Mera Dil Aap Ke Lie Dhadaktha Hai- (suhani si ek ladki- yuvAni)- Introduction and episode 1(PROMO)


Hey guys. Im going to show you the first chapter of this ff i thought of writing about what i would do with the current track of the serial, instead of what they are doing now. Im going to see whether or not you all like it… Please comment because if i dont get enough comments i might not continue with it. Aqsaah gave me the idea of how to structure the story with it being in third person with snippets of Yuvraj’s and Suhani’s pov, and i loved the idea, thank you so much Aqsaah!! Please tell me what you think of the structure too, and whether i should keep it or change back to just 3rd person. This ff starts in the scene of the show where Yuvraj wakes up with a nightmare about Suhani and Suhani wakes up with seeing Sambhav scarily close to her face. Please, please, please comment if you think i should continue.

Yuvraj springs up in bed, sweating buckets. He wipes the sweat off of his face with the back of his hand. The nightmares of Suhani being hurt hanuted him and he couldnt shake off the fear. He panted heavily, clamping his eyes shut to calm himself, he hadnt fully woken up, he was still living his dream. He heard footsteps enter the room, but he couldn’t bring himself out of the dream. It was Yuvani and she looked at Yuvraj in worry and goes over to him, shaking him awake.

Yuvraj- Suhani! Suhani… suhani… is suhani okay? (He blurted loudly, running his hands through his hair repeatedly. )

Yuvani- Mumma? What happened to mumma? (She grabbed her fathers hand in confusion and made him break out of his trance)

He looked up at her worried daughter and tried to smile up at her rubbing her hand with his fingers gently.

Yuvraj- nothing beta, i just had a nightmare. (He props his pillow up and sits up against it and pats on the bed infront of him beckoning for Yuvani to sit. She sits there the concerned frown not leaving her face.)

Yuvani- Papa, call mamma and ask whether she is fine…

Yuvraj- But Yuvani dear, it was just a dream, dont worry its not real… (He stroked her braided hair hair in a fatherly fashion, smiling down at her.)

Yuvani- Please papa… (She pouted cutely)

Yuvraj- fine fine (He narrows her eyes and pretends to glare at her angrily making her giggle.)

He dialls Suhani and places the phone against his ear, hiding that he too was very concerned and scared and had a bad feeling that something will happen to Suhani.

Sambhav smirks at Suhani with an evil smile, ‘You are mine now Suhani, i can do whatever i want with you…’ he thought. He kneeled beside her bed and looked her up and down. He brought his face closer to her, and lingered his lips inches from her. Suhani suddenly felt uncomftorable in her sleep, and she squirmed around. She opens her eyes and wakes and is faced with Sambhav scarily close to her. She jumps up in suprise and this makes her phone fall down from the table on to her bed. Her phone was ringing silently with a call from Yuvraj and the fall clicked on the recieve button.

Suhani- Sambhav! What are you doing!? (She edged away from him on the bed and Sambhav tried to smile forcefully and think of a valid excuse.)

Yuvraj tensed on the other side of the phone, his hands curling in to fists and his breathing heavy.

..Yuvraj POV..

What the h*ll is that Sambhav doing with my Suhani, the mother of my children, the love of my-What if he-no what if he hurt her? I could feel myself on the verge of tears, the droplets tethering on to the edge. I cant stand sitting here knowing that she could be in danger, that he could have put his dirty hands all over her. What if he has… no… Please, let her be safe. My heart is pounding against my ribcage impatienly.
..end of POV..

Yuvraj- Suhani! Suhani? (He started yeling desperately, Yuvani looks up at him terrified. Yuvraj sees her and calms down a little but was still calling out for Suhani. Yuvraj beckons Yuvani toward him and sits her in his lap, hugging her single-handedly, calming her and his own shaking body.

His voice still couldnt be heard over the phone at Suhani’s. Sambhav steps away from her, laughing slightly.

Sambhav- why are you getting worried Suhani, im just getting the phone i dropped. (Suhani forced a smile on her face, though she was still cautious. Sambhav pretends to grab his phone and walks out off the room, making his quick getaway. Suhani looks on at his departure, immensely uncomfortable and scared.

Yuvraj was unconvinced of Sambhav’s excuse and was sweating once again, so scared and rather angry at Suhani for not talking about Sambhav’s odd behaviour before. Yuvani looks up at him and wipes a bead of sweat of his face for him, her big eyes questioning.

Yuvraj- Suhani pick it up, why cant you hear me…

Suhani looked around, suddenly hearing a noise from somewhere. Her eye catches her phone on the bed beside her, with the screen showing that she has picked up a call from him, she suddenly worries whether he had heard everything.

Suhani places the phone against her ear.

Suhani- Yuvraj?

Yuvraj’s eyes widened with suprise and relief and sudden anger.

Yuvraj- Suhani! Why didn’t you pick up the phone? (He wasnt actually angry at her at all but he was venting his pent up anger at and fear of Sambhav) I was on the other end for so long, what were you doing? (Yuvani leaned away a little in fear. This made Yuvraj realise his mistake.)

Suhani- I-I-I dont know… (Yuvraj heart stopped a for second, the girl that always used to fight against him whenever he said wrong sounded limp and useless, something had ruined her.)

Yuvraj- Suhani? (His voice suddenly gentle and consoling.) Whats wrong yuvaan yuvani ka mumma? (Suhani smiles slightly)

Suhani- Im fine. (She tried to remove the sadness from her voice, if she hadnt married Sambhav, this situation would have never arised. Yuvraj had never made her feel uncomfortable.)

Yuvraj- I had heard everything Suhani… (Suhani held in her breath) WHAT DID THAT IDIOT DO, DID HE TOUC-

Suhani- No, no (She quickly butted in, so he wouldnt worry and so that she wouldnt have to hear those words.) no, i was just-

Yuvani- Hello mumma (Suhani sighed with relief as it was diverted from the topic. Yuvraj’s lips were parted slightly as if he was about to say something and his hand was reaching out still holding the air where the phone used to be.) Mumma are you okay?

Suhani- Of course Yuvani beta, (A smile was immediately brought on to her face listening to her daughter’s sweet voice) why woudn’t I be?

Yuvani- Papa had a night mare where you- (Yuvraj quickly took the phone from Yuvani and placed it against his own ear not wanting Suhani to worry or to know her effect on him)

Yuvraj- Anyway-

Suhani- Yuvraj, you had a nightmare? What happened and are you- ( Suhani rushed out blurted wrds of worry for him, unaware of her immense care for him.)

Yuvraj- Im fine. (He said this quickly wanting to change the subject.)

Suhani- Are you okay? Tell me na yuvi…

They both freeze in their tracks. Suhani quickly puts a hand over her mouth and Yuvraj smiles slightly, Suhani hadn’t called Yuvraj ‘yuvi’ in years and the words were like sweet honey melting on to his tongue.

Suhani- Im s-so-sorry (she stuttered her words nervous and suprised)

Yuvraj- Its okay (his words were blunt, he didnt want her to stop calling him that.)

Yuvaan ran in to the room in his usual sporty boy style, he saw the phone in his mother hand and his eyes lit up with happiness.

Yuvaan- mumma! Are you talking to Yuvani? I too want to talk! (Suhani and Yuvraj both smiled at Yuvaan’s energetic voice. Yuvraj handed the phone to Yuvani indicating to her that it is her brother.)

Suhani- Okay okay beta, here you go… (She handed him the phone, gesturing for him to sit down and calm down slightly. )

Yuvaan and Yuvani immediately engaged in childish chatter, talking about games and sports and when they’d meet. Suhani lovingly ran her fingers through Yuvaan’s hair, remembering how she used to run them through Yuvraj’s sadly.

Yuvaan- Mumma, can yuvani come to our house? (He made big convincing puppy dog eyes)

Suhani- Yuvaan… (Hating to reject him, but not wanting to trouble yuvraj.) I dont think that she should-

Yuvaan- Your such a sadu mumma! (He crosses his arms over his chest and frowns)

Suhani and Yuvraj stumbled in their tracks slightly, it hurt to hear a word that reminded them of the good times, they ached to turn back time, and try this all over again.

Yuvraj- Dont worry Champ, I’ll bring Yuvani to your house right away. (He said with a smile and clicking his fingers.)

They children yayed loudly making both parents smile at them.

Yuvan- Bye then Yuvani…

Yuvani- Bye… (she cut the phone with a smile and handed it back to her father.)

Yuvraj ruffled her hair making her squirm and frown adorably.

Yuvani- Come papa, lets go right now, right now, right now! (Yuvani yelped with excitement and Yuvraj laughed down at her and sits her on his shoulders and carries her out.

—About a half an hour later—

Yuvaan is sitting on Sambhav’s lap and jumping excitedly on his knee. Suhani smiles at him happily but keeps her distance from Sambhav, terrified.

..Suhani’s POV..
Im feelling almost feverish, cold shivers running through my veins. I just wanted someone’s comforting arms around me. I could imagine Yuvraj’s arms around me and all this fear and discomfort would melt away. But then i felt guilty, knowing that i shouldn’t think about him anymore. That smile on Yuvaan’s face is all i need, its irreplaceable. The 7 years i was away from everything that I lived for, Yuvaan was the only thing that kept me sane. I would bear with anything to make sure he gets what he wants, i love him more than anything in the world. And Sambhav is my friend, I probably misunderstood him, he would never think of wronging me. Im fine, and all of this is the right thing to do for my son. Its all okay. I tried not to let the smile falter on my face. I had to keep strong.
..end of POV..

Three polite knocks were heard on the door and Yuvaan jumped out of his seat, his actions extremely hyper.

Yuvaan- Mumma! I have to get something to show Yuvani!

Suhani smiled at him and nodded, and then she started walking over to the door.

Yuvaan entered the room, rummaging agressively through drawers and cuboards for the doll he wanted to gift Yuvani. Suddenly Sambhav’s phone buzzed repeatedly against the table. Yuvaan frowned down at it curiously and recieved the call sliiding his small finger across the screen, accidently clicking the speaker button.

Man- Sambhav Sir, When will I get my money for kidnapping him… I have been waiting impaitenly for weeks…

Yuvaan’s face shrivelled with confusion. He parted his mouth to speak but then… Sambhav burst through the door, coming because of suspicion that Yuvaan had been gone too long. He sees the phone in Yuvaan’s hand and hears the last threads of the mans words, and his eyes widen dramatically with rage, making Yuvan slightly stumble backwards.

Suhani opened the door and let Yuvraj and Yuvani in. Yuvani immediatley hugged Suhani’s legs and suhani kneeled to her level and pulled her in to a hug, enveloping her in motherly love. Yuvraj smiled at them lovingly so many emotions clouding his mind.
..Yuvraj POV..
A beautiful smile had graced Suhani’s face, lighting up her features. Soumya had never loved Yuvani in such a raw real way like this. Rage is rushing through my blood, to the person who had kidnapped me away from my wedding, to Suhani who couldn’t wait a minute longer for me. Furious that they made me miss out on a chance of being able to give my daughter a mother that would love her unconditionally, just like Yuvani’s mother used to love me.
..end of POV..

Sambhav- YUVAAN! HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY PHONE?! (Yuvaan’s eyes widen with fear and he freezes for a few seconds in confusion. Then he bursts in to loud sobs wringing through his body, making Sambhav grunt in frustration.)

Yuvraj’s ears perk up, picking up on the yells and weeps, Suhani and Yuvani both tremble at the racket. Yuvraj takes the lead and strides in toward the room where the noise was coming from with a worried expression on his face.

Suhani- Stay here Yuvani beta… (She sits Yuvani down on the sofa and rushed to follow yuvraj)

Yuvani- But mumma…

But Yuvani couldnt finish her words as Suhani runs behind Yuvraj her face crinkling with fear.

Yuvraj and Suhani freeze in their tracks in astonishment, they were faced with Yuvaan rattling with weeps and a red eyed furious Sambhav with his veins popping out of his head.


..Suhani POV..

My eyes turned glassy with tears, angry words ran in viscious circles in my mind but my body didnt permit me to say them. I wanted be a shield for Yuvaan, wrapping him away from all the troubles but this side of Sambhav had paralysed me with fear. Every inch of my body was to scared to move, and i hated myself for it. I’m a horrible mother, a horrible wife, i can never do anything right.

..end of POV..

Yuvraj’s body turned stiff with rage and he strided over to Sambhav with his hands curled in to fists but before he could reach Sambhav… Yuvaan grabbed hold of and hugged Yuvraj’s legs tightly, trying to calm down his tremering body himself.

..Yuvraj POV..

My son’s pain made my heart ache and it felt as if something was tingling through my body at full speed. I wanted to kill that Sambhav, he’s not a good guy, i dont understand why Suhani married him… He was weird with Suhani… with Yuvaan. I wanted to tear him from to limb, i wanted him to suffer. He has no right to do anything to my famil- to my son and his mother…

..end of POV..

Yuvraj- HOW COULD YOU EVEN THINK OF TALKING TO MY SON LIKE THAT SAMBHAV! (Suhani heaved with relief when Yuvraj protected her son) YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT I CAN- (Yuvraj tried to aprroach Sambhav thinking to grab hold of his collar but when Yuvaan tugged at his jeans he was brought back.)

Yuvraj looked down at Yuvaan with questioning eyes. He was met with Yuvaan’s wet terrified eyes and whimpering lips. Yuvraj kneeled to his level, also fighting back emotions.

Yuvaan- Please (His breaking voice hurt both the parents hearts, and Sambhav started to realise his mistake in his scheme.) Please papa… (The word papa immediately broke Yuvraj’s heart, the man who never believed in god had prayed for those words to leave Yuvaan’s lips.) No more yelling…

Yuvaan threw his arms around Yuvraj’s heck and fell in to his chest, Yuvraj’s arms were like a shield around him. Yuvraj stroked his hair gently whispering comforting words in to his ear. Suhani couldn’t keep a cap on her feelings and started crying silent tears which she dabbed at with her fingers. Sambhav dragged his fingers through his hair thinking of a way to cover up this huge flaw.

But Yuvraj and Yuvaan still clung to each other, Yuvaan’s innocent mind was warped and confused. The man he called a father had scared him out of his skin. He was muddled and hurt. The tears ran down his face continously, dripping on to Yuvraj’s shirt. Yuvraj gently rubbed his back. He lifted Yuvan in his arms, his lips buried in Yuvaan’s hair, and carried him out of the room. He glared back at Sambhav with a stare so poisonous it could have killed on the spot. Suhani watched them leave the room, and she knew she couldn’t keep quiet after what this Sambhav has done.

Precap- Sambhav kneels on the floor infront of Suhani, in a room glistening with decorations and golden atmospheric rays of light tinking from fairlights. He takes a beautiful red rose from his pocket and holds it out infront of her with his usual creepy flirty smile and nod. Yuvraj walks down the corridoor humming happily but them stops suddenly, his eyes filling with hurt at seeing Sambhav and Suhani. And what he had clamped in his hand, clattered to the floor…

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    1. Aqsxxh

      Thanks! I knew Shreya would be able to pull off the structure… Hence giving her the idea! 😀 im glad you agree that it is amazing 🙂

      1. Aqsaah what would we have done without you? This FF was only possible because of you!

        Anyway, i reckon you could do just as good with this idea of yours. I mean you are a true inspiration to me and everyone else

        Once again, thank you for giving shreya the best but clever idea!!!

        Love you Aqsaah di x

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      I loved your idea, It was too amazing . I was scared i couldnt pull it off because it off because it was that good. Im glad you liked it though ☺ x

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