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Swara shouted at him ” u have lost the rights to address me as shona Mr.maheswarai”. More over what relation do we share and ur entering a women room at odd hours?? What will society will talk about me???

Swarraaaaa he yelled at her. I have every right on you. Did you forget im ur husband..

Oh just now did u remember me as ur wife. Where did this wife go while i was begging to listen to me once??? Ahh wr sanskar. Open ur mouth damn it….

Swara was crying her heart out. Sanskar was not able to see her crying. He sat on his knees and hold her left arm and his right palm wiping her tears….. Shona im sorry… I know sorry wont replace the things but i am trying to….

Swara shoved his hands with jerk. Mr.maheswari move away from here. Who am i too u??

Sanskar fell on his knees crying hardly like year old kid. His shona’s words broke his heart into trillion pieces which were already broken.
He composed and stood up
” okay shona im ready to relieve u from this unwanted relation(divorce) and u can move out of this place”  Or ” I will leave this place and move to foreign branch u can live here”.

While saying this sanskar eye’s welled up with tears and his nails were digging into palm turning them red.

Swara’s heart was bleeding while hearing his words and her world stood blank. She never felt leaving him. She wanted to spend her entire life with sanskar like love strucken couple but fate had played so much in their life..  Swara wiped her tears making her strong.

Swara clapped her hands with evil laugh”waah waah, amazing performance Mr.maheswari”…. U spoiled my life and tortured me to core and now ur acting as mahaan trying to repend for ur evil deeds.
Never try to leave this house or this world bcz this is my turn to punish u. U cant escape from swara’s court Mr.maheswari.
Are u ready to face the world of hell!!!
Swara asked him with evil laugh…

Sanskar shook his head and left to his room.

Swara closed the door with thud, ran towards her bed clutching her bedsheet tightly and weeped like 1 yr kid.
I cant see him in pain but but….. I cant without him. How easy was for him to say that he will give me divorce???
She was crying hard….

Sanskar room :

Sanskar sat on the floor with his back resting on door. As i was engrossed in my revenge plan i did not think u as my love. My only motive was to punish u as ur father killed my father who is my everthing after u shona. Every time while  hurting u, my heart was being pricked with needle.
You tell me shona when ur papa is dead and im reason for his dead will you leave me?? Wont u punish me r try to hurt me???
I did the same thing shona….. But now ur far away from me. I know that i can never be forgiven but atleast give me a last chance to rectify my mistake????
Sanskar was weeping and layed on the door entire night. Dont know when he slept….

Same night after sanskar left swara’s room :

While swara was crying, holding her sheet and talking to herself. She felt an arm on her backside. Swara turned to look at the owner. Her eyes popped out and swara sat on the bed with amazed reaction….
She whispered ssssssaaannnnskkkaarrrr…

( how many thought that person as sanskar and who all thought him as shan )

Sanskar moved towards her and looked into her eyes with pain and love. Swara too drowned in his eyes….

Sanskar immediately gave her bone crushing hug and cried. As a result his tears wetted her neck and hairs…
Swara too wanted to feel him and need support so she hugged him back crying on his nape…..
Both stayed for 15 mintues feeling pain and relaxing in eo arms…
Sanskar parted and kissed swara’s forehead ” yoy have full rights to punish me swara and im ready to bear the pain”. He left the room with pain…..

Swara was not able to believe what he has done to her. She was crying and confused. She was messed up by his actions….

Later shan entered the room, consoled her , fed her food and left to his room by bidding her good night.

Morning :

Sanskar sleep was disturbed due to door opening and he fell on the floor. Shan kicked on his stomach ” bro enough of sleeping ” get up….
Chi cannot see ur face looks like white pumpkin go have shower….

Sanskar stood up and gave him a faint smile. Bcz he knows his brother(shan) well and he has been his support and knows to handle his emotions as well..

Bhai have u planned to admire me whole day asked shan to sanskar by crossing his arms before his chest.. I know im handsome but stop drooling over me.

Sanskar hit shan’s chest playfully and went to have shower…..
Sudddenly shan’s face appeared before him” bhai once u knew the truth u will regret later”…..
Sanskar was feeling guilty since he did not believe on his love(shona) and life(shan)…
He was angry on himself and gave tight punch on the mirror which  broke into pieces…
Aahhhh sanskar yelled in pain…….

Shan banged the restroom door continuosly asking him to open the door.

Sanskar opened the door and shan was shocked to see the restroom and sanskar’s bleeding palm…

Shan gave sanskar a tight slap on his cheeks making him fall down…

R u on sense??? Shan shouted at hin which made swara to ran to sanskar room..

Swara was too broken seeing his hand which was dripping with blood.

Shan :  what have done bhai?? By hurting urself will make things replace once again like before?? Act maturely!! His eyes were reflecting anger due to love..

Swara called doctor, he dressed his wounds and gave him injection. He left saying not to strain his hands.

Swara and shan were angry on sanskar for his stupidity.

Sanskar was lying on bed and watching their face with innocent look.

Swara gave him stern look and left his room while shan too left him behind swara.

Swara’s room:

“Shan what the hell is he doing?? I cant see him broken “, Swara  was crying out her heart…

I know swara it hurts me too said shan with his head down with tears..

Swara composed herself made her strong and consoled shan too..

From today he will regret his mistake said swara with determined face .


Tadda tody chapie over with crying birds…

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    seriously dearr i was liking your storyy u may be give punishment to sanskarr but why u showed swara was doing drama?? cant she be seriously angry??? im not at all liking this idea.. becoz one may torture her like hell.. and now also she was jumping that he realized his mistake.. everything is on one placee but your this idea that swara will make him repent by showing that it was his a shan’s plan.. sorry to hurt u but hurting someone to that extent and then showing that person is happyily jumping…
    she is hurt i knoww butt she is happy alsoo andd feeling hurt while hurting him then he will realize and then both will together.. sorry for long lecture but i told what i felt.. becoz i like your story 🙂

    1. Rabia

      i know in last epi i said that sanky should be punished severly… but in today’s epi i found sanky as more bechara thats why i’ve done bak bak above… :P..

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    Sorry bt for me u spoiled swaraz chrctr…
    Sanky didnt trust her love—-SIMPLE
    Tortured her lyk hell
    N here shez jumping dat he rlzd his mistake n making plans wid shan…
    N in dis chappy i didnt liked swara sanky n shan at all…
    Sorry to say bt m disapointed wid dis story nw

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