Mera Dil Aap Ke Lie Dhadaktha Hai- Episode 5 (EMOTIONAL AND V LONG) – Suhani si ek ladki

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Last episode- (Important to understand what is going on…)
The shrill ear splitting screech of Suhani’s scream rang and vibrated through the otherwise silent night air. Yuvraj’s heart stopped still, frozen in fear. He searched around frantically for Suhani and noticed that Sambhav had also gone missing.

Yuvraj- Suhani!!!!!!! Suhani… Suhani… (he yelled desperately, his voice becoming hoarse in strain. He then repeatedly murmued her name to himself, fear crushing his soul.)

He ran from where they were hiding before and then sprinted around the bushes and big metal canisters, in a hysteric search, with tear filled terrifyed eyes of pain.


Sambhav knocked on the ornate birla house door, placing a falsely polite smile on his face. Pratima opened the door with her usual motherly smile.

Pratima- Yuvaan! Your papa is here! Come in beta… (she welcomed him inside and he came in rubbing the dirt of the forest on his shoes on to the mat.)

Yuvaan runs through the halls with Yuvani and Krishna and golu closely behind him. He immediately hugs Sambhav’s legs and sambhav ruffles his hair with a fake affectionate smile.

Sambhav- Hey champ!

Yuvaan- Papa! You’re here!

Sambhav’s phone buzzes in his pocket and he pulls it out to see Fake dadi’s caller id flash up on the screen.

Sambhav- One second. Ill be right back.

He walks to a corner of the room and picks up the call, swiping his finger across the screen.

Sambhav- hello. What do you want?

Fake dadi- look. Suhani was getting in my way, she was becoming too much of a detective for her own good. So i hit her in the head. Hard.

Sambhav- (he almost imploded furiously, his eyes wide with anger.) HOW DARE YOU HURT MY WIFE!?

Fake dadi- What? Were you not planning to fool her, hurt her and use her?

Sambhav- Yes and? She is my property, i can do anything i want. Shes nothing to do with you, you have no right!?

Fake dadi- dont worry… she probably wont die… anyway you have worse things to worry about. Yuvraj saw you dissapear at about the same time i hit Suhani. So he probably suspects you…

Sambhav- DAMN IT! WHAT NOW?!

Fake dadi- easy. Just convince him, or more importantly everybody else, that you were never there in the first place…

Sambhav- okay. Just be careful what you do with her, she is mine. (Sambhav tapped the screen and the line went dead.)


Words couldn’t describe the way Yuvraj’s heart was wrenched viciously out of his ruptured and mercilessly bleeding chest when he saw her. His tears would be enough water for everyone on the earth and his petrifyed scream could have been heard from planets away.

Suhani limp body laid face first on the rough concrete. The back of her head was bashed badly and bled continously on to the pavement.

Yuvraj immediately ran to her side, at the speed of lightening, faster than he had ever ran before. He sat beside her, shaking incontrollably and wailing incredibly ludly at the paralysing sight. Yuvraj moves her in to his lap with shivering hands. He lightly hits her cheeks trying to wake her, rubbing her hands in his repeatedly. Sobs rattled through his, body, he had no idea what he was doing. It felt like he would collapse in fear and pain, and he had no reason to breath anymore.

Yuvraj- Suhani… please… please… (Even his voice was confused, it repeatedly changed from a breaking whisper to a heart breaking scream.)

Yuvraj- PLEASE! Suhani open your eyes, please…

His touch worked like a little spark of magic, as he lovingly and desperately placed his sweaty palm against her cold skin, with all the tendons, ligaments and cells of his body were only willing for one thing. For suhani to wake up.

Her eyelids started fluttering, an ounce open. Yuvraj’s wails silenced for a second, and his basically dead heart sprug back immediatley and a little hope shone from within him.

He raised his gaze skyward,folding his hands to pray to some force he hoped was is in the vast night sky. The man who had never prayed before, chanted innumerable strings of prayers while he sobbed.

Suhani’s closed eyes scrunched up in recognition of the loud noise and she stirred slightly. Her already peeked open eyes, started parting, painstakingly slowly. Yuvraj noticises this and gasps inbetween his cries.

..Yuvraj POV…

When Suhani opens her intensely brown eyes, i feel such a rush of relief that i had never felt before. But i couldn’t controll my ever flowing tears or the immense pain they held. I tried keeping my hand over my mouth, as i couldnt let Suhani see me weak. I realised from her drooping drowsy eyes and heavy crackling out-of-breath breathing that she was going to fall unconcious again, anytime soon. So i swallow down my tears. I gather her up in my arms to lift her up but…

Suhani pulls weakly at the collar of my white shirt, smearing crimson tears of blood across it. She shakes her head no, with pleading eyes that told me to put her down. I placed back on to the horrifying spot surrounded with her shed blood and cradled her injured head in my lap. She winced as i placed her down and tears at her pain reappeared in my eyes and my voice got stuck at the back of my throat.

Suhani- Im okay. (Her voice was broken and barely heard.) Leave. They’ll come back. They might hurt you…

Yuvraj- Are you stupid!? How could i leave you baby? …. your so hurt… (my voice broke with weeps, and I gently traced her face with my fingers.)

Suhani blinked out a single lifeless tear out of her tired eye.

Yuvraj- Who will come back? Who did this! Suhani, who dared to do this to you! WAS IT SA-

Suhani feebly reached up and placed her blood covered finger on to my lips, silencing me. I closed my eyes in to the touch, and my eyebrows arched up in yearning. Suhani cried softly, scared and in agony.

Yuvraj- Im not leaving you here Suhani. What would Yuvaan and Yuvani without you? (The weeps reappeared inbetween my words) What would i do without you?

She gingerly wiped away my tears with shaking finger, trembling lips and crying eyes. She cupped my face with one hand, leaving bleeding fingerprints behind. Her eyes starting to close, and breathing started getting unstable.

Suhani- I- I- love…. (her voice kept on disappearing) I love you Yuvraj.

Her eyes closed before I could say anything back.

Yuvraj- No! NO!!! please…

I could controll the volume of my weeps at the second her eyes shut. My heart stopped. My lungs halted breathing. My life had no meaning.

..end of POV..

Yuvraj’s trembling hand checked for Suhani’s pulse on her neck, a huge stammered sigh of relief leaving his lips when he feels the thud of her heartbeat.

He lifts her limp unconcious body bridal style in her arms and starts walking back home.

His eyes were distant and hazed, and old tears had made marks where they had dried. He walked through the streets as though he wasnt there, as if his soul was dettached from his walking body. His feet kicked up clouds of dust as he walked, too pained to breathe.


Yuvraj reached the bh doors, drips of sweat dripping down his face. The sweat had mixed with the fresh salty tears that he cried.

He avoiding looking down at Suhani again, fearing that his heart would erupt in to loud tears.

His eyes were dead and lifeless. He had basically died inside. He kicked open the bh doors and it slammed extremely loudly. It vibrated across the room.

Everyone was stood shock still. They covered their mouths in horrified suprise, tears blooming in their eyes. sharad gripped on to bhavana’s shoulders, stabilizing her shaking body. She tried to run toward her unconcious sister frantically but sharad held her back, worried about her frantic state.

Fake dadi and Sambhav pretended to react in extreme shock. The kids stood in the silence of the shock for a few seconds before dissolving in to terrified tears. Yuvaan and yuvani ran to Z and gripped on to his legs.

Yuvani- Papa! What happened to mumma!? (the children weeped incontrollably.)

Krishna- Dadu! Tu aunty ko kya hogaya?

Yuvaan- Papa! Papa! There’s blood… Mumma! (Sambhav’s threatening face kept flashing up in Zoo’s mind, paralysing him in fear.)

Yuvraj was too lost in his pain to even notice his kids’ tears, he carried on walking wih a blank emotionless face. Soumya ushered the three in to the room, pleading for them to keep calm and quiet, assuring them Suhani is okay.

Pratima- beta what happened??!!
(She ran forward and shook Yuvraj, gripping on to his upper arm in fear.)

Yuvraj carried on walked forward, while the family stared in absolute fear at the deep crimson streaked down his clothes and face, and the drips of blood dropping to the tiles from Suhani’s head.

Pratima- beta, what happened!? Tell me!? (She carried on shaking him violently but recieved no response.)

He walked to the sofa and laid her down gently. He then started to turn around to leave but…

Suhani’s mangalsutra was stuck in the button of his shirt. So he had to turn back to face her. When he caught a glimpse of her injured head and pained sleeping eyes… he lost controll again. His huge weeps rattled through the foundation of the house.

Everyone had another jump of suprise at his loud wails, and saurabh was on the phone talking to the doctor with a teary voice.

Yuvraj looked down at the mangalsutra connecting them, focusing his weeps to that. He looked at every single bead, remembering that they all gave sambhav the right over Suhai. That it was the symbol of their marriage. And he hated it, he was repulsed by the sight of it. The sambhav that had just yelled insults on insults to her, made Suhani cover in fear and pushed her with his filthy hands. How can a man like Sambhav have a right over his Suhani over him?

Without a second thought, Yuvraj grabbed the mangalsutra in his blood stained hand and yanked it harshly with a grunt. The free beads rattled to the floor and the remains of the chain fell with them. He collapsed on to his knees beside Suhani, holding up his weeping head with his hands.

Everyone didnt know how to react. Pratima rushed to his side rubbing his back, crying badly herself. Sambhav had bloodshot eyes and a shaking head of anger. He strided toward Yuvraj and grabbed him violently by the collar, lifting him back on to his feet.

Sambhav- What the hell are you doing!?!? That is my wife and that mangalsutra is in our name! Its notthing to do with you!

Yuvraj- Oh she is your wife now?! What about when you were humiliating her with your degrading insults? (His words kept being interupted by his cries.) Was she the wife you loved so much in the forest a couple of hours ago?!

He tried to leap at sambhav and claw at his neck but pratima held him back in her tight embrace.

Pratima- beta! What all are you doing?! You know this is wrong!

Yuvraj- Maa, he was there… he was there when su-suh- Suhani… and he was angry

Sambhav- What? I wasnt anywhere. Ive been here the entire time… (he tried to say the lie realistically and the family believed him)

Yuvraj- No! You were there, and you scared her and I’ll never leave you!

Sambhav- What?! First you insult me by breaking Suhani’s mangalsutra and now you pin the blame of her injury on me?!

Yuvraj- You liar! You-

Pratima- beta you are in a bad state right now… dont say things you’ll regret.

Yuvraj- You dont understand! He was- i was- look at her… look at her maa… of course im in a bad state… look at her…

He stared at Suhani with breaking eyes and a throbbing heart, weeping again. He broke out of his mother’s arms and stormed away.

He paced around the room, running his stressed fingers through his sweaty hair, breathing wearily through his cries.

The doctor entered the room, holding his professional equiptment. Yuvraj wipes away his tears and clears his throat as he walks toward the doctor.

Yuvraj- Thank you, thank you so much. (He pointed his hand in the direction of the unconcious Suhani) please make her wake up… whats wrong with her… wake her please.

Doctor- keep paitent, ill do what i can sir.

Yuvraj walks impaitently by the doctors side. The doctor does his regular checks and examines her injury and her breathing, while the family watch him tenatively.

Bhavana- What’s wrong with my sister!? Whats happening, why isn’t she waking up!!?? (Her screams were loud and made golu pertrified.)

Sharad- bhavana ji, shhh… Golu… (The crying sharad made an attempt of calming bhavana down, stroking her arm.)

Doctor- She is in a deeply unconcious state, if we are lucky she will wake up in 24 hours, if not… (The doctor hesitated with his next words.)

Yuvraj- IF NOT WHAT?!

Pratima- beta… shhh….

Doctor- If she wakes up she might lose some of her memory and if she doesnt then its unlikely that she will ever wake up again.

Yuvraj starts sobbing again, the words of horror ringing repeatedy in his ears, he wraps his arms around his mother, hiding his face in to her neck. Pratima strokes his hair, consolingly, crying badly herself.

Dadi- Thank you doctor saab. (Fake dadi guides the docor out of the house, locking the door behind him.)

Sambhav walks storms toward yuvraj, pointing at him threateningly.

Sambhav- You! You did this you Idiot! This is all your fault!

Yuvraj stands up sraight, clearing his throat angrily.

Yuvraj- I didn’t do aything, i can never even imagine laying a hand on Suhani! You were there an you must have done this in your anger!

Sambhav- I wanst ever there… Then fine, lets agree that you didnt do it. But you couldn’t save her, Could you!?

Yuvraj- I! I – (Yuvraj brought his gaze fearfully to his blood stained hands, tears appearing and voice dissapearing.)

He hated himself, for not saving Suhani. What use was he is he couldn’t protect her? Sambhav was right, this was all his fault, what his the meaning of his love, what is the meaning of his life… if Suhani got hurt in his presence.

He stumled back in shock, holding his head which was suffering with a bad headache of guilt. Saurabh caught him by the shoulder, helping him stand stable again.

Saurabh- Come Yuvraj, Come… lets go in to your room now… (Saurabh tried to drag the shocked silent Yuvraj with him)

Yuvraj- I want to go to Suhani… (His broken whisper was barely heard.)


Yuvraj- Please…

Pratima- Go to your room beta… watching Suhani will only make your state worse…

Yuvraj opened his mouth in protest, but his body was too weak. Saurabh led the blank faced stiff and shocked Yuvraj in to his room, nodding to everyone else in assurance.

Soumya walked up to Sambhav, folding his hands in to a praying position.

Soumya- Please, have a little mercy. Yuvraj is in shock at Suhani’s state thats why he said the incorrect allegations at you. Im sorry, let them be… Okay?

Sambhav nodded angrily, but relieved in his mind that no one believed Yuvraj.


Yuvraj slid down the wall, each wail leaving his tortured soul shredding his heart to bits. He held his throbbing head in his hands, not being able to shake the images of him holding the bleeing suhani in his manly protective arms or the noise of her ear splitting scream from his mind. He held his hand on his cheeks, where suhani had caressed his face, closing his eyes. He remembered the way she whispered that she loved him in to the frosty night air, emotional tears spilling from her beautiful drowsy eyes. How her long hair blew in to his face because of the biting wind, as he watched her with all the love in the world. Before her eyes shut, and time stood still. And then till now, he was just a floating empty ghost of a body, incomplete without Suhani.

Saurabh pulled of Yuvraj’s stained shirt off his unreactive body and scrubbed away the stubborn blood stuck to yuvraj’s hand, a few tears in his eyes at his brother’s and Suhani’s suffering.

Saurabh- Yuvraj… (He places a comforting hand on Yuvraj’s shoulder) Suhani will wake up, promise. Yuvraj?

Yuvraj stays silent and unresponsive.

Saurabh- Yuvraj?

Yuvraj- BHAIYAA! (He yells, unable to bottle up his emotions any longer.)

He throws his arms around Saurabh and buries his head in to Saurabh’s shirt, soiling it with his tears. Saurabh strokes his back consolingly, averting his eyes, not being able to stand his brother’s crying figure.

Saurabh- It’s okay… She will wake up Yuvraj, she will, it will all be okay.

Yuvraj nodded through his tears, as Saurabh moves out the hug and stands up to leave. Yuvraj shuts his eyes and leans his head back on to the wall, hit with memories so happy they hurt like mad.

..Yuvraj’s Flashback..

Yuvraj packs his buisness briefcase, stuffing it to the brim with documents and notes, rubbing his eyes with tiredness. He turns around and is faced with Suhani standing behind him in a simple transparent light blue saree.

Her big round brown eyes were glassy with tears. Yuvraj’s face warped with immediate concern.

Yuvraj- Suhani! (He grabs her face in his hands, caressing her soft skin in his fingers) what happened?

She started whimpering adorably, making yuvraj’s brow furrow in worry.

Yuvraj- Did someone say something to you?! (He made his hands in to fists in protective anger.)Why are you upset my princess? (He stroked her cheek affectionately)

Suhani started weeping cutely and childishly, tugging at yuvraj’s shirt.

Suhani- mat jao na…

Yuvraj- Kya?

Suhani- Dont go on your buisness trip na, mera yuvi…

Yuvraj laughs a little, relieved and amused.

Yuvraj- You were crying for such a small reason? (Suhani hits him playfully on the chest with a cute frown.)

Suhani- This isn’t a small reason, i will be all by myself for three days… I’ll miss you… (Yuvraj smiles, touched by her words.)

Yuvraj links his arms aorund her waist and pulls her in to him.

Yuvraj- I’ll miss you too meri Suhani, (He hits his forehead against hers lovingly.)but i can’t stay behind its urgent work… (He pouts apologetically.)

Suhani hits Yuvraj’s arm with a deep frown.

Suhani- Sadu! (She turns around to leave, crossing her arms over her chest)

Yuvraj grabs Suhani’s wrist and pulls her back in to his chest. He wraps his arms tightly around her stomach, sneding shivers up of ecstacy down her back, but she kept the cute frown on her face. He rested his chin on her shoulder, smiling down at her blushing face. He nuzzled his nose in to her hair making her skirm in ticklishness.

Yuvraj- Sorry meri rani… i have to go na? (his gentle whispers tingled against her smooth skin.) I will bring back many gifts for you, and we will go out and eat plentiful samosa (She smiled a little at his effort and closeness. She places her hands over his hands that linked around her stomach.) I’ll miss you so much… but im helpless… (he places a sweet kiss agaist her cheek, making her smile as bright as the sun.)

She broke out of his arms and turned toward him. She threw her arms around him and pulled herself into his chest. She rested her head against him, listening to his steady comforting heartbeat. She closed her eyes, savouring his presence.

Suhani- Please Yuvi, i know its work, but i really don’t want you to go… (Yuvraj wrapped one of his arms her waist and his other hand gently stroked her hair.)

Yuvraj- but Suhani-

Suhani- I love you a lot na? Thats why I’m asking you to stay back… (She started whimpering again, and yuvraj became slightly emotional at her state.)

Yuvraj- Suhani, roh math, you know i can’t stand to see you cry… (He uses his finger to lift her chin to face him, and wipes her tears.)

Suhani- For my sake, please dont go…

Yuvraj- Duffer! Of course im not going (he affectionately poked her on the nose.) I would never do anything thing to make you sad meri jaan… (they had a passionate eyelock, a tornado of rife love, spirilling around them.)

Suhani- haan mein duffer hu… (She snuggled her head in to his shirt more, pouting.) Que ke hum tumhe rok rahi hu… [because im stopping you] (she gently caressed Yuvraj’s cheek with love, and he looked down at her, confused.) Tum kuch bhi karlo, hum hamesha aapke saath hoge, aur hum hamesha aap ka sahara banenge que ke [whatever you do, i will always be with and i will always be you support, because…] (She placed her cheek against his, and her lips by his ear, tickling his sensitive skin) mein aapse bhoat pyaar karthi hu… aur aap mujhe itna kush rakthe hai ki aap mujhe ek jeevan bhar ka pyaar diya hai [i love you a lot… and you have kept me so happy that you have given me a lifetime of love] .. i love you Yuvi… (Yuvraj’s eyes water with emotion and amazement of her words.)

Suhani stands on her tiptoes and Yuvraj buries his head in the nook of her neck. They both close their eyes overcome by emotion. Suhani presses Yuvraj further against her, placing her hand on the back of his head. Yuvraj places a gentle kiss against her collarbone, making Suhani sigh in content. They both tightened the grip they had on each other, nothing mattering more to them than each other.

Yuvraj- mein tumhe chood kar kahi nai jhar rahi hu… [im not going anywhere leaving you…]

He whispers this in to Suhani’s ear making her smile and blush severely. She plants her lips on the top of his hair, kissing him softly.

..end of flashback..

Yuvraj placed his hand against his heart, closing his eyes in immense pain. His tears streamed slowly down his face creating a puddle of agony on the floor.

He was brought out trance by the heart breaking gentle tears that sounded in the room. Yuvraj slowly peeled open his eyes to see both his children in his doorway. They stared at his vunerable figure, that they had never seen beofre, with crying fearful eyes.

Yuvraj rubbed at his face desperately, trying to hide his tears. He smiled reassuringly, with watery eyes that couldn’t stand his children’s pain.

Yuvaan- Papa? (His little voice was cracked with emotion, and it felt like Yuvraj had been stabbed in the heart when he heard it.)

Yuvaani- I want mumma to wake up… (Her voice resembled Yuvaan’s, paining Yuvraj in the same way.)

Yuvraj- Papa ka pass aao… come… (He tried to to cry and his voice sounded hoarse.)

Yuvaan and yuvaani came in to the room, trembling. Yuvraj sat them both in his lap, swallowing back his tears. He wrapped both his arms around them, watching them with love and care. The brother and sister snuggled their heads in to the comfort of their father’s chest, closing their terrfied eyes.

Yuvaan- Mumma will wake up right? Right papa?

Yuvraj- Haan- (A weep escaped from his tortured soul.) Haan Yuvaan, i promise…

Yuvani- Will somebody hurt mumma again papa!? (She cried loudly, extremely scared.)

Yuvaan joined her cries, haunted by Sambhav’s words that he was too scared to expose. Yuvraj stroked their hair, shushing them consoling through his own tears. His fists curl in anger.

Yuvraj- No one will ever lay a hand on you mumma or either of you ever again, trust me… i am ready to do anything for all of you… (He tightens (Yuvraj closed his strained eyes with determination, resting his chin on top of Yuvaan and Yuvani’s head. Tremoring in extreme rage.)

Yuvaan- I love you papa… (He looked up at Yuvraj with an eternally grateful smile.) I know mumma will be safe when you are with her.

Yuvraj- Thank you Champ… i promise you, nothing will happen to your mumma. (He plants a tender kiss on top of Yuvaan and Yuvani’s heads, crying a little.)I love you two so much…

Yuvraj gets up and sits on the bed, leaning his back against the headrest. He beckons the kids toward him, mustering up a smile.

Yuvraj- Come, sleep now… (Yuvaan and Yuvani both climb up on to the bed, sniffling up their tears. They both lie down placing their heads in Yuvraj’s lap.) I will sing you a lullaby…

Yuvraj gently runs his fingers through his childrens’ hair with immense affection, a few tears falling from his eyes. He starts humming a heavenly tune.

Yuvraj- Close your big round…

As Yuvraj sang the delicate lullaby he cried as he remembered….

{Yuvraj Flashback}

Suhani- She is your dadi Yuvraj… She is starving because you arent talking to her… (Suhani tried to stroke Yuvraj’s arm, raising her eyebrows in concern)

Yuvraj shrugged off her arm, trembling in rage.

Yuvraj- How can i look her in the eye Suhani, knowing what she did to you… (His fists curled in anger as he yelled.)

Suhani- Yuvraj… its okay. She couldn’t break us, right? (She grabbed his shoulder, and they locked gazes with love and passion)

Yuvraj fell to the floor in sobs, and Suhani rushed to his side in concern. Her own eyes watered at his pain, when she kneeled beside him.

Yuvraj- Is this the lady i grew up with?! She hurt Gauri… SHE HURT YOU! HOW DARE SHE HURT YOU?!

Suhani- Shush… (Suhani wrapped her arms around his crying body, resting head on top of his.)

Yuvraj leaned his cheek against Suhani’s chest, squeezing his teary eyes shut. Snuggling in to her comforting loving arms.

Yuvraj- Suhani –

Suhani- Shush i said…Dont worry, im here with you… (She comfortingly stroked his back)

She slowly sat cross legged on the floor, leading Yuvraj with her. Yuvraj rested his head in her lap, and curled his knees to his chest in a child’s position. She gently ran her fingers through his hair, smiling down at him.

Close your big round sleepy eyes,
That twinkle in the deep blue skies,
Sleep the nightmares of life away,
And wake up to a fresh new day,
Dont worry about any dangers in sight,
Because ill always guard you through the night,
Close your beautiful pure eyes,
That will twinkle in tomorrows blue skies.

She leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on his forehead, making him smile. She was about to move her head back up but Yuvraj grabbed her face with both his hands. He pulled her toward him and planted a huge wet kiss on her cheek in gratitude. She rubbed away the drool with a cute frown, while Yuvraj laughed at her face, yawning.

{End of flashback}

Yuvraj- … That will twinkle in tomorrows blue skies. ( he looked down, and smiled to see Yuvaan and Yuvani both quietly snoring.)

But his heart still thundered in his chest and mind still swivveled. He was angry, scared, guilty and in pain. He couldnt help but to feel that he was Suhani’s criminal. That this is all his fault. He would sell every inch of his soul, to get her to wake up. He didnt care if he would ever see her again or not, he just cant stand her pain.

He opened the draw of his bedside table with trembling fingers. He rummaged to the back of the drawer, being careful not to wake Yuvaan and Yuvani. He took out a shiny photo, bringing it up to face his crying eyes.

It was a picture of Yuvraj and Suhani, a frozen capture of their happiest times. Yuvraj stood in a soiled through shirt, frowning adorably through his wet hair. Suhani stood behind him and had wrapped her hand around his neck. She was standing on her tiptoes and resting her chin on his shoulder. She had a smile on her face worth a million dollars. Rain fell around them and Suhani’s soaked ringlets of hair, tickled Yuvraj’s face.

Droplets of Yuvraj’s tears streaked down the photograph, aching with yearning. He rubbed at his face repeatedly, trying to scrub away his vunrebility. He felt an comforting arm on his shoulder, and he slowly lifted his gaze to see…

Bhavana peered at him in sympathetic concern, with red eyes that were sore from crying. She silently lifted Yuvaan and Yuvani off Yuvraj’s lap and tucked them in to the blanket of the bed, one by one. Yuvraj watched her do this is confusion.

Bhavana sat opposite him, folding her tense hands in to a knot in her lap, steadying her shaky body.

Bhavana- She will get up Yuvraj… Ive seen her since childhood, she is the strongest person i know, wo ladengi [She will fight]

Yuvraj- i know di… (he hicupped a cry)

Bhavana- And you are with her, and Yuvraj… i know… whatever may have happened… Nothing wrong can happen to Suhani when you are by her side…

Yuvraj- Thank you di… (they hug, both crying for Suhani) i wont let anything happen to her…

Bhavana- dont worry. I trust you. Sleep now Yuvraj. Its getting late…

Yuvraj- I-

Bhavana- i know its hard to sleep, but you need to keep strong for her and your children Yuvraj…

Yuvraj nodded as Bhavana left the room. He slipped under the blanket, and laid facing Yuvaan and Yuvani. He closed his heavy eyes, hugging his and Suhani’s photo close to his chest, a final tear dropping down his face.


Yuvraj sprung up in bed, sweating bucket loads and tremoring physcotically. He screamed loudly in horror, his eyes rapidly seaching around him. He had dreamed of Suhani screaming out for him, bruised and bleeding, slowly collapsing to the ground.

Yuvaan and Yuvani stirred slightly with a groan, at the noise. Yuvrajs eyes glance at them in realisation, and eyes crinklinv in concern. Sharad opens the door to look for the noise, faced with a unstable panting Yuvraj and the kids that were starting to wake up.

Yuvraj lifts his hands to lift Yuvaan. And then imagines there to be blood on his hands, he was trapped, wallowing in helplessness. He broke out in to a broken sob, his voice hoarse from crying too much.

Sharad rushes over and lifts the kids and takes them to their room. He runs back to look out for the mentally distressed Yuvraj.

Yuvraj was squeezing his eyes shut, grabbing his hair violently in his fist.

Sharad- Guru…

Yuvraj- Im okay… go… (he tried to hold back his tears.)

Sharad- Have something to eat or drink… you havent had anything for a long time.

Yuvraj- Im not hungry.

Sharad- But Guru if you are weak…

Yuvraj- Im fine. (He tried to sound decisive.)

Sharad- But…

Yuvraj- Go and sleep now…

Sharad- Guru…

Yuvraj- Please. Go.

Sharad walked out of the room, frowning in concern. Yuvraj waited for a few seconds, muting his cries. He knew from Sharad’s frazzled hair and dark eyes, that he hadnt got a blink of sleep either, and he didnt want Sharad to be caught up in caring for him. He made sure that Sharad has gone back to bed.

He got out of his room and went to the doorway of the room they had moved Suhani to, his heart wrenching with every silent footstep, scarred by the atrocious memories of earlier that day. He walked with tears streaming down his face, with a stiff scared body.

He took a fearful step inside, unable to see whats because of the ominous dark. He flipped on the light with a shaking hand. But before he could look at Suhani in her bed, Her pale ill body attached to numerous tubes and medical machines. He felt something sweep over his face…

He reached over his face and felt something light and silky over it, he grabbed it in his fingertips, and pulled it away to look at it. He saw that he was clenching on to a fistful of the fabric of a white dupatta. It held a flowery scent that Yuvraj could never forget, his eyes widened in suprise.

He raised his shocked eyes and let out a gasp. Suhani stood in front of him. She looked heavenly, in a pristine white salwar that hugged her feminine curves, and her slightly curly hair framing her face. She had a smile that Yuvraj felt instantly in his heart but her beautiful brown eyes were filled with aching tears. Yuvraj immediately ran to her…

He cupped her face with both his hands, he brought his face inches away from hers, searching her face repeatedly, in utter disbelief.

Yuvraj- Suhani? (Yuvraj’s eyes fill up to the brim with happy tears.) EVERYONE! COME HERE,COME! SUHANI WOKE UP!

Everyone woke up in shock, and rushed to gather in the room, filled with hope, or in fake dadi’s case… fear of being exposed. They all watched Yuvraj in complete confusion…

Suhani- Yuvraj… (She gently places her hand on his chest, whispering in sadness.)

Yuvraj- Haan Suhani… Its me… Its me! I knew you wouldnt leave me… I know you would wake up… i knew you would stay! (He grabs her hand in both of his, gripping on to her as if she was keeping him alive. He was yelling deperately and happily, trying to convince himself and Suhani that they were okay. Relieved tears streaming from his eyes.)

Suhani- Yuvraj… (She caressed his cheek, staring at him with tear-filled eyes.) You need to make sure Yuvaan, yuvani and krishna and Golu get everything they want in life, you need to take care of maa…

Yuvraj- Of course i will… you will do it with me na? (He placed his hand over her hand that was on his face.)

Suhani- You need to tell di not to cry, tell everyone to keep strong, you will all be happy as a family… (Suhani sounded broken and lifeless, and Yuvraj’s face warped with confusion.)

Yuvraj- Why would bhavana di cry? What are you saying suhani?

Suhani slowly placed her head against his chest, listening to his scared roaring heartbeat. Her eyes were squeezed shut, tears spilling out. She roped her hands around his middle tightly. Yuvraj wrapped his arm around her waist, and carressed the hair on the back of her head, frowning in confusion.

Suhani- Yuvraj… Im sorry. I married Sambhav and parted you from Yuvaan, i will never be able to make it up to you, and now… I dont have the time left.

Yuvraj- Suhani? (His heart thundered in sudden fear.)

Suhani- Promise me Yuvraj, you will be happy after Im gone… I love you Yuvraj. I’ve always loved you. (She started to move out of his embrace, and he stumbled back in shock. )

Yuvraj- No Suhani! Please! Mujhe chood math… i cant live without you… (He collapsed to the floor, flooded in tears.)

He grabbed on to suhani’s feet and placed his head on them, pleading her to stay. He placed a gentle kiss on her feet. Suhani wiped her tears, trying not to look at him suffering. He got up on to his knees and hugged her waist, resting his head on her legs, soiling her clothes. Suhani gently stroked his hair, comforting him.

Yuvraj- tu meri jaan hu Suhani… You cant leave me and go… (Suhani kneeled down to his level, sharing the same pain in her eyes.)

She wiped away his tears, tracing her finger over the prominent bones of his face. She smiled, but her heart break was seen.

Suhani- If i had a choice would i go yuvi? Forget me for my sake Yuvraj, it would hurt less baby… (She planted a delicate kiss with her soft pink lips, on to his forehead)

She got up slowly, and Yuvraj yelled after her desperately. She walked backward in to the distance, eyes streaming with tears. Yuvraj reached out his hand, wailing hopelessly. He repeatedly chanted please as she disappeared in to the air.

Pratima rushed to the breaking Yuvraj, consoling him in her embrace. Everyone is glued to their plaes in cofusion after seeing Yuvraj talk to the empty space infront of him insansely. Sambhav clicked his knucles in rage.

Yuvraj kneeled beside the real suhani, not the one in his head. He leaned over her, crying at her beautiful sleeping face. He pushed her hair behind her ear, admiring his love that completed his soul. He grabbed one of her hands in his, gripping on to it tightly. He placed her hand on his racing heart, weeping heavily.

Yuvraj- Listen to this heart beat, it beats for you Suhani… Are you just going to let it die? (He yelled passionately.) Will you leave me?

Sambhav- Yuvraj! She is mine… how can you say such things?

Yuvraj just ignored him, fully absorbed in his Suhani.

Yuvraj- Please Suhani, wake up, please…

Suddenly, while the tears fell from his eyes, he felt somehing in his hand tightened. He looked down and gasped in utter shock, he saw that Suhani had grabbed his hand.

Yuvraj- Suhani?!

Her eyelips started flutering, and everyone held their breaths, with hopeful smiles and eyes filled with happy tears.

Suhani- Yuvraj…? (Her extremely silent, confused pain whisper shocked everyone in the room.)

Precap: Yuvraj- Yuvaan! Yuvaani! Come! Yuvaan and Yuvan came and stood in the doorway, relieved tears in their eyes. Suhani pressed her hand on her stomach and looked down at it in confusion, and then back up at the children. Suhani- This is Yuvaan and Yuvani?

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    OMG OMG OMG.. no words. Its really wonderful.. Heart t Oi uching and emotional epi.. I was really crying dyring the whole ff.. Eagerly waiting for your next update di..

  2. Excelleht episode???…no words left to describe….but i request u onething…plz sambhav ko punish karo…end his chapter asap..

  3. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    wow…its so painful nd romantic…. i cant came out from ths scenes…

  4. Aqsxxh

    Her memory…. OMG… this episode Shreya, I am absolutely god-smacked, lost for words… Speechless….
    I love it….
    Di, I am begging for more already- it took my mind of my lurking horrors that haunt me <3 Masterpiece dear x what a masterpiece
    My true inspiration

  5. mindblowing epi….every word is filled with love ,care of yuvraaj towards suhani.i really loved it very much.ur an amzing writer ,ur always writes such lengthy story it is great and the precap it is supberb.while reading i wished tht suhani to have memoryloss becoz then she will be yuviand and u have shown the similar scene in precap.i very excited abt next epi plz updated soon.

  6. Nithu

    Oh my god sherya its lovely i loved it to the height dear…its just amazing no words dear…loved this epi..n precap oh my god…!! You bring the old ssel in ur ff…i love it sooo much …i love ssel n ua ff soo much dear

  7. Ruksy

    This was so amazing and emotional I loved it

  8. It is lovely …

  9. Shruthy

    I am Shruthy. I have actually been reading your stories for a while, but couldn’t comment as was using my phone mostly, and TU on mobiles is too slow and horrible.
    But haan, I couldn’t remain a silent reader for so long. So as I got a computer and using TellyUpdates, I just want to take the opportunity to comment on your fan fictions.
    I must say, you have such WONDERFUL writing skills, that I am literally in heavens reading all the cute and great scenes. I didn’t follow the show from the beginning, and I still dont watch it regularly, but I have a problem. Once I get to love a pair na, I start searching for their scenes in particular in episodes. And so I fell on Yuvani once, it was during their “love or friendship” wala track, and I just loved them so much. At that time, there were mostly nok-jhoks, friendship wala company, cute arguments between them. Khair, none doesn’t care about my life, and I am counting it like a fool. xD
    So reading some ffs, I fell on those based on SSEL/YuvAni, among what, I found yours. And I am so much in LOVE <3 Your narration just brings life to all your scenes. I don't really know in detail what happened in the show when you started this ff, just understood that Suhani was married to Sambhav, and that he was the bad boy in the story, especially the villain in TuVani's story. I don't know what happened in the show, like the detailed scenes, but reading "Mera Dil Aapke Liye Dhadaktha Hai", I felt watching SSEL on my own screen, in a different dimension, as I was completely lost in the storyline. I don't know if I might say that, but thank you for bringing such a lovely story.
    Now, Iss Pyaar Ko Nahin Thod Saktha's turn! Having watched some of the old episodes, I quite know the main storyline between Yuvraj-Soumya-Suhani. And reading this ff of yours, I felt I was not in the SSEL the world knows, but something more about YuvAni. That was kinda cool seeing Yuvraj&Suhani having a strong bond from the beginning, though their nok-jhoks are indeed important, and that the entire family loves Suhani. Like even Rags bhabhi has a positive role in it. Except Dadi who is always against Suhani. And even Soumya is a vamp in YuvAni's story. But leaving all that, everything is so perfect for both, and I am so much in love with it.
    Basically to say that I am eagerly waiting for the next episodes for sure. Will try to check the page more often in case you post it, as I am busier on another show page.
    See you on the next chapter's comment box.

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