“Meow..is Calling,WOW” (OS)(KRPKAB)

“Kuch Kum”(Dostana)..
He (none other than Dev)..light a Lotus Shaped Lanther(Petals surrounding a candle..) n strts walking with singing the song “Kuch Kum (Dostana)”..The time is2.30 am..The rain drops slowly falls on ground from roof..Dev walks with Lanther..His shoes made sand foot prints on surface..
A little puppy comes n barks..
Dev kneel down n see the dog..
The dog makes him follow..
“Venpani malare”(Hey My WhiteSnow Flower…)Female Humming comes from inside…
Her lips..
She hold a little kitty on her left shoulder..

Dev make steps on shoe by seeing a wall straightly..
On the wall,
Dev’s image is seen as a painting..
Painting-Dev sees up..
The flower is going to fall on his face..
Dev smiles by seeing..
With the wall,a door..
Dev enters..The puppy too..
Dev see..n shock…
She,actually Sona’s frnd..
Dev:”Where is Sona???”
She:”Sona is going to give the doll”..

A little pink color bicycle..is seen on a curved road..
Actually Sona is ridingg..
Maybe a bit of Carnatic tune on bg..
On front,A Doll is seen..
Sona crossed the curved roads very fastly..
She enters another road..
Both sides many little toy shops..

A LittleGirl’s hand holds a Guy’s hand..
Both sits on a garden bench..
(My Raw:He is lying on bench..His one leg is lying on stand,actually his another leg..
She sit above on him n wave her legs)..

Sona stops the cycle by seeing them n hold The doll ..
N walks towards them…

On the other hand,
Dev(mind):”She didnt know “The doll is going to reach her daughter””..
Dev calls the guy..
The Guy (Shivaay) took the mobile..
Shivaay:”Dev..I think “We have to tell””
Dev:”Dont forget..Rumi’s wish”..

Shivaay:”I m going to fulfill Rumi’s wish,Dev”
Dev (mind):”???”
Sona see Shivaay,Rumi n hold the doll n walk towards them..
Rumi see Shivaay’s face n see Sona..
Shivaay(On Rumi’s ears):”Rumi Dear..See..Ur Mamma is coming”..
Rumi smile n run towards Sona..
Sona (smile):”Cutie..U forget ur doll”..
Rumi:”Tanqq Mamma”
Sona (smile with Questioned)..
Her legs goes back a little..

On the other hand,
Dev rides fastly n crossed the curved road..
He enters the same ToyShop Area where Sona crossed a little before..

N enters TajMahal..
Dev:”What ll be going to happen?”
He see Shivaay,Sona n Rumi..
Shivaay too sees him..
Sona slowly turns ..In her eyes,
Little past comes..
Rumi comes to Sona’s place as a tourist n both intros..
In Dev’s Eyes,
Sona’s past comes..
Dev n Sona intro,
Sona’s decision to separate..
Sona:”Dev..We need to separate”
Dev see Sona..

Dev see Sona like that same..
Sona eyes tear..n her legs fastly goes towards Dev n hugs..
Shivaay see them n see Rumi..”Go Rumi Dear..Hug them” n claps..
Rumi too claps n runs towards Devakshi n hugs..
Shivaay (mind):”I fulfill our Rumi’s wish,Dev”..
Loc:Dev’s house
Shivaay’s voice..Bt Dev see something like a book..
Shivaay:”What is that?”
N see the book too..
In it,
All the above scenes r seen like a cartoon n signed as “Om”..
Shivaay:”Where is the Picasso?”..
Devakshi smiles..
Dev:”Playing with Rumi”
All turns..Om lifts Rumi in his left hand..
Om n Rumi:”Happyiiie Bdayyy Dev..Papa…”(shouts with a smile)…

Hi Frndzz..Hope U like tis Frndzz.. Tanqq for Readingg..Waitinggg for Ur reviews..Tanqq..Take Care ….

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  1. Sorry Bhai. Reading your OS after so much time… I knew this OS is cute by seeing title ?. I saw you got my message from IME. And saw your reply too.. everything is fine on my side Bhai… We are observing sil tomorrow in school.. may be you don’t know about it.. it’s ok. I just wanted to tell you that i am fine..
    Priyaa sissy

    1. HarSHaN

      Sissy?!!!!Hw R U?????Observing In school???I didnt understood clearly..Bt Happyyy to hear “U r Fine”….!!!!May the God be with U always n help U in all Times..
      HarSHaN Bhai..

  2. Mmm… Actually.. I don’t know how to explain it.. it’s like ..Kind of a ritual among Buddhists .. Anyways .. where is that portrait?? And yes I am fine Bhai,.. But it’s too hot here these days.. god will always be with you too bhaiii ……Love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. and god will always look at u for helping me. ????

    1. HarSHaN

      Mm..Sissy..I think U remember..The Intro of Shivaay”LordBuddha”..Going to write that intro like a little ff..

      1. Oh wow FF!!! Hope you will have time for it. Post in your wall after submitting it so I can see too Bhai… Will surely read it bcz we met because of it naa… ?

      2. HarSHaN

        Sure Sissy!!!!Sssss..I give the link on wall Aftr the 1st one comes..Ya..We got time for writing..bt Portrait takes more time than others..
        Writing comes while hearing Songs bt Portrait..It takes our hours more..Sissy..Mm..mostly I share my artistic view in stories..Tatsy little confusions occur in our Frndzz!! !!Hope U ll like the 1st one of “LordBuddha” helps Shivaay after comes,Sissy!!!

      3. I am waiting for it Bhai… You know something .. this Wednesday is vesak day. We (Buddhists) celebrate it bcz it was Lord Buddha’s birth day , the day Lord Buddha’s attained enlightment and the day Lord Buddha attained Nirvana. … Anyways Bhai…. Happy to hear that you got free time!!.. And yep I can understand that portrait takes more time… It’s ok. I can wait ?

      4. HarSHaN

        Oh!!!!Tiz Wednesday..!!!!Just now I know about VesakDay n Googled..The Day ,BuddhaPoornima ..!!!(Birth)..U know,Sissy I wish to see Buddha statues in Buddhist Temples (?Sorry,I didn’t know the name of the Temple)..Mm..Still Itz going as a wish..I wish it ll be on Soon..So,A Very Special Day!!!!!

      5. HarSHaN

        Oh..Sorry Sissy…Again I write “Buddha”..Sorryyyyy..

      6. May your wish come true Bhai. And don’t say sry it’s alright.?

  3. HarSHaN

    ??Oh!!Ritual!!Mm..Portrait..Trying to draw..Works makes me unable to sit..for draw..Bt..Soon..Thinking of drawing in night times..Ss..These days So hot here too..Love U too Sissy..S…I ll ‘ll be always for U to help My Sissy..???

  4. Fenil

    Fanatics OS HarshanBro !!
    Wonderful work
    cute one
    sweet one
    hope to c u with next soon
    if possible send links in PM if u write another . Busy in exams.

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqqq FenilBro!!!!Sure..I ll!!S..I ‘ll send links to U while writing the next..Study Well Bro..Best Wishes….

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