Evening :

Shan pov :
I entered the house, while moving towards my room i found swara sitting on couch looking pale.. she was resting her body but looking her condition i felt bad….
She was wearing the same dress what she wore srtdy, messy hair, tear stained cheeks and blood drops on her lip corner which is in dried state….. her eyes were closed but we can read her face by her expressions that she is undergoing huge pain….
I walked towards her, raised my hand to wake her, but sensing someone’s presence she opened her eyes before i could react…
She rolled her eyes asking what do you want mr.?????
I gave her faint smile……..
Pov ends…..

“Yes mr.D’souza how can i help u??”, swara asked him with feeble voice….
Shan -Did u have anything swara???
Swara- yup loads of pain that too from my loved one, who is treating me like a slave…..
Shan – ur the soul reason behind his action swara but u speak as if though he acting as sadist.
Swara – what did i do????
Shan – dnt u knw?? U gave him pain and scratches in his heart which can never be healed….
Swara – gave a shocking look to shan bcz of his accuasation….
Shan – dont act too smart swara. I know how cheap u are…
Swara – just stop it shan…
Shan – y??  Is the truth pricking u???
Swara – dont ever relay a word on me that too with illegal words…
Shan – haha very funny…bhai can melt for ur tears but not me..
only i knew how much he suffered all these yrs…
Swara – what do u know about me???
Shan – every single thing that happened in ur life…
Swara – dont spill the words before doing a complete research Mr.D’souza..
Shan – my name is shan….
Swara – ok mr.shan.. proceed…

Flash back :
Author’s pov :
Swara is a rich kid who doesn’t have friends, she keeps herself locked up in her room during evenings after her school….
Being a millionare, shekar failed to spend his time with his daughter…
All he did was, yearning money ferociously…
One day swara was waiting for her car to pick her from school, but the driver did not arrive so she sat on the stone bench gazing ppl around her….
Many parents came back to pick their children, few parents were kissing their ward’s cheek lovingly….
Unknwowling tears were rolling down swara’s cheek….  horn sound pulled her to sense… she saw ram uncle blowing horn from her car asking her to get in…
(Ram prasad – father of sanskar and works as driver in shekar’s house….)
Beta, how was ur day??? ,ram was asking swara.. but swara was busy being sad in her world…
Ram shook swara asking her what happend??
Swara -Nothing uncle u carry on!!! Why ru late???
Ram – beta, my son,he is not well i had to take him to hospital, so i was late… next time i will be on time…
Swara – its ok uncle.. how is ur son now???
Ram – viral fever, so it will take time to recover..
Swara – oh kk uncle…

Like this days passed on………..
Swara and ramprasad became close, he treated her as his daughter and swara too considered him as papa bcz she has never felt a father’s affection…..
Daily after school they would go to park, play there for sometime or play in swara’s house….
Swara – uncle how is ur son?? I forgot to ask u???
Ram – he is fit and fine like always..
Swara – ok uncle..
Ram – ok beta today im leaving fast since sanskar pestered me to spend time with him…
Swara – k uncle bye….
Ram – bye beta take care….


One day swara waiting in the garden for ram uncle but a boy came there running & panting heavily….
Swara – who are u?? Her eyes were searching for ram uncle….
Boy – ram uncle…. he was shedding tears.. he………
Swara – tears rolled down her cheeks.. what happened to uncle?? Plz tell me…
Boy – he!!!! His words struck in throat…
Swara – sat on the grass with thud…
Boy – was shocked!!!!! Hey dont cry…
Ur ram uncle is fine, watch the gate….
Ram was approaching them…
Swara started to beat that boy ruthlessley making ram and the boy shocked…
Ram – swara beti…… y ru beating him??
Swara – uncle this idiot stupid duffer boy na, he told that…………
Ram – that????
Swara – she kicked the boy’s leg, ” u itself ask him umcle”….
Boy – gave sheepish smile to them….
Ram – swara, he is sanskar my son…
Swara – omg sorry uncle i bet him infront of ur eyes…… sorry uncle..
Sanskar – u bet me but ur sking sorry to my father… apologise to me miss…
Ram – sanskar u were fault,ask her sorry..
Sans – no way dad…
Swara – leave him uncle after all he is duffer…..
Sanskar – oi u dwarf…
Swara – me!!!! U gorilla…
Both were fighting endlessly, where as ram left long ago….
Swasan searched him and left inside the house….
Swara – uncle ur so polite but y is ur son opposite to u??
Sans – bcz ur an idiot.
Ram – watch ur words sanskar..
Sans – ji papa, sorry….

Days passed now swasan becm so close but still they had their tom and jerry fights…..

Lately,they found their love and started being great companion for the other but the day came which she never dreamt of…..
Swara had to break up with sanskar….

Flash bck ends…..

Swara was weeping heavily making shan confused..
Shan – u only dicthed him bcz he was poor but y ru crying and creating scene…
Its ur biggest mistake and u gave him another attack further by mudering ram uncle……
Swara shouted nooo………..
“How can i kill ram uncle whom i considered as my father shan?? Is this y sanskar playing revenge on me???”

Shan – yes swara, u gave him the biggest pain, which can never be healed… when u were the reason for his happiness ur are the same reason for his darkness…
Why did u cheat on him swara?????
If were in need of a billonaire as ur husband then why did u love him and gave sanskar false hope???

Swara was shedding tears and her heart broke into million pieces hearing shan’s word….
(Monologue – is this y u hate me sanskar?? Was our love so weak?? U did not even try finding the hidden truth behind my rejection?? How can u accuse me on kiling uncle??)

Shan – shouted on swara, speak now damn it…. y ru keeping ur mouth mum???

Swara – bcz im broken shan, even my love did not take a single step to know the hidden truth behind my rejection…

Shan – again new drama….
Swara -when my love sanskar itself did not believe me then how come u would believe my words….
Shan – ok tell me truth i will reconsider my words on u….
Swara – no need shan, im fed up…
Shan – speak up…
Swara – i ditched him… bcz…….

Precap – swara confessing the truth to shan..
Swashan mission starts…..

Enough of drama today…
Bye guys….

Hope we are not boring u…

Advance happiee pongal……
Advance mattu pongal………..

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