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Before starting i want to clear few things,
1. 13 and 14 episodes were re- edited and do read that.
2. Few did not like swara’s behaviour and it was needed for the story.
3. Third dont worry i will make her realise and will continue the story with flow.

Now lemme start,

Recap – swara torturing sanskar and he gets badly wounded.

Today’s chapie,

Swara was sleeping comfortably on her bed where as sanskar was sleeping in shan’s room at ground floor. Their sleep was disturbed by power cut. Power cut made them restless and fear took place in their heart, since they were afraid of darkness. Swasan were sweating profusely.

Swara got up slowly, moved towards her door to find out the reason behind power cut and she was chanting sanskar’s name for help….
Swara was stumbling due to darkness and reached the door but she was not able to unlock them…

Darkness was consuming her and she was twisting the door knob shouting” sanskar plz open the door!!”

“I know i tortured u but plz dont take revenge again, im afraid plz open the door sanskar !!!”, swara was trembling in fear….

Another side :

Sanskar was feeling sultry and with struggle he stood up moving his feet towards door but he wasn’t able to walk. With difficulty he took few steps and reached the door. Sanskar too was afraid of darkness.

Swasan had phobia for darkness which was now consuming their life…

Somehow he reached and twisted the knob but it went in veil. It was locked from outside. He was twisting them forcefully but handle got jammed…

“Swaraaaaaa open the door!!!! U know na im afraid of darkness!! This is cruel punishment swara!!! Im gonna die!! plz open the door swara”, he was shouting at her…

Now both were locked in their room shouting aimlessly at each other for help…

There was no way for them to escape…

Swasan sat on the floor banging the door to open them.

We can see a shadow entering their house through window walking carefully towards swara’s room.

That shadow unlocked swara’s door and as a result, swara fell on the floor due to sudden pressure. She got up quickly and started beating that fellow and hugged him due to fear thinking as sanskar.

But swara felt the difference, it was not her sanskar. She pushed that shadow man with force and he fell down on the floor.

Swara shouted at him,” who are u?? How come u are inside our house??”

That man gave a smirk and moved towards swara & caught her arms tightly and engulfed her perfume moving his face from bottom to her upper body…..

Swara pushed him with force and was  calling out for sanskar!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanskar on hearing her voice which was in high pitch stood up and started twisting the knob continuously….

Shadow man was in no mood to leave her…

“Let me taste u swara that too in ur house before ur sanskar could save u “, he said in evil tone…

Chiiiii u discusting she shouted at him…

Haha its k my love he said evily…

On hearing love she got to know its sahil. She bite him on his hands and freed from his grip.

Swara was running in the dim light but before she could proceed further sahil pulled her through hands. But swara by mistake  placed her leg on stairs and both tripped on the stairs rolling down in reached the hall. Swara got injured on her forehead and sahil got injury on his leg.

Swara was lying at few distance from sahil and sanskar was trying to break the door knob where as sahil was limping to reach swara.

Sahil moved towards her with smirk and swara with difficulty started to run but got hit on someone.

Swara whispered “sanskar!!!!!”

Sahil got furious and reached to pull swara  &  backside of her dress tore leaving swara in shock and sanskar anger grew like fire..

He pushed swara aside and pulled sahil through collar and started beating him ferociously….

Sahil and sanskar were doing WWE and covered with blood.

Both fell in the floor and sanskar’s feet started bleeding bcz sahil stamped over them and sahil stood up and limped towards swara who was crying continuously thinking about recently happened incident.

Sahil caught swara’s hair and pushed on the floor and he was going to trap her but sanskar hit him on his head from backside using a vase.

Sahil fell on the floor holding his head which was spinning like merry go around.

Swara was crying holding her dress tighly..

Sanskar hugged swara tightly in his embrace pacifying her slowly by brushing his hands on her shoulders and back..

He felt the soft skin and felt guilt he was not able to save her from sahil. He removed his blazer to cover her but swara was not letting him to move away….

Sanskar kissed on her forehead assuring he is there for her and removed his blazer and covered her back.

Swasan were in eo embrace comforting other and tears were rolling down their cheeks wetting the other’s neck…

Sanskar shouted ahhhhhh in pain and his grip got loose on swara, she felt lonely and gripped sanskar but he fell on her shoulders. Sahil was sitting behind him holding a knife from which blood was dripping..

Swara’s eye popped out on looking sahil and sanskar who is lying over her in semi- conscious state. Sahil gave her smirk and pulled sanskar’s body from her and caught her arms and pulled over his body..

Swara was struggling to free herself from his grip and sahil got angry and slapped on her face which tore her corner lips and blood started dripping over her chin.

Swara and sahil were fighting and sanskar being in semi- consicious state was helping swara same time hitting sahil with low energy.

Swara’s eyes caught the knife which was lying next to sahil and in nick moment she stabbed sahil on his stomach then pulled it out and stabbed on his lower abdomen then followed by on his thighs…..

Sanskar vision was bluring due to blood loss and he held swara’s hand to stop het but she was engrossed in stabbing him..

Sanskar let out a huge sigh swaraaaa!!!!!!

Swara was shock to see him in dying state and took him in her laps and tousled his hair chanting” Nothing will happen for u sanskar, im there for u!!! Plz open ur eyes!! She started crying loudly”..

Sanskar cupped her cheeks and before he could speak he fell unconscious. Swara left out loud cry”sanskarrrrrrrrrr!!!!”

Swara’s brain was not able to register what had happend and she was blabbering to sanskar that he will b fine and he needs to come back for his JAAN….

Swara saw sahil lying in pool of blood yet her bloodlust wasn’t over. She started hurting his body making marks.

Suddenly lights were turned on and we can view clearly sanskar lying unconscious and blood oozing over his back and sahil in blood pool swara’s hand were covered with blood..

Swara now started slapping sahil on his face mercilessly she did not know he passed few minutes ago and shan on seeing the scenario rooted to his place not able to move further. Slowly his brain started working and pumped next to swara and shook her to stop her slapping business but she was shouting at sahil” bcz of u my both papa’s left this world, bcz of u my life turned into hell, bcz of u my sanskar turned into evil person plotting revenge on me, bcz of u my life got spoiled!!!”

Shan gave swara a tight slap but she was slapping sahil again. Again shan slapped swara and grabbed her face.Being adamant, swara was slapping sahil again…

Alas shan slapped her tightly making her cry and swara collapsed on the floor.

Shan was not able to think further and finally he came with conclusion, dragging swasan and laid them inside the car and admitted in hospital for immediate therapy.

Swara got conscious after few hours. she was not able to speak due to tiredness and gulcose drip was making her lil strong. She was searching for sanskar with heavy pain over her body…

Shan was wakling to and fro infront of operation theatre praying god to give his bhai sound & safe.

Operation got successful and doctor advised shan not to disturb him since he is under intensive care. Shan went inside the room, tears strated rolling down his cheeks made sanskar’s hand wet.
Shan was holding his hand tightly and talking to sanskar who was sleeping due to anathesia ” bhai im sorry for not being with u and swara at most needed time, ur my world plz come back for me bhai, ur bro is in need of u like oxygen”..

Shan felt hand on his shoulder and found swara standing next to him with pale face.
Shan whispered her name and hugged her tightly” SORRY SWARA I WAS NOT ABLE TO PROTECT U BOTH!! Forgive me!!!!”

Swara pacified shan and she asked about sahil. Then reality stuck them both rushed to their house and dragged sahil’s body and put him in his car. They reached a cliff both wore gloves  rubbed the finger prints all over sahil’s body using water then cleaned him filled his mouth alcohol and sprayed it inside the car seats too…
Finally they set fire to the car along with sahil and after cooling down they pushed the car down the cliff….

Swara and shan got relief but sanskar’s image popped on their brain and left to hospital.

It was around 5.00 AM  swara and shan reached the hospital observed sanskar who was sleeping. Quietly the left the room and slept on the chair outside  the room.

Shan and swara got up at 7.00, checked sanskar still he was sleeping. So both decided to visit house since they had few work left behind.
They reached their house washed the entire house to remove blood stains and sprayed chemical powders and acid to remove the clue of bloodstains and finger prints were removed too…

After 10.00 am both reached hospital and  consulted doc about sanskar’s health. Sanskar got conscious he was able to come back again for his swara and bro(shan).
He was trying to smile at them but due to pain he hissed ahhhhh….
Both panicked and made him rest…

Days passed, sanskar was back fit and fine. shan came to know what happened on that black day and he got angry on swara for punishing sanskar badly and yelled at her for almost trying to kill him by making walk over glass beads…

Swara hung her face in ashame!! She was not able to face them. Her eyes got moist bcz she did the mistake what sanskar did but wasn’t i her sense but she was needing it.. To overcome her pains how much she suffered. No one knew and im not mahan to accept that so easily..
She gave them sigh and left to her room..

Sanskar was shoutinga at shan” y did u  yell @ her??”  bcz of my stupid mistrust she became like this!!!! Shan have him nod  conveying him that he cannot believe  either sanskar r swara’s character…

Days passed nowadays swara kept herself locked in room and she was doing some job secretly and reduced her talks with sanskar and shan.. They tried bringing old swara but they failed.. She always give them a fake smile and  formal greetings…

Oneday fine day sanskar was searching for swara in their house bcz she went missing half the day and shan too was searching for her… Alas they checked her room  to find a clue they got a letter.

Hi sanskar,
I loved u from my bottom of my heart but still i cannot live with u. Since my  past is hanting me. U came as “SUNSHINE IN MY LIFE AND LEFT AS SHOOTING STAR “.
Dont search for me….
Im leaving u…It was a needfor my self- respect and U WILL BE MERA BACHPAN KA PYAAR FOREVER AND EVER!!!!
Love u loads tc

Sanskar tears rolled on his cheeks and shan too cried along with him…

Both bcm determined to search for swara!!!

Precap – 1 year leap. Sanskar getting married, swara  was shocked to watch this breaking news in television…

Today’s chapie  was filled with drama……
Hope u like !!!!!

Thanks for reading….

A/N : Next update wil b the last one and i will update them late bcz im stuck with personal wrk.

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