Hey guys really thank u for ur response…!! Nd here is the next episode nd this story is going to end soon..!! Nd guys we have changed the story lil bit…!! Nd we have rewritten it if u guys didnt read..!! Plzz just read it bcz than only u will get to know about swara…!!
Link of 13 & 14 REWRITTEN : Here

| EPISODE 15 |

Episode starts from swashan leaving from sanskar room…!! Nd went to swara room…!!


” shan is he gone mad…!! What is he thinking if he punish himself…!! I ll forgot his torturez nd forgive him that much easily…!! Never ever shan…!! I ll punish him…!! ”

Said swara with boling eyes…!! Nd sits on the bed…!! ” swara he is regreting his doings…!! He cant accept that he tortures u…!! Plzzz swara forgive him…!! ” said shan while putting his hands on her shoulder…!!

” shan leave all this…!! Now where is sahil..!! ” asked swara while getting up…!! ” wo…i dont know swara he ran from here yesterday…!! I dont where is he now…!! ” said shan

“Than find out…!! Yup shan find his whereabouts…!! He should be punished…!! He had killed my both fathers…!! The one who gave birth to me…!! Nd one who show me fatherly love…!!

I ll said him to jail shan..!! Find him b4 he going to jail i need to punish him with my own hands…!! ” said swara in anger shan was starled by her…shan simply nods…!!

” what…!! Leave now nd find him out…!! ” said swara almost shouted..!! Shan leaves from mansion…!!

” now i wont leave u both..!! Bcz of u both i have suffered a lot…!! First bl**dy sahil bcz of him i lost my fathers nd sold me…!!

That was my lifes worst part…!! Nd second this sanskar whom i loved the most had tortured me like hell…!! Sahil u ll face tje HELL…!! nd mr.sanskar u ll get the worst punishment…!!

Now shan is also not here..!! I can punish u now…!! ” saying so swara leaves to kitchen…!!


swara came in the kitchen…!! Nd starts to make food for sanskar…!! She made pastha…!!
She takes a sauce bottle…!! Nd emptied the whole in the pastha plate…!!

She Smirks nd sees the water…!! Nd left without taking them….!!


Sanskar was lying in the bed nd thinking about his deeds…!! Just then swara entered the room with food plate in her hands…!! Sanskar was amazed by seeing her…!!

He thought swara will not like to see him…!! But she is coming with food…!! A smile crept on his lips…!! Swara walks towards him…!! But her words make him teary eyed…!!

“dont try to act infront of me ok…!! I just came here to give food nothing else..!! Nd not to forgive u…!! ” said swara nd gives him the plate…!!

Sanskar takes it nd smiles sadly…!! He looks at her nd takes the pastha with his wounded hands…!! Which makes him winch in pain…!! Swara smirks…!!

Sanskar takes the first bite…!! His eyes welled up with tears…!! He starts to cough…!! His tears starts to roll down seeing swara smiling…!! He searches for water…!!

He found a water jug in side table…!! He was about to take it but b4 that swara takez it nd drank…!! Sanskar sees her…!! Swara emptied the balance water on the ground…!! Nd puts the jug on the table…!!

Sanskar takes it…!! Nd drank the last drop of water…!! Nd sees swara…!! ” dont think much sanskar i just put a bottle of chilli sauce in it thats it..!! ” said swara while crossing her arms…!!

Sanskar smiles faintly…!! ” its just a beginning sanskar…!! ” said swara nd leaves the room…!! Sanskar sits in the bed…!! Leans on the bed nd remembers their past…!!



Swasan having their lunch…!! Suddenly sanskar starts to scream…!! ” ahhhh…!!ahhhh paani…!! Shoni give me some water…!! ” said sanskar almost shouting…!!

Swara got panicked…!! Nd gives him water…!! sanskar drank it but again starts to scream…!! Swara gives the juice to him…!! But its not enough…!!

Swara goes to the next table nd grabs the ice cream from them without asking them nd give to sanskar…!! Finally after the hustle bustle sanskar bcm normal…!! Swara gives him water…!! ” now ok…!! ” swara asks…!!

Sanskar nods…!! Nd swara left to the waiter…!! Nd slaps him ” i said na..!! To not to put chilli sauce in his dish..!! He is sensitive…!! ” said swara…!! Waiter aplogize…!! Sanskar came nd takes her out…!!

“Swara why did u slapped him…!! ” asked sanskar…!! ” i cant see u in tears sanskar..!! I wont leave anyone who trying to harm u…!! ” said swara with anger…!!

” awww…!! Cutie…!! ” said sanskar nd pulls her cheeks..!!


Sanskar wipes his tears…!! ” i ll bring back my shona see…!! Give me whatever punishments u want to i ll accept that…!! But plzz swara forgive me…!! ” saying so sanskar leaves to washroom nd washes his hands…!!

Sanskar was sitting in his bed..!! trying to do work in his lappy with his wounded hands…!! Suddenly he hears swara’s screamings from downstairs…!!

Sanskar opens the door nd winches in pain…!! As he steped in glass pieces…!! Blood startscto oozen out from his legs…!! He again hears swara’s screaming he shrugs his pain nd goes towards stairs…!!

There are some glass balls near the stairs duet to which sanskar slips…!! Nd rolls down from the stairs…!! His head starts to bleed…!! He is loosing his consious…!! He faints…!!

Swara came there…!! She is one who did this all but she cant see her sanskar like this..!! She goes to him…!! Somehow she takes him to the couch nd made him lay on the couch…!! Nd calls the doc…!!

Doctor came nd checks sanskar…!! Nd dressed his head nd sole…!! Nd leaves after asking swara to take care of him…!! After sometime sanskar opens his eyes…!!

He founds swara sitting beside him…!! He smiles at her..!! Swara getsup ” go to ur room…!! ” said swara nd leaves…!!

Sanskar smiles faintly…!! Nd getsup he tries to stand but he cant…!! His feet is not supporting him…!! Somehow he goes to shan room which is downstairs..!! Blood starts to came out from his sole…!!

Sanskar again dressed his feet by himself…!! Nd slept without his knowledge…!!

PRECAP : san : swara plzzz…!! U know na i m affaird of this…!!
Swa : u also know na sanskar i m also affaird of this …!!
Shan slapping swara…!! Swara slapping sahil…!! DEATH !!


Hey guys plzzz suggest me a biggest punishment to sans like swara will forgive after that bcz we are not getting it plzzz help us..!! We can write the next part if u guys give us idea…!! Otherwise nxt part will be late…!! Suggest us plzzz..!!

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  1. Sus


  2. Rockleon

    Sooo good !!!
    Feeling sad for sanskar!!!

  3. Rabia

    Hufffff… wah wahhh im not feeling bad at all because he tortured her the same way.. tied her on the chait and have done many thingss soo now he is repaying all his deeds.. ????

  4. Anu

    Mahiii Mahiiiii granny granny…..make swara remarried….. i mean fake marriage with some other person… Just to make sanskar hurt nd jealous (not real marriage)..
    Nd then unite swasan when pynishment will be over

  5. SNY

    Awesome maha…….flng bad for sanky
    …iruthalum avanukku idhu venum……
    Nxt one soon…

  6. Hey I think jo sanskar ne kiya vo galat tha but use lgta tha ki swara reason he uske dad ki death ka agr swara ne sanskar ko hurt kiya hota shayad vo revenge nhi leta … but swara revenge sirf apna le rhi he uss time situation or he or or . Jb vo innocent prove nhi hue thi to care krti thi but ab nhi ??? Sorry agr kiso ko bura lga hoto ….. ye mera pov tha…

    1. Mahavir

      hey vani dear…!! i can understand ur pov…!! but i think u didnt read the story from starting…!! its ok nd i didnt feel bad by ur comment..!! but according to me swara had suffered a lot bcz of sahil nd sans…!! sanskar tortured her physically nd mentally i know that he did this for his revenge..!! but he is now deserves the punishment bcz he had distrusted his love thats y…!! i m sry dear if i hurted u…!!

      1. Hey I respect your pov … but me sirf ye janna chahti hun agr swara ki jgha sanskar hota or swara ne sanskar ko itna torture kiya hota kya fir ye hi same punishment hoti sanskar ke liye ???
        Hmare view bht different he but still I love ur ff…. and mene apki ff starting se pdi he …. I’m among silent readers … so vo mera first comment tha

  7. Awesome

  8. Awesome dear

  9. Tamil

    Superb…..feeling bad for sanskar….but he deserves it….

  10. Swarna01

    Slap play. Bt dnt u thnk its too much pain

  11. Simi

    Good one dear
    Feeling bad for sanskar but he deserve that… He tok tortured Swara

  12. Abirsha

    Awesome loved it…..

  13. Arshaanya

    See sanskar needs punishment n swara shud leave him.dat wil b his biggest punishmnt…
    Bt shez harming wid glass pieces n makin him fall down from stairs… wat if he died??
    Wat sanskar did wid swara shea doing same.. so wats d dffrnce ???
    M feeling bad for sanskar n hating swara nw

  14. Arshaanya

    No difference between swara n sanskar now…
    Atleast he was doing al for revenge for his fathers death m swara for herself ??
    Bt dis bhvr i started loving sanskar n hating swara…

    1. Scooby

      This is what i was trying to tell u all. If she wants to revenge wts dufference btwn her and sanskar. I was trying to tell sanskar did mistake and he is repending and swara will not easily forgive him. But it will take time for her. But u were all so eager to punish sanskar.

      1. Arshaanya

        I was not egr to punish sanskar kya i told u to make swara jumping in happiness or i made u to write swara giving dis type punishmnt to sanskar??
        Dat jumping laughing n planing was also wrong n dis also…
        U can write watevr u want as its ur story bt i cant agree wid ur dis pov dats it

      2. Arshaanya

        Who give dis type of punishmnt if he she loves othr person so much…
        Dats y saying sanskar was wrong n here swara to doin double torture…
        Wat if sanky hd died jus gve me ans to dis thing…
        U r free to write evrythn n m not saying anythn to u.. its jus dat i cant rlte to ur dis episode… acc to me swara is wrong… n dun say i was eager n al…

      3. Mahavir

        arshanya di plzz actually this all are bcz of me…my first mistake is to start this stry nd second one is to wrote like there is no mistake of navi akka in this she is trying to support me thats it…so i m really for writing this nd i m not going to write anymore not bcz of this bcz of my studies so finally sorry for this…

  15. Sara830

    heyy dearr too be very truee but im not getting that what u r trying to show??? swara at one side crying before punishing and now she is punishing him like that… there r many other ways to punish him.. i think more then physical pain mental pain is the best punishment for sanky.. its my pov other things r upto u..

    1. Scooby

      Mental pain we was planing dr but we dropped it due to certain reasons.

  16. i’m not understanding y swara is behaving like this?

  17. Nice.. Uodate soon

  18. Harshita

    It was good but the pain which swara is giving sanky is not acceptable yr……

    I myself had written some stories and i know that while writing you have many thoughts in you mind and you wanna implement some to make your story interesting…….

    But while writing you should also think about the feelings of your readers….

    I m not so adult to speak all this and i know many will not agree with my point of view…..but yr i just spoke what i felt…….

    You punish sanky but not like this cause these type of punishments are given by someome who hates you deeply and want to hurt you not to those who love you and wanna give u a punishment….

    Cause according to your current story swara still loves sanky but just wanna punish him….

    I wrote what i felt….but the story is yours….so might be you must have thought something else…so go for it .


    1. Harshita

      And if you felt bad then I m sorry buddy(can i call you that)

  19. Soujanya


  20. Nice……. Without going through same pain no one can understand others pain, so giving punishment to sanky is justified but making him fall from stairs thora jyada ho Gaya…

  21. nice…but dont mind…never show physical pain dear…he may hurt her…but she should make him guilty more than hurting him…now there is no difference b/w swara n sanskar

  22. Vyshu10

    i didnt like swara’s punishment at all…this is like out of her character

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