Mera Dil Aap Ke Lie Dhadaktha Hai – (suhani si ek ladki- yuvAni)- episode 3


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Suhani- Yuvraj… Why would he lie? (She held her head in her hand with vexed eyes.)

Yuvraj- Just stop worrying Suhani and go serve the kids breakfast. Yuvaan was hungry…

Suhani frowned at him childishly, annoyed that Yuvraj had attempted to stop thinking about her gut feeling which she thought he knew her well enough not to doubt.

Yuvraj- Kya hai Suhani!? (Sighing at her slightly.) Why are you making those faces at me? (He made his unintentionally adorable angry face, with a sigh.)

Suhani- You are being such a SADUUUUU, why else!! (She took both her fists and repeatedly hit his chest with the side of them repeatedly. He looked down at her with playful frustration and his brows crumpled.) You wonder why i made you my sadu kumar huh?

Yuvraj grabs her wrist and pulls it off his chest staring in to her eyes intensely, like he used to. And he had done it again, she was weak for him, he made her blind, deaf and voiceless to the rest of the world.

Yuvraj- Who are you calling a sadu?!

He walks her in to a wall slowly still grabbing her wrist light-heartedly, a small mischevious grin on his face and his eyerows raised teasingly. Suhani looked at him with a cheeky grin. She chews the inside of her lip, drawing his attention to it. He stares down at her full ink lips, undescribable feeling of longing and desire that had built up in his heart for seven years and was now swarming around his head like a hoard of bees. He placed a hand on the wall above Suhani’s head, leaning his face closer to hers. Suhani let out a deep breath, enraptured in his smooth ways.

Yuvraj- Do you know Suhani… its a crime to call your husband a-

When the word left his lips both of them froze in their places, unspoken words sufforcating the pair who had been stunned to silence.

..Yuvraj POV..

The ghost of the whisper lives on, ringing in my delicate ears. My sadu kumar, your husband , my sadu kumar, your husband… I coudn’t stand the thought of not being hers anymore, i was just deperate to belong, belong to her.

The old us had no limits, no inhabitions, no doubts. I’d do anything to get back our old bindaas intense and passionate love. Our love was thing of dreams, our love was home. For seven years the birla house was cold and hostile, grey and dull. I kept on trying to run away, buisness, meetings, friends, anything. Anything to stay away from the place that was no longer lit up with her smile or innocent unconditional care and love.

When i tossed and turned in bed and opened my fatigued eyes to see Soumya in our bed, i had to try and deny the undeniable feeling. The feeling that nothing or nobody could fill the void in my heart that Suhani had left behind in her reckless footsteps.

Trying to hate her what she had done was the most painful thing of all. Everyday i was faced with my sweet daughter’s twinkling eyes that resembled her mother’s beautiful ones so much, that it felt as if someone was trying to rip my heart out of my chest with their bare hands. And then to remember that she was the one who had left yuvani behind… My heart thundered for me to trust that Suhani could do nothing like that even though my brain said otherwise. But my mind was too tired to think. I sent seven years of my life searching for solace, like a petrified deer caught in the headlights.

And then when i thought I’ll never see her again, i got the chance to get her back. I was about to marry her again… Then life played a cruel game, the love of my life slipped away through my fingers like sand. And now she was Sambhav’s wife, the Sambhav that acts like he owns her, the one that yelled mercilessly at my innocent son, the one i am sure kidnapped me away from what everything I’d ever wanted. How could i stop Suhani doubting him?

..End of POV..

Yuvraj let her hand drop gently, and took a step back, placing a neutral expression on his face. He rolled up his sleeves and cleared his throat professionally. Suhani looked to the floor, wiping down her dress as if she was removing dust, but there was nothing there, she was just avoiding the awkward situation. Her weak heart and turbulent mind in immense pain.

Yuvraj- Well we cant say anything about Sambhav without knowing why he even yelled at Yuvaan right? So first we have to ask Yuvaan befor we jump to any conclusions.Understand? If this goes wrong im telli-

Suhani- Haan, haan. Tee kai, tee kai… I’ll go bring him (She swished her hand in the air with a small roll of her eyes.And walks out with a small smile, muttering under her breath.) Mr i know everything bossy pants.

Yuvraj heard this and gasps in amused suprise.

Yuvraj- Aaree Suhani (Suhani starts running while she leaves, laughing childishly.) What did you say?… (Yuvraj shakes his head with a slight smile, sighing.)

Sambhav kicks his foot against the edge of a coffee table, his eyes swollen and red, his veins prominents and body trembling. Then he jumps back, yelping with pain. He had seen the entire exchange and Yuvraj had just pulled the trigger that let all his anger explode.

‘Now I’ll need to make sure Suhani all mine, mind and body. I wont that rascal get away with this!’


Sambhav hides away when Suhani enters the room ushering Yuvaan inside holding his shoulders, but Sambhav stays in the door way watching over them. He sips the chilled water in his glass trying to cool down his overheated mind.

Yuvraj was sitting on the bed fidling with his fingers anxiously but lifted his gaze with a smile to look at Yuvaan. Yuvaan ran toward the bed and jumped on to it childishly, laughing frivilously, seeming to have forgotten about yesterday. Yuvraj looked up at Suhani with a smug smile, as if saying i told you that he’d forget. Suhani just rolled her eyes with a small smile and a tiny snigger. Yuvraj light heartedly looped his arm around Yuvaan, making Yuvaan smile. Suhani kneels infront of Yuvaan, placing her hand above his knee in a motherly way.

Suhani- Why was Sambhav uncle so angry when you touched his phone yuvaan beta?

Yuvraj and Suhani both looked Yuvaan expectantly.Yuvaan had a thoughful look on his face, thinking hard. Suddenly Sambhav realises what Yuvaan had heard, and surises washes over his face.

..Sambhav’s flashback..

Sambhav’s phone buzzed repeatedly against the table. Yuvaan frowned down at it curiously and recieved the call sliiding his small finger across the screen, accidently clicking the speaker button.
Man- Sambhav Sir, When will I get my money for kidnapping him… I have been waiting impaitenly for weeks…
Yuvaan’s face shrivelled with confusion. He parted his mouth to speak but then… Sambhav burst through the door, coming because of suspicion that Yuvaan had been gone too long. He sees the phone in Yuvaan’s hand and hears the mans words.

.. end of fb..

Sambhav rummages through his mind frantically trying to find a distraction because there is no way he would let his true self be revealed. Because as soon as Yuvaan says what he heard, Yuvraj will work out that he was involved in his kidnapping. Then he looks to his hand with a relieved evil smirk.

Finally Yuvaan remembers what he had heard on the phone, and the glint of fear returned in his eyes, but he tried to be a brave little boy like Suhani had always taught him to. Suhani nodded her head, indicating to Yuvaan to tell her , her lips slightly parted in aprehension. Yuvraj frowns at the mother and son in concern.

Yuvaan- Mumma… He was getting a call mumma and i picked it up and a man on the other end said-

Sambhav suddenly stepped back ward and let the glass he was driking water from drop to the ground. Suhani, Yuvraj and Yuvaan all stop still at the shattering of the little threatening shards of glass. Suhani and Yuvraj look at each other in worry, their eyes big and eyebrows crumpled. Yuvraj immediatley holds Yuvaan’s hand.

Suhani- Let me just go and see Yuvaan, tell me after wards- (Suhani gets up and turns to leave, the ends of her outfit swishing across the ground. Yuvraj opens his mouth to stop her but she goes before he can. )

Yuvraj and Yuvaan follow her hastily, tailing her footsteps.

Suhani stops at the door seeing the glass shards in front of her, and Sambhav on the other side of the glass with nothing in his hands anymore. Yuvaan catches up to her and is about to take another step when… Suhani holds him back by quickly lifting him up of the floor and placing him on the side of her waist. She puts her hand out to the side, blocking Yuvraj also from passing.

Suhani- Stop Yuvraj, there’s glass on the floor. (Yuvraj looks down at the ground in confusion, rubbing his forehead in stress. Suhani passes Yuvaan over to Yuvraj and he takes Yuvaan, cradling him in a fatherly way.) Let me clean it up…

Yuvraj grabs Suhani’s shoulder, stopping her and making Sambhav tense up.

Yuvraj- Your not going to clean it Suhani. (His voice was stern and decisive and Suhani looked up at him with question in his eyes.)

Suhani- I have to clean it Yuvraj, who else will? (She shrugged off his arm and started to lean over the glass.)

Yuvraj- Ill do it Suhani (He stepped toward Suhani but Suhani held out her arms, signalling stop. )

Suhani- Just let me do it, Its fine baba… (She smiled and tried to comfort him and he managed to smile a little back.)

While she leans over the glass she slips over a shard and slips to the floor. It felt like slow motion in Yuvraj’s eyes but it was too quick for him or Sambhav to react. She fell flat on to the glass, the pieces lodging into the top of her wrist and one in her forehead.She yelps in pain and Yuvraj had to clamp his mouth shut not to scream out.

Yuvaan- Mumma! (Yuvaan tried to escape from Yuvraj’s arms while yelling out for his mother, so Yuvraj places him in the area that wasnt dangerous.)

Yuvraj and Sambhav rush over to either side of her and both hold out their hands to help her, then look up at each other with hate filled eyes. Suhani looks up at them and sighs, fed up of the continuing drama that she has to suffer through everyda. She stands up herself, ignoring both the ands held out for her. The men look att her i confusion, evident pain in Yuvraj’s eyes.

Yuvraj- Suhani… let me banda-

Sambhav- Ill plaster that for you Suhani… (Sambhav grabbed Suhani’s hand abrutly, her fresh flowing blood dripping on to his arm.)

Yuvraj’s words stopped still, he was rendered speechless with pain. His eyes turned glassy seeing her pain and having to handle watching someone else try and help her instead of him. The hand he had reached out in front of him when he talked dropped to his side.

Suhani kept on opening and closing her mouth and glancing over at Yuvraj as if she wanted to say something but was stopping herself. Sambhav brings his fingers toward her hand to pull the glass shard out when…

Yuvaan- Nai! You will not do that for mumma, you are a bad man, you are a dirty uncle. Dont touch mumma! (All three adults turned around to face the yelling child who had tears streaming down his face. Yuvraj had a single tear tethering at the edge of his eye, threatening to fall. Suhani was hurt and confused and Sambhav was rattling with rage.)

Suhani removed her hand out of Sambhav’s gasp, not looking back at him.

Suhani-Beta… (She tried to use a sweet explanatory voice, to calm him down.)

Yuvaan- Nai mumma! Papa has to do it!

Suhani- yuvaan… Mein (Suhani stuttered out words helplessly, looking around the room in confusion.)

Yuvraj- (Yuvraj’s eyes were kind and caring but intensely upset.) Suhani i will do-

Sambhav- No thank you Mr Yuvraj, We dont need any favours. (Yuvraj’s eyes watered more with hurt, Sambhav used large angry gestures while drawling on sarcastically.)

Yuvraj- I just-

Suhani- Its alright anyway Yuvaan. (She talked as normally as she could manage, too tired to deal with much more. She pulls out the shards herself, wincing in pain, while Yuvraj stares at her through fizzled out vison, weak tears spilling out.) Im fine beta. I’m just going to sleep for a while, tee kai? I’ve left Yuvani’s breakfast and yours on the table.

Yuvaan nodded meekly and Suhani smiled at him slightly and then left, without turning back to face a teary Yuvraj and a furious Sambhav, hiding her destructive eroding tears. Yuvraj leans down ot the ground and gathers the glass pieces himself, his tears dropping to the tiles.


Suhani sits on her bed, squeezing her temples trying to ward away the stressful thoughts. Droplets of tears fell from her eyes and soiled through her kurta top. Her body shook violently as she was weeped silently.

Yuvraj walks quietly to the closed door and lifts his hand to knock the door. But he stops for a second, hearing Suhani’s treacherous whimpers echo out the room in to his alert ears, making the bottomless chasm of emotion which lurks at the very recesses of his heart shatter to pieces. He wipes away the lone tears staining his face and knocks on the door.

Suhani- Come in… (Suhani choked this out trying to hide that she was crying.)

Yuvraj opens the door quietly and steps in to the deadly silent room with a slightly foreboding atmosphere. They stare at each other silently but their agony radiates from their eyes, surrounding and stifling them. Yuvraj watched Suhani with suffering sympathetic eyes, she had wiped her tears and tried to smile… but her old tears still streaked her face and blood still flowed freely from the gaping wounds on her head and arm. Her eyes were still cloudy, big and tired,her composure on the verge of breaking again.

Yuvraj sat on the bed next to her, his eyes as woe filled as hers. He took handkerchief out of his pocket. He tenderly lifts Suhani’s injured arm, making her look up at him in bewilderment and confusion. He gently goes to pat away the blood and suhani winces in pain loudly.

Suhani- I said im fine Yuvraj… (She tried to move her hand out of his hold, not wanting to let Yuvraj see her in this state. Yuvraj looked on at her in intense grief.)

Yuvraj grabs her hand that she was pulling away from him and links her fingers with his, stroking her hand with his thumb.

Yuvraj- I know you’re not okay Suhani. Stop fussing like a child and let me plaster it. (Suhani looks down at him when he kneels on the ground in front of her, and then he held her arm out in front of him.)

He wipes away her blood delicatley,and her eyes softened with love as she watched him. Yuvraj takes out the cotton, antiseptic and cloth he had bought with him. He lightly dabbed her arm with cotton and wrapped it nimbly above her wrist, being careful not to hurt her. Yuvraj then sat back up on to the bed beside her.

He then suddenly placed his hand on her shoulder that was the furthest away from him, turning her around to face him. Yuvraj got closer to her gradually, accelerating her breathing with every inch. He caringly wiped away the blood on her forehead and she was smiling slightly but then accidently made her flinch with pain. Yuvraj’s eyes widened as he looked at her in worry, but Suhani tried to smile back at him reassuringly. Yuvraj lingered his lips above her wound, making suhani shut her eyes and her bp rise in anticipation.

Yuvraj blew on her injury, the refreshing air soothing the stinging of the cut. Suhani looked up at him gratefully through her eyelashes and he met her gaze with a smile. He then placed a band-aid over the deep cut, which was Yuvaan’s and was decorated with his favourite cartoon, tom and jerry.

He moved his hands from near her face and placed them by his sides.

Suhani- Thank you Yuvraj. (She smiled a him affectionately. But she then noticed that Yuvraj was trying hard to conceal his giggles.) Hey! Why are you laughing?

Yuvraj- Suhani! You are looking like a fool with that tom and jerry plaster on your head! (Suhani touched the plaster, trying to look up a her forehead in confusion. Making Yuvraj laugh evenmore.)

Suhani- Tumhen yaad hai? Hum hai Tom and Jerry! Of course i will wear this band-aid! (The two didnt even notice that they were talking about their seemingly lost relationship.)

Yuvraj- Haan. I remember. I’ll remind you, na? That one day when we were leaving he samosa stand… (Yuvraj started narrating a story of one of their absolutley adorable loving endavours, with the biggest bright grin on his face that had spread to Suhani, who giggled endlessly. And used big animated gestures that made the story feel like just yesterday.)

..Their flashback:

Yuvraj and Suhani walked from the samosa stand, huge carefree smiles of happiness lighting up their faces. Suhani was muching speedily on a samosa, eating so quickly that she looked like she was tring to inhale it into her stomach. Her crumbs fell continously on to the plate that Yuvraj held for her under her face. He had a awe and affection filled smile on is face but he was sighing and shaking his head as the amount of mess she was creating.

Yuvraj- Aaree Mrs Yuvraj Birla! Are you trying to eat on behalf of the entire birla family? (He conked her on the head teasingly.)

Suhani- What are you trying to say, Mr sadu!? (She frowned her usual cute childish frown.)

Yuvraj- What I am trying to say is that you are inflating like a balloon! ( He puffed out his cheeks and widened his body and waddled around, imitating a very overweight person.)

Suhani dropped the rest on the samosa on the floor stubbornly, grunting in playful anger. She stepped forward away from him, crossing her arms over her chest.

Yuvraj- Aaree Suhani! (He tried to convince her but she started running away, making him sigh with a smile.)

Suhani ran through the streets of the crowded market, giggling merrily. The flowy part of her yellow salwar swishing around her. Yuvraj was close on her tail, laughing loudly at her cute but annoying behavior.

Then Yuvraj caught up with her and she came to a stop, but there was a old woman in between them. Yuvraj tried to circle round her and quickly grab Suhani’s dupatta. After a lot flipping directions while he bit his lip with a smile in concentration, he grabbed her dupatta. But before he could pull her in…

He jumped back in suprise and slight hurt. He looked at the lady between them and realises that she had hit Yuvraj on the hand with the closed umbrella that she was using to shelter herself from the heat.

Yuvraj- Auntie ji- (Yuvraj gasped in suprise and suhani too stood shocked at the whole exchange but before Yuvraj could finish his words… the lady continued to hit him repeatedly with the umbrella.)

Lady- Is that how your mother had taught you to treat girls! (yuvraj hissed with playful hurt and kept on trying tto clear the misunderstanding but Suhani decided to watch him for a while, laughing at him.)

Lady- Ribbing and teasing them all the time? (Suhani then decided he had suffered for his teasing enough, when his wincing sounded more and more real and she got concerned.)

Suhani ran in front of Yuvraj and held out her arms with her eyes closed to stop the lady. The lady stopped mid way a hit and looked at her in utter confusion.

Suhani- Auntie ji (Suhani wore a polite smile as she explained, and Yuvraj sighed in relief comically.) Yeh mera pati hai, hum mazaak karehi thi.. (The lady’s expression changed to a slight smile when the understood.)

Lady- How was i to know, you two were running round like tom and jerry! It looked like you two hated each other!

Yuvraj suddenly roped his arm around Suhani’s waist from behind and pulled her in to him, making her gasp. He then grabbed her ear and pulled in playfully, with an affectionate smile.)

Yuvraj- I too thought she hated me Auntie. She watched me being hit for so long and didn’t say anything! (He laughed at his treasure lovingly, and her eyes glistened as she smiled back, ooking deeply in to his eyes.)

Suhani- Im sorry na Yuvi (She turned to face him in his arms and reached up on her tip tes. She planted a sweet kiss on his cheek as an apology. Yuvraj smiled at her, the rest of the world blurring out as he was staring at his world.)

The lady cleared her throat purposely making the pair break out of their embrace and blush profusely.

Lady- Truly, you are one of the cutest couples i have ever encountered. God bless you both. (The pair thanked her and reached down and took her blessing. Suhani then also Hugged the lady in her usual innocent loving way, before they bidded her farewell.)

Yuvraj slowly wrapped his arms around her waist again, once the lady left. He stared at her flirtatiously making suhani extremely shy.

Yuvraj- Tom and jerry couple, huh? (He knocked his forehead against hers with his eyebrows raised, making her giggle.)

..End of FB..

..Suhani’s POV..

My vison was again blurred with tears. My heart was out my chest and strapped in to a rollercoaster. I at moments was the happiest Ive been in seven years and then in the matter of a few seconds, the life within me was again rotting away in pain. It was torture seeing Yuvraj from being so happy narrating our story to stinging suffering running through his veins when he realised. I could see it in the way his eyes glinted with tears. The air around us was bitter and we were sitting right next to each other but we felt words apart. Our hearts were both pounding, but it seemed as if both had stopped still forever. It was like for one second, we had the all the happiness we could have asked for and then it ran away again. It was a agonizingly painful mind process.The wounds on my head and my arms were almost numb, i couldnt feel a thing. But my heart was pulsating againt my brittle breaking ribs and rattling through my body. All i wanted was to cacoon into his chest and hide away from all this.

..end of POV..

Yuvraj wasnt thinking straight anymore, with the heartache controlling his mind. He caressed suhani’s face suddenly but gently, making Suhani gasp softly. The breezy breath on his skin made his heart want it more. He leaned up to her forehead and lingered her lips close. Suhani knew this was wrong, but her heart wouldnt let her stop him. He planted his lips loving on her forhead under her cut and kissed it gingerly. Almost makig Suhani dissolving to tears right away. Yuvraj then realised what he had done and jumped away.

Yuvraj- Suhani! Im so sorry, i knew i have no right to- (His words rushed out quickly and his tone was worried and apologetic but Suhani’s breaking voice stopped him in his tracks.)

Suhani- No Yuvraj, you have no right. Maybe if you had been a little earlier… (You could almost hear Yuvraj’s heart crack in the silence that followed.)

But then after a moment of silence, suhani broke in to shaking sobs, resting her shivering head on Yuvraj’s shoulder. He slowly brings his hand and strokes her hair, in unbareable pain. He had his own silent regretful tears pouring down his face. But nothing could turn time back.

Precap- Suhani and Yuvraj are standing in the handpump area, standing confused and looking around.
Dadi- we have to kill that woman now and since she is yours i need you distracting Suhani…
Yuvraj’s eyes were round with anger and Suhani was shaking in fear and they both searched frantically but quietly to try and find where the person who was talking is.

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      Thank you so much Ayushi, your comments are worth a lot to me xx

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      Radha… Every single one of your comments never fail to put a smile on my face. You never forget or choose not to comment on any of my posts, and you always encourge me to carry on writing. Infact whenever i post i look forward to your comment. Thank you so much dear xxx

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      Shilpa di, You shower me with praises so valuable and honouring that i could never do enough to earn them. Im so so so glad that you liked the chapter as much as i was proud of it, because it was hard work to write such a long epi. In such a short period of time of speaking to you, i feel as if ive foud such a great friend. So, thank you for that. x

  4. Aqsxxh

    Ok… This might be quite a long comment…

    Aqsaah’s PoV reading this episode:

    My heart full of laceration, beating silently in my corpse that is called a body, I can’t feel any emotion except the torment and the paroxysm that surrounds me- intoxicating but highly addictive . The only sound that I can hear is my intense inhaling, just tryong to keep me alive- knowing that my soul has already deceased. As I slowly slide the 5th Oreo in my mouth- slowly devouring it, I feel the immense pain of the lovers instantly making me regurgitate the food I previously swallowed- losing all appetite I had… I couldn’t survive on this wallowing, knowing that they are suffering- makes me grieve dearly….

    I see the devil- in the form of a man slowly crushing all hopes, all desires I have of a perfect life… He might be in love, but is it the right love, or is it deadly? YEs, Definately deadly, this character was too good to be true… I will find a way to kill him, in my mind most definitely, but I am sure Shreya would do it more subtle…

    It’s now nearing the end of this beautiful rollercoaster…. I am at the edge of my seat, my eyes glassy threatening to realise the salty liquid, but it stops at the precap, anger running through my veins, Dadi….


    That was me though-out the episode.. I was literally soo emotional it was unbelievable my heart felt this dearly, I was in the episode itself! <3

    Beautifully written Shreya x


      WOW. Aqsaah di… I must bow down to you and your talent. Even you’re comments are master pieces with stunningly descriptive words and exhilaratingly beautiful meanings and intentions. And the time and the effort you put in just for a comment to make me smile makes me feel so fuzzy inside and just tugs on my heart strings, and couldn’t begin to describe how hapy you made me with you’re love and support. I think even if i go through tough times, reading back through the love give me on my every single post, will most definatley pull me out of my dark place.

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    Sri, Im so overjoyed hat you are enjoying my ffs, and i cant thank you enough for the compliments you always give me. Im so glad that you recognise and apreciate the time and effort that i ut in to give you guys very long chapters and im even happpier tha you like it. Thank you for complimenting my writing, im so grateful for your support and encouragment. xxx

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