Mera Dil Aap Ke Lie Dhadaktha Hai- (suhani si ek ladki- yuvAni)- episode 6

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Last epi-
Suhani- Yuvraj?… (Suhani’s broken confused almost silent whisper felt like it brought Yuvraj back to life. He gripped even tighter on to Suhani’s hand with both of his hands as her closed eyelids crinkled slolwy with confusion.)

Yuvraj’s eyes filled with the happiest tears that he was capable of, he smiled tenderly with shivering lips as she clung to him desperately.

Yuvraj- Suhani… (His voice was filled with stinging raw emotions.) Im here, im here, wake up…

Sambhav came near the bed, on the opposite side of yuvraj. He grips on to the side of the bed in anticipation of Suhani waking up but he just eyes Yuvraj and Suhani’s closeness with angry explosive eyes.

Suhani- I need Yuvraj please , (She wheezed breathlessly) please, call yuvi…

Yuvraj- Suhani mein yaha hu… aankhen kholkar dekho, Sambhav bi yahan hai (It hurt to say but he was deperate for her eyes to open.), I’m here

Her eyes lids fluttered, quickly varying from shut to slightly open, while everybody held their breaths. Her eyes parted open and Yuvraj’s broken whimpers of his happy cries escaped his tortured soul.

Suhani stared around her in confusion as she props herself in to a sitting position and then set her eyes on her Yuvraj. Her eyes started water and she started to shake with whimpers in fear with a hand that immediatly went to touch her stomach. Yuvraj’s eyes furrowed in concern and he leaned down toward her with his arm on her shoulder.

Yuvraj- Suha- (Before he could finish what he was saying…)

Suhani pulled Yuvraj into him, wrapping her terrified arms around Yuvraj’s chest. Yuvraj gasps a little in shock, but instictively roped his arm around her, comforting her while she hid her fearful face in his shirt. He placed his other hand to carress her face, shutting his pained eyes. Sambhav shook with rage and everybody started at his reaction feafully.

Suhani- Yuvraj? What happened?

Yuvraj- You hurt your head and fell unconcious, but don’t worry your okay now, we are all here to protect you, I’m here to protect you… (He buried his lips in to the top of her hair, shutting his emotional eyes.)

Suhani- Ar-ar-are Yuvaan and Yuvani okay? (Her voice was jittery with worry.)

Yuvraj’s eyebrows frowned in confusion.

Yuvraj- Of course Suhani, (He tenderly stroked her hair consolingly), why would they be hurt?Yuvaan! Yuvaani! Come!

Yuvaan and Yuvan came and stood in the doorway, They both gasp in happiness to see Suhani sitting up and relieved tears appear in their eyes. Suhanni pressed her hand on her stomach and looked down at it in confusion, and then back up at the children.

Suhani- This is Yuvaan and Yuvani? (Yuvraj grabbed her face in his hand and lifted it to face him)

Yuvraj- What?

Suhani- Yuvaan and Yuvani, when? How? They are so grown up? They are.. they are… Yuvraj… Yuvraj… Whats happened? (She is shaking in paranoia. She grabbed Yuvraj’s shoulder and shook it in desperacy.) WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!?

Yuvraj’s heart started thundering in worry as he watched the distressed suhani, twisting and turning in his arms.Suhani turned around to look at the other side of the bed and almost jumped to see Sambhav in such proxemity to the bed.

Suhani- Who- Who are you? (Suhani shrinked further in to Yuvraj’s arms in fear, angering Sambhav more.)

Sambhav- Suhani? Its me… (Sambhav inched closer to Suhani deperately, but Suhani scooted further away fom him, clinging on to Yuvraj in discomfort. Yuvraj wrapped a protective arm around the side and back of Suhani’s waist, staring ragefully at Sambhav.)

The family stare in utter cofusion and Sharad dialls up the doctor and places the phone on his ear.

Suhani- who are you, i said!? Yuvraj yeh kya ho rahi hai? ( suhani yelled in utter confusion, leaning her tired head on Yuvraj’s shoulder. Yuvraj looked down at the most precious thing to him in confusion.)

Sambhav- what is this stupidity Suhani! (He yelled furiously, making her cower in fear. Yuvraj tighted his arm around her as he stared at Sambhav threateningly.) Im your husband!

Suhani- WHAT!?! Yuvraj… Yuvraj? What rubbish is he saying? (Suhani leaned up and caressed Yuvraj’s face, bearing her confused eyes in to his loving soul) This is my husband … (she links her fingers with Yuvraj, yuvraj squints at her open mouthed- utterly puzzled.) who are you?

Sambhav- How?! You are married to me?! How is he your husband?!

Suhani frowned her eyebrows with painful confusion, she suddenly felt nauseated by the confusion. She felt dizzy and as if the world is going to give way beneath her, she gripped to her head with one hand with a throbbing head ache. She places her other hand on Yuvraj, leaning against him for support.

Yuvraj- Suhani? (He

Suhani- Yuvraj, I’m tired… (She nuzzles her face into Yuvraj’s chest, closing her fatigued eyes.)

Yuvraj- okay, sleep… I’m here.

Yuvaan- Mumma, mumma, whats wrong? (Yuvaan shivered with worry, gripping on to his equally as worried sister’s hand.)

Suhani- Yuvaan… Yuvaan? Uh… I’m fine, don’t worry beta. (Suhani looks at yuvraj with pleading eyes, as if she was begging for him to help her understand.) Yuvraj?… How-h-how are Yuvaan and Yuvani born, I-i-I’m still pregnant…

Yuvraj- What? Your not Suhani…(Yuvraj gently strokes Suhani’s cheekbones as she stares up at him with a cofused frown, her presence his only comfort and his touch her only comfort.)

Suhani- I’m feeling a little… (suhani starts hyperventiling with dizziness, holding her head. Yuvraj is hit with intense worry as he strokes her back.)

Everyone startes at her, confused as hell. She hides her face into Yuvraj’shirt again, sweating badly and breathing rapidly.

Yuvraj- Sharad… Doctor ko phone kar… please…

Doctor- He already called me… (The doctor walks in to the room with his equiptment.) I’m sorry I’m late there was very bad traffic.

Yuvraj- Doctor saab as soon as she woke up she had been saying such confusing things and acting in such confusing ways and then she suddeny felt dizzy… i dont know, i dont know what has happened, please help her.

Doctor- Confusing things?

Yuvraj- She doesn’t remember Sambhav and seems to think she is still pregnant…

Doctor- I had warned you guys.. (He sat infront of suhani and cheked her tempreture) Her accident might have caused her to loose some of her memory… it seems as if she remembers up until she was pregnant. Her memory should come back slowly as she recovers. Seeing her state it looks as if she is sufferering from shock and trauma as you guys must have stressed her by trying to make her remember too soon. Avoid giving her any trouble and let her recover herself, she will get better shortly. Make sure she gets rest now.

Yuvraj blanks out in realisation, realizing that Suhani will now think they are still married and he knew he couldn’t cope. Every moment she brings old memories back to life he will feel the short time it will last for slip away. Every hug and every touch that will grace his soul would be stolen away from him as soon as her memory is returned. And he knew where their relationship led from what Suhani remembers and knows that their relationship could never be the same after what has happened and it would hurt to much to re-live what he desperately wanted back.

Pratima spots Yuvraj staring in to blank space, his arm around Suhani loosening and realizes his thoughts.

Pratima- Thank you doctor. (The doctor nods and makes his way out.)

Bhavana walks over to Suhani with a tear streaked face, smilling at her younger sister. Suhani smiles back at her through her tears, immediately comforted by her older sisters presence. Bhavana bent down to Suhani and gently kissed a kiss on her forehead.

Everybody left the room to give Suhani rest, Sambhav controlling his crazy rage and exploding thoughts. Yuvraj slowly untangled himself from Suhani and is about to stand but.. as he tries to move he feels something tug him back. He turns round to see Suhani puling his hand wih drowsy eyes.

Suhani- Im scared Yuvi, i just dont understand… (Yuvraj stared into her innocent eyes that had darkened in fear. He sits next to her on th bed, squeezing her hand with a comforting smile.)

Yuvraj- i’m here now, there is no need to be scared anymore. (Suhani smiled gratefully and rested her head on Yuvraj’s shoulder.)

Suhani- i know… (she stroked her thumb over his hand that held her hand.) But whats happened to me?…

Yuvraj- You’ve had an accident thats caused you to lose some of your memory, you’ve forgotten the first 7 years of yuvaan and Yuvani’s life, but its okay… you will rememeber again soon. That man is called Sambhav… he is your friend. Its nothing to worry about meri jaan, since nothing from what you remember has changed… okay? (Suhani nodded sweetly while Yuvraj rubbed the side of her arm. He then planted a sweet kiss on the top of her head.)

Suhani- i couldnt ask for a better husband in the entire word mera sadu kumar… (she leaned up a placed a kiss on his cheek that was as sweet as honey. Yuvraj becomes tattered to pieces as he remembers he isnt her husband anymore.)

Yuvraj- You must be tired, go to sleep now… (He caringly caresses Suhani’s face.)

Suhani rests her tired head on his shoulder, feeling safe in his arms. Yuvraj watches his love as her breathing steadies to a sleeping speed.

He admires her peaceful sleeping eyes that were adorned with long thick lashes that brought tranquility to his heart. He admires the perfect crook of her smile that even enlightens souls while she sleeps and her godess like body and presence that he didnt value when he could.

His fist tightens in rage. He vows to himself that he will not let who brought this pain upon Suhani, live in the satisfaction of their success. He wont kill them, but he will give them a lifetime of endless pain that they will have to suffer for their sins. Something worse than death, just you wait and watch, he thought.

He gently makes Suhani lie in the bed and covers her in a blanket. He sits beside her, leaning uncomfortably against the cold hard wooden headrest. But unable to leave her by herself.


Suhani opens her heavy eyes and sees Yuvraj sleeping in an uncomfortable sitting position, with his neck twisted awkwardly. She is filled with concern as she shakes him awake.

Suhani- Yuvraj! Yuvraj? (She props his neck back upright)

Yuvraj opens his still tired eyes and smiles slightly seeing Suhani.

Yuvraj- are you okay?

Suhani- Am I okay?! ( Suhani shook his face while caressing his cheek) you were the one sleeping in that awful position all night! Why didnt you sleep properly?

Yuvraj- i didnt want to… (Yuvraj avoided her stare while he lied.)

Suhani- Yuvraj!?

Yuvraj- Fine. I was scared for you okay? I wasnt trying to sleep like that, i was trying to stay awake all night.(Yuvraj blurted out the truth)

Suhani- why would you stay awake mera jaan? (Suhani was gently resting her hand on his shoulder, her eyebrows cutely furrowed in confusion.)

Yuvraj- I was terrified that someone would come and hurt you again Suhani, what would i do with myself is someone laid a hand on you again? What- (Yuvraj started talking without a stop, distraught scared and pained.)

Suhani placed a finger on his lips to silence him. She lifts his face to look at her with her finger. Her eyes start to fill up with meaning full tears seeing his tears streaming from his eyes. She wipes them gently, smiling through her cries.

Suhani- You told me not to be scared because you are here right? (Yuvraj nodded through his tears.)

Suhani- And now I’m not scared, at all. Tu mere saath hai Yuvraj, nothing can ever happen to me when I’m with you. Nothing will happen to me, dont be scared Yuvraj. (Tears flowed freely feom both of their eyes, yuvraj crying for Suhani and Suhani crying for him. Their powerful bond of love causing them to feel every inch of the other person’s agony.)

Suhani wraps her arms around his chest, enveloped by Yuvraj’s arms that immediatley roped around her. He keeps an extremely tight grip of her waist and the back of her shoulder, as if he was scared she would slip away. He leaned down and placed an emotion filled tender kiss on her forehead.

Yuvraj – i can fight the entire world for you Suhani… (suhani looked up at him with tearful eyes that were desperate to make him feel the love she had for him.)

They snuggled in to each other with closed eyes and dried tears, their love the only thing they can feel, see, hear or care about.


Suhani locks the door behind her and hangs up her towel and her plain dress. She looks at the mirror with eyebrows that were frowning in confusion. She wore a layer of foundation that hid the youthfulness of her skin and she had lined eyes and mascara adorned eyelashes that dulled their eye catching power. She wore a intricately designed tight kurta that she didnt remember owning. She was dolled up like she never was before, she couldnt imagine wearing make up but here she was with her face covered in it.

She got in to the shower and savoured the way the warm water cascades over her body. It washed the dirt and grime that had built on her, metaphorically and literally. She scrubbed at her face , washing off the layer of foundation that settled on to her face like thick oil, because the was uncomfortable to be made up like this.


Fake dadi- How convienient… now she wont remember that i did it… (she grinned while she tapped her chair’s arm stand)

Sambhav- HOW CONVIENIENT!? (He rattled with rage.) She doesnt remember me and is acting close with Yuvraj again!


Suhani looked at herself in her plain blue salwar kameez in the sterling bathroom mirror. She had lost weight, there was a lot of spare space in her dress. She placed a hand on her belly as she again thought of how bad a mum she must be to forget the childhood of her children. She put a line of kajal in each of her lower waterlines, her simple makeup intensifying the colour of her pretty eyes.

She reached back to zip up her salwar kameez, but it was jammed stuck. She tried repeatedly, becoming flustured. She realised she must ask Yuvraj to do it, but eventhough they were married she still became shy when it came to such matters.

She entered her and Yuvraj’s (old) room and called for Yuvraj loudly. Yuvraj immediatley become worried and sprinted towarded the room, concerned that something that happened to her again.

When he came inside the room he stood still in absolute shock.

…yuvraj pov…

My old Suhani infront was in front of me. The girl who held my heart in her hands. The suhani I could die for, the suhani that would die for me. The suhani that I dreamed of at night and prayed for in the day. The suhani I never thought he could see again, that I didnt value when I could. The suhani whose captivating eyes that didnt need make up to take away my speech, her perfect curves that didnt need a tight designer dress to take away my breath. Her smile. Her smile of pink full lips and a flawless row of pearly whites. Her smile thats all I will ever want and all I will ever need. Her golden heart and innocent personality that was impossible to miss just by glancing at her. I couldnt understand how I ever thought I hated her, how I didnt always know my love for her at the start, how I lived 7 years without her. I didnt know till I got it back, how hard it was to breathe freely without her, how cold my heart was without her warmth.
I spotted her light blue salwar kameez and remembered painfully when she wore it last…

…Yuvraj fb…

Yuvraj walks in to their room casually, rolling up his sleeves and revealing his toned arms.

He saw Suhani sitting on the bed in floods of tears, clutching her very pregnant belly. His bp rose rapidly in extreme worry, he had become very over-concerned and overprotective over suhani and his unborn children since she was pregnant.

He ran over to Suhani perched on to the bed beside her. He gently caressed her cheek.

Yuvraj- whats happened meri rani? (He tenderly placed his hand on her belly.) Is my prince and princess okay?

Suhani started at Yuvraj frowning cutely through her tears.

Suhani- i see… now im pregnant you only care about you prince and your princess and not me! ( she picked up the pillow that lied stray on the bed and chucked it at him.)

The pillow thumped Yuvraj in the stomach and made him lose balance, cause him to clatter to the ground with wide eyes and a suprised open mouth.

Yuvraj- But Suhani! I asked about you too na? (His tone was convincing, defensive and slightly scared of her hormornal avatar.)

Suhani crosses her arms over her chest for a second, glaring at him. But then she burst out in to hysteric giggles at his funny position, making him smile with confused eyes along with her.

Suhani- aaja sadu kumar, you are forgiven mera baccha… (Yuvraj sat beside her again pure happiness filling his eyes.)

Yuvraj- So say… Why were you crying meri jaan? (Yuvraj lifts her legs and places them in his lap, starting to massage them.) I will get you whatever you need…

Suhani smiled at his gentlemanly caring nature, so in love with him, her raging hormones settling.

Suhani- i want laddoo! (She pouts adorably, fluttering her eyelashes at him. Making him sigh and smile.)

Yuvraj- But thats the only sweet I like and the only one you don’t like!?

Suhani- Well i like them now! Give some to me!

Yuvraj- From where? (He strokes her hair.) I can’t get any at this time…

Suhani starts to whimper childishly, playing with Yuvraj’s heart, each tear pained his over-pampering heart.

Yuvraj placed a finger against her lips to silence her, frowning.

Yuvraj- okay okay, don’t cry now. You know i hate it when you cry…

Yuvraj walks out leaving Suhani waiting for her sweets. She watches the clock tick while half an hour passes. A panting Yuvraj runs in holding a box of sweets, breathless. Suhani frowns in concern as he sits beside her, unwraps the box and passes it to her.

Yuvraj- Kya dekhrahi hu? Kao…

Suhani- Dont you have any for yourself?

Yuvraj- This box has like 20, i will eat what you leave over…

Suhani- Yuvraj, I’m warning you now… ( She shakes her index finger in warning.) Eat some yourself now, because i will finish it all off…

Yuvraj- You will eat 20 laddoos? Ha, your kidding. Shut up and eat now jhansi ki rani…

Suhani- Fine… Don’t say i didn’t warn you…

Suhani starts stuffing laddoos in to her mouth at the speed of lightening, as if she was inhaling them in. Yuvraj watches her in utter shock as each laddoo dissapeared in to thin air. Suhani wiped her mouth and rubbed her belly, indicating she was full. The stunned Yuvraj peered round and looked in to the box, to see… that she had finished the entire thing.

Yuvraj- Suhani! You fatso! (He playfully whaked Suhani’s head with a suprised smile.) You ate the entire thing!?

Suhani frowned at him.

Suhani- I told you na? And i am not a fatso! (she huffed in playful frustration)

Yuvraj- Look at you, mrs elephant!

Suhani- OI! (She pokes his nose.) I am mrs ugly nose beacsue I’m married to you! And anyway, I’m eating for three people… three people.. not just one.

Yuvraj- Haan teek hai, (His voice was slightly dejected) I just thought i could have oe or two since maa hasn’t made laddoos for days.)

Suhani immediatley felt hella guilty, she placed her hand on his shouldr causing him to ook at her in question.

Suhani- Do you want me to go and make you some laddoo right now Yuvi? Are you hungry? (Bot of their eyebrows were furrowed in concern for each other.)

Yuvraj- Don’t be stupid Suhani… Its late and you have to rest… (He stands up and tucks a protesting Suhani in to bed, covering her in the blanket.)

He lays beside her in the bed, asking through his eyes whether it was okay whether he share the blanket.

Suhani- Of course you can take the blanket silly. But how can i sleep with the fact that you are still hungry?

Yuvraj- oh ho meri jaan… its okay na… I’m not hungry.

Suhani- stop lying to me… (She frowned and turned away from him in the bed.)

Yuvraj moved closer toward her in the bed with a sigh and a smile.

Yuvraj- Honestly baba… I’m not lying… and anyway, your love is enough to fill me up for days.

Yuvraj wrapped his arm around her stomach and snuggled up to her, melting her frown in to a cute smile. He planted a sweet kiss on her hair, and Suhani placed her hand on top of his that looped round her stomach, and sighed in contentment.They linked fingers, closing their tired eyes, their smiles still plastered to their face.

..end of fb..

..end of POV..

Yuvraj had blanked out from the situation with a small yearning smile while Suhani stood in front of him with a confused frown, shaking her hand in front of his face to gain his attention.

Suhani- Hello mr birla? Where are you lost?

Yuvraj- Hmm?

She roped her hands around his waist and looked up at him, smiling cutely and lovingly. Yuvraj caresses her back instinctively, smiling back at his love, and his world. Their foreheads touch while they hold their intense eyelock. Suhani leans over and shyly places a kiss on his cheek, making him smile in suprise, though it pained him.

Precap- Yuvraj walks with dertermination and strength in his steps with his fiist curled, back to the hand pump area.// Sambhav reads off his phone, one of his eyebrows raised in concentration. His screen reading ‘Short term memory loss lost because of injury or trauma is sometimes retrieved by another traumatic moment as this causes all their memories to flash in front of their eyes.’ Sambhav smiles.
Thanks for reading guys! Please comment! I loved reading you favourite moments of my last epi of my other ff, that i want to know again! What was your fave moment of this epi? Plus do you want me to start another ff alongside my other two, ive got some concepts brewing… Let me know your whether you would like that and your fave more of this epi too please….

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      Thank you sooooo much for the love di! You always lighten my mood! HAPPY DIWALI TOO YOU TOO! I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO WISH EVERYONE, stupid me… And of course i will add more scenes, anything for my loyal readers ? is there anytjing in paticular you wanted to see? Plus what was your favourite part of this one, that way i can include more parts similar to it… xcc

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      Awww thank you so much! Thanks for all the support and love ❤, she needs to remember again so that yuvAni can unite properly, but i wont let Sambhav hurt her but he might try x

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  6. my fav part in this epi fb i loved it very much.from many i’m waiting for u ff update epi its really wonderful.

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  8. the only reason because which i have fell in love with ur ffs was u know how to carry emotions with each and every character and their situation.if u take exampl of todays episode i was just amazed after reading yuvrajs pov when he came to know of suhani show his concern fr suhani,his anger towards those who caused such cruel harm to his wife,his helpless situation of not telling her truth.u have depicited all these very nicely.if u are going to start any new one pls pls start it.we all will definetly support u and thanks fr reply. i made comment to encourage u.if it helps to give u atleast1 percent encouragement.i will be very happy.


      Wow. Thank you soo much you have blown me away with praise. Saying i can decipt emotions well, is like the higest esteem of praise for any sort of writer! I will definitley start a new ff soon, because im sure the lovely people here (including you) will support me, im just going to be clear on the storyline first x


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