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Mera ishq part 1


Hi guys! I an a silent reader n its my first ff
Sorry if i dont write a good ff😭
Im fatima n its a sidmin ff named mera ishq
Lets start

A girl is shown cycling and oh no she got hit by a car her face is shown she is our twinkle taneja
Just then a boy comes out hes so handsome and yaa he issss our….kunj ( sid only no one else) twinkle keeps on blabbering and kunj is lost in her and unknowingly he says your gorgeous
T – what
K – no nothing
Twinkle goes to her cycle and is about to go when kunj comes in front
T – now what?
K – ( forwading his hand) im kunj sarna
T – ( does the same) im twinkle taneja
K – where were u going?
T – to college n im late because of you
K – oh im sorry!! You can go bye
T – bye
She left
Kunj thinks wow yaar such a beauty n she…hey i forgot to ask for her no. And he tries to run behing her cycle but shes already gone he prays that hell meet her again😊( sorry but i know its going really bad im sorry😭)
Twinkle is in her room
She thinks he was not a bad guy i said so much to him still he complimented me
Just then her mom comes
L – beta theres a proposal for you i want you to meet him
T – but…okay i will
L – good hes coming tommorrow
Next day
The person arrives and twinkle goes down she is shocked its kunj
They both are happy n confused that why r they happy they spent some time alone n said yes for the wedding….
To be continued…….
Hey! Pls comment did u like it?
Oh im fatima a proud sidhantian n a proud katoholic too im from new delhi
Pls its my request do comment n tell me something about you😊
Ill post next one tommorrow if u like it
Happy independence day🏠

  1. Hey fatima!!! Ur writing is good…as long as the meaning is conveyed…its awesome! Simply beautiful! Pls post the next soon…

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks ill post next soon keep reading😘

    2. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thank you everyone i got positive comments on the first epi only 😊it means a lot ill post next soon inshallah😘😘

  2. Nice 1 fatima di..plzz upload next asap..n u r a good u loads..muah!!

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks and pls dont call me di you can call me fatima😊

  3. heyy Fatima..
    it was really nice..
    and yeah same pinch we have same names..
    continue soon dear..

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thank you😊yeah we have the same names😂

  4. dreamer...arundhati

    Fatima good one dear.. Ctd soon

  5. Fan

    Hey fatima..who said that u r abad writer??i loved ir story n ur writing..plz do continue n if possible give longer episodes..btw happy independence day to u too..

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks ill try to give longer episodes

  6. SidMin

    Cute episode and Twinj love at first sight and who said you are a bad writer according to me you are one among the best writers 🙂 Please continue soon 🙂

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks it means a lot😘😘

  7. Hey fathima
    Ur ff is awesome
    So pls do continue
    Never neglect it

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thank u 😍😍

  8. Thanmy

    Hey its nice I mean u were saying its not good but seriously it is and cont

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks😘😘it means a lot

  9. Ranabulbul

    Amazing yr Fatima

    Can I u fatii not faati buy fatti and do cont soon can we be friends

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks and ya we can be friends😊

  10. Kritika14

    It was amazing! A great start! continue soon x

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thank u ill continue for sure after getting positive comments

  11. Shatakshi

    Hey Fatima
    U r really a good writer
    N do continue asap

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks and ya i will post next soon😊

  12. Angita

    Great start

  13. Sameera

    Hey Fatima awesome
    Welcome to tei family

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks😊its was a great welcome😘

  14. Baby

    hey fatima dear nt at all bad amazing luvd d strt osm post nxt asap

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks dear😊 ill post next tom for sure

  15. Fatima.z.khan123

    I want to know who else is a katoholic like me if u are and u r on insta pls follow my fanpage @katrinalkaif and private acc @fatimazahra_khan

  16. Sanjanaagrawal

    Nice di ….. update next asap n plz be regular sry if I hurt u 😊😊

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thank u dear no you didnt hurt me and ya ill try to write everyday

  17. Sayeeda

    Sorry for the late comment….
    Episode was too good… U r really a very good writer… Awesome.. Amazing writing skills… Loved it…..

    Post next one soon..
    Love you 😊💟

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thank u so much😍

  18. Kruti

    Nice start
    Continue asap

  19. Heyy.. awesome epi.. it seems interesting too.. do cont soon 💕

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks ill post next soon

  20. Go for it❤U can do it gurl💙

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous….interesting…..

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks dear😍

  22. Priya_

    good one..
    eager to know more

  23. Aamu

    sorry sorry too late but i got time just now………
    i dont like it
    oho dont think too much
    i said it as i loved it……..
    shooooooo much…….
    sorry for scaring u…..hehe
    my name is aamena…i live in gujarat…..i will b 15 in november.

    post next ssooon….
    sorry again for late…….
    will b waiting

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks i was really scared 😂😂 and ya ill post next soon and ya im 11

  24. Jisha

    U r really a good writer… Awesome writing skills… loved it

  25. Romaisha

    Wow fatima loved the first episode…
    Keep going 🙂

    1. Fatima.z.khan123

      Thanks i have posted the 2 part pls read😊

  26. Its osum post asp and plz make it long

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