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Night :
Study room : sanskar got engrossed in his office work and forgot the present world, he was feeling drained and his eyes were reflecting tiresome. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the chair but suddenly he got flashes of his love……..
Shit he was huffing with rage,his eyes rolled to the wall clock showing 9.30 pm…
He cursed himself for being so careless….
Like lion he jumped out of his room and headed towards the room were shona was locked up….
A pair of eyes was watching this and smile crept on his face its shan…. he left towards his room….
Sanskar entered the room, was shocked to his love, life,breath was lying on the chair lifeless…. numbness took over him, he was standing like statue seeing his life tied in ropes……..
He ran like small kid who found his lost mother………
He was in his knees before her weeping like kid……… slowly without hurting her further he was untying the ropes..
He could see the tear stained cheeks and messy hair, cursed himself being the soul reason…….
He took her in his embrace without hurting her delicate body anymore…..
Author’s pov :
Due to over crying swara got headache and fell unconscious she is not aware of sanskar presence still now…..
pov ends…..

Sanskar was hugging her so close were he can hear her heart beats, slowly he picked her like doll and placed on the mattress without hurting her…..
Swara he was panting………..
He noticed her arms having the marks of ropes, carefully he held  her hands in his and placed soft kissess over her bruises…
He was placing his lips on them to soothe the pain given by him……
Hmmmmmmmmmm ahhh…… swara hissed in pain as his lips touched her skin……
Sanskar withdrew to see her face, he was mourning in pain…….
He was sitting next to her on the bed & caressing her hair and gave soft kiss on her forehead as a result tears fell on swara cheeks making her to regain her sense…..
She was weak to open her eyes widely to look on to the person who was caring her, but his touch made her realise the owner was her one & only love life……
She wanted to know his intention,so swara remained silent and was watching his actions in half eyes closed…..
Sanskar failed to see her small actions bcz of the pain he gave to his love……
Sanskar talking to sleepy swara :
I know im bad lover bad  hubby  and bad friend.. i failed to keep you happy….
“Im sorry LOVE” he was talking simultaneously kissing swara on her eyes which were tired of crying, next on her cheeks, nose and last at her chin…..
Swara my love my soul my breath im sorry for torturing u so much……….
He was weeping like kid, he got exhausted and slept next to swara pulling her close to his body in an tight embrace…….
Now swara was lying near to his chest and she could hear his heart beats…. they were crying in pain……
Sanskar was kissing her forehead then on her hairs to soothe the pain he gave her while pulling them harshly…….
He hid his face in between her hairs may be like smelling them……
His tears rolled on swara neck making her wet…….
After an hour sanskar was found to be sleeping over swara by placing his head on her chest like hugging a teddy…. he was sleeping peacefully……

Swara pov :
Why are doing this to us sanskar ?????? When u love me so much, then y r u hurting our love???  When u feel so much while hurting me then y r u punshing me sanskar??? The tears which i can’t see in ur eyes is reflecting how hurted u are…
Then y r u giving pain to me sanskar???
When i heard the word “Im sorry LOVE” my heart broke into thousand pieces which already broken by U only U……
When u still love me then y ru behaving wild with me????
When u hugged me i wanted to hug u back and comfort u, but i was not able to do that….. sorry sanskar……
Ur each kiss meant how much turmoil ur undergoing while ur hurting me….
But i need to know the reason sanskar untill then i wont show my love to u…. i will bear all the pain…. but now  i need to know the reason for ur revenge !!!!!!!!
I should find the reason as soon as possible  and make our lyf colorful we were before sanskar……
Pov ends…..

Present :
Swara can feel his weight over her body, she gave him kiss on his head and wiped his tears…… she was not in mood to over think and slept making him sleep properly over her……

Morning winds were disturbing their sleep as the windows were open, he could feel swara struggling to sleep and clucthing him tightly in her sleep….
Sanskar slowly released her grip, moved towards the window and closed them…
It was 3.00 am, he saw swara who was hissing in pain while turning on the bed…
Taking an oinment, he sat next to her and started applying them on the bruises on her arms….. she was hissing in pain and sanskar was blowing over the wounds….
After applying them, sanskar slept taking her in his embrace and covering them with comforter……

Sanskar and swara were feeling eo warmness and slept by feeling the other’s presence………

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