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Dedication : To one and only my co-writer come sweet sis MAHA

One year leap :

Swara working as school teacher in Ooty, busy in her world deprived off tension and stress. Now childernhas become her world, teaching them and playing with them in freehours. She is back in original form.

Evening swara was feeling tired andshe turned on t.v to relax but she heard the most shocking news of her life, headlines running bold ” Mr. Maheswari is getting married – famous business tycoon”…Tears rolled down her cheek !!!

Swara threw the remote in fustration and rolled as ball inside the couch due to pain.

Next day morning :

Swara fled to kolkata to attend his marriage…She reached the mandap @ 5.00 pm and was waiting to meet sanskar before marriage last one time b4 he ties a knot with another girl.

Sanskar was walking to and fro in a room and as well as shan..

Shan : bhai do u really think swara would reach us and stop the marriage???

Sanskar : she might reach us but she wont stop the marriage..

Shan : so much confidence uh ??Sanskar with wide smile yup

Soon both reached the mandap andpandit started chanting mantras,

swara entered the marriage hall and she looked at sanskar with teary eyes…

( simi and yaz u guessed it right)

Shan gave a wide grin at sanskar and retorted him with wide smile and wink..

Sanskar ran towards swara giving bone crushing hug. Swara too gave him back but pushed him thinking about his re- marriage.

Sanskar explained his plan where asswara got angry and she started beating him in plauful way..

Finally time arrived,Swasan married again and lived happily..

Uff finished….

Written by : navi akka…!!

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  1. Simi

    Nice.. ??

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  2. for which train ur running…this much fast…..uff….but awesome….ending aur bhi accha ho saktha tha….. vll vait for epilog…. v vant epilog…take cre

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  3. Phoniex

    nice finally happy ending

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  4. Snow-White

    What was that? I think u lost interet but why u by your own hand insulted your story?? Summary is big then this epi.. sorry too say but u killed your story’s charm

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      Yeah yeah.. Waiting for ur awesome comment nly… Was happy reading ur comment.. Waah…?? thnk u ??

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        i like your tauntt veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhh…. :).. thanskss for thiss lovelyyyy commentt thiss showss like comment u thrown your story into garbage.. and then showed it your readers.. thankuu veryy muchhh..

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  5. awesome but i think you rushed story .
    give epilogue

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  6. awesome but i think u rushed it.. give epilogue..

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  7. Nice..

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  8. Harshita

    I expected lot many more…….you have disheartened many of your readers……..plz rewrite this epi or give a proper ending of sanskaar plan and swasan reunion in epilogue

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  9. Tamil


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  10. nice but u ended it so fast..

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  11. What is this….. U should have taken time to complete it……. But instead of that u killed it. Very bad yaar.

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      Im really feeling sorry from bottom heart and meant to tell u ??
      But thank u ?

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  12. SNY

    Superb maha and pangu???????semma ??????tc?????

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    Navuuuuu…….it’s kinda ride on express train 😀 , huh! run to epilogue part aahhh

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