work..n tell me about urself u loads..muah!!

  19. Superb epi.. I loved when kunj thought that he will make twinkle fall in love with him before marriage?.. do cont soon ☺

  20. Zuha babesssss how are you? I didn’t know you started a new ff and have a new account ❤️ Hope you’re good babes ? This was awesome

  21. Awesome fatima!! It was too good!

  22. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  23. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing fatima loved it
    Plzz post the next one soon

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