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Swara is a sweet and simple girl who works at the florists shop as a part time job. She wants to become a singer and so, is saving up money to pay off some debts before starting off. She lives with her mother and sister ragini.

Sanskar is a handsome and extrovert guy. He is a simple city boy living with his small family comprising of his mother, father and brother laksh. Sanskar has just entered the field of business. He has started a startup of his own. He also has 2 close friends in the neighborhood aarav and kriti.

One day a girl is seen carrying a huge platter filled with flowers and a dozen other flowers in another hand. She is rushing out of the shop towards her car. Just then a boy who was running to catch something runs into her
The platter falls to the ground showering flowers on them. The girl looks angry and frustrated and is looking around at the mess, while the boy is staring at the girl oblivious of his surroundings. The boy and the girl are none other than swara and sanskar.

Swara: oh hello! Kahan dekhkar chalte ho aankhien hai ya button? Mujhe kuch nahi pata bas u have to pay up for all this mess.

Hearing her speak up, sanskar comes back to his senses. He suddenly remembers that he was running to catch that letter. He springs to his feet

Sanskar: sorry sorry, abhi time nahi hai, I’ve got to catch that letter.
Swara: arre… kahan jaa rahe ho… mere paise?

But Sanskar has already disappeared from her view.
Many days later,swara has come to a neighborhood to deliver flowers. She rings the bell of a house. And Alo!
Swara: tum?
Sanskar: tum?
Swara: chalo acha hai, ab mere paise nikalo
Sanskar: um…aa…vo
Swara: dekho mujhe mere pure paise chahiye. Tumhe pata bhi hai us din mujhe kitna sab jhelna pada.tum nahi doge to main tumhare gharvaalo se hi pooch leti hoon.
(And she starts going in,when Sanskar stops her)
Sanskar: arre,arre pls aisa mat karo.Main already ghar mein 2 vase tod chuka hoon,agar ma ko pata chala ki mujhe tumhe bhi paise chukaane hain,to main to gaya.
Swara: (with a sarcastic smile) apni yeh sweet si kahani na kisi aur ko sunana, mujhe apne pure paise chahiye
Sanskar: uff…acha kya tum yahan roz kisi na kisi ghar mein flowers dene aati ho?
Swara: (confused) haan kyun?
Sanskar: fine then I promise ki mere colony mein jitney bhi flowers dene hai aaj se main dunga, for a year n for free, as compensation. Fine?
Swara: fine

From that day onwards swara gives all the flowers to Sanskar to be delivered. Now her work load has reduced as most of the orders would be from his society.
With time swara and Sanskar become close friends. Sanskar introduces swara to laksh, aarav n kriti, while swara brings in ragini to their small company. All become good friends with time.


Sujata: swara beta, aao
(Just the laksh comes in)
Laksh: arre swara, aao upar chalkar baat karte hain.
(When they reach d balcony)
Swara: kya hua laksh?
Laksh: vo swara, bhai ke company ka kuch loss hua hai and, he has also lost a contract to some influential company. Main kabse bhai ko cheer up karne ki koshish kar raha hoon par vo abhi bhi udaas hai.
Swara: tum ruko lucky main usse baat karke dekhti hoon.
Laksh: ek minute swara vo… society vaale business jaise profession ko bakwas mante hain so….
Swara: laksh,societyvaale Sanskar aur uske job ke bare mein job hi soche.main, tum aur hum sab Sanskar ka saath hamesha denge right?
(laksh nods, and swara leaves to meet Sanskar)

Sanskar can be seen sulking in his room looking out of his window.

Swara: hi! Kaise ho?
Sanskar: ( turning to look at her) dekho aaj mujhe koi baat nahi karni so pls..
Swara: fine, I just came to lighten up ur mood, u look really stressed.
Sanskar: main… (Cutting his sentence)
Swara: dekho , I know that u r really stressed n u don’t wanna share ur feelings. But seriously, u`ll feel much better if u just talk and let it all out.

Sanskar gives up with a sigh. Well, Laksh must have told u everything.

AFTER ABOUT 1 HOUR: (swara has left)

Laksh: (knock! knock!) bhai?
Sanskar: bol (He looks much better than a few mins ago, and there is a small smile on his face.)
Laksh: tu theek haina?
Sanskar: main bilkul theek hoon.
Laksh: kamal hain, abhi to u were sulking around
Sanskar: (giving a small pat on his shoulder) yaar u should let it all out.
(And he leaves with a small smile, leaving behind a confused laksh.

The other day, aarav,ragini,kriti,laksh,Sanskar and swara gathered in d park as usual.
Aarav: swara pls aaj ek aur gaana
Kriti: haan haan, swara pls
Everybody plead her for a song, so she sings:

Pal do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi
Is pyaar ko hai,sadiyaan kafi nahi
To khuda se maang loon, mohlut ab yeh nayi
Zinda hoon bas yahan ab door tujhse jaana nahi
Jo tu mera humdard hai, Jo tu mera humdard hai…..

(Swara steals small glances at Sanskar while singing and ragini notices it)
At d end of d song, everyone break into applauses

Laksh: wow yaar swara,tumhe yoohi apna talent waste nahi karna chahiye
Sanskar: tum koi talent shows mein try kyun nahi karti
Kriti: I’m sure yeh madam competition jeet kar aayegi.
Ragini: tum sab kiskpe apni energy waste kar rahe ho, I’ve tried everything, coaxing, emotional blackmailing, drama, everything, she just wont budge.

Swara: arre yaar,mujhe nahi karna. Jab koi mujhe saamne se offer dega tab soch sakti hoon.
Aarav: attitude huh… I like it.
Swara: (smiling) nahi yaar, it’s just that inke peeche bhaagna is a waste of time n energy.

Now everyone gets into talking about d pros and cons of swara joining a reality show. Meanwhile sanskar is silent thinking of something.

Sanskar: acha,bhaiyon aur beheno. Kal mere office ki party hai, n tum sab aa rahe ho, fine?
In unison: of course!!
(And everyone break into smiles)


Swara comes out of the washroom in nightclothes. Ragini can be seen sitting on d bed.
Ragini: swara?
Swara: hmm…
Ragini: ek baat poochu… yeh Sanskar aur tum…
Swara: (looking shocked) umm, nahi to hamare beech kuch nahi hai.
Ragini: sachi? (With a suspicious look)
Swara: (giving up) naa, i..i like him. I love him, I don’t know when, why how, but I just desperately fell for him.
Ragini: wow! That’s great I think u should tell him about it.how long are u gonna hold back.
Swara: par, what if he…
Ragini: u know swara today I could see a spark in ur eyes when u sang, and that doesn’t happen every time.
If u don’t tell him then he’ll never come to know about it and you’ll loose him.
Swara: no I can’t loose him at any cost. I…I will tell him
Ragini: tomorrow
Swara: tomorrow!?
Ragini: haan, budhu tomorrow and that’s final
(Swara just takes a deep breath and gulps)


Sanskar: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, today we all have gathered here to celebrate our success of having struck a deal with d Tatas.
(Applauses… clap! Clap! Clap!)
Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, Maheshwari Ltd has struck a deal with the Tatas and that’s a great going. Well, cheers to everyone and have a great evening.

He gets down the stage and joins swara and friends.

Swara: congratulations Mr. Maheshwari 
Sanskar: thank u miss Gadodia. (Whispering into her ear) by the way, ur looking beautiful.

Swara was blushing red. She had an overwhelming urge to tell him about her feelings. This was the perfect moment. Sanskar was sitting just beside her looking stunning in his tuxedo, he had just praised her and the environment around was light, cozy and full of positive vibes.

Anchor: so ladies and gentlemen, let’s start this beautiful evening with a beautiful song. But today d singer will be a special guest,

Miss swara Gadodia, and for a twist she’ll be singing an English song for us. So everybody put ur hands together for miss Gadodia.
(Applauses… clap! clap!)

Sanskar escorts swara to d backstage.
Swara: (looking shocked) wha…what was that?
Sanskar: my surprise (winking) tumne hi kaha than a ki agar koi tumhe saamne se offer dega to tum gaaogi, so here’s ur chance.
(Swara was looking at sanskar shocked and nervous)

Swara: but…but what am I going to sing? I …I can’t do this.
Sanskar held her shoulders firmly
: I know that u can do this, just calm down and take a deep breath.
He lowers his hands to her hands and gives a small squeeze


There’s a little secret I would like to tell u
There’s a book of lies I know they’ll try to sell u
And they’ll try and they’ll try
They’ll convince u to buy, u need them

So the next time u down, Looking sad not around
I can bless myself, there’s no need someone’s help
There’s no one to blame there’s no one to save u
But yourself ……

(SONG: from movie a Cinderella story-once upon a song, bless yourself)
The song ends with a thunder of applauses.
When she gets down d stage, everyone gather around her to congratulate her.

After some time sanskar,laksh,aarav and everyone else move towards the food counter. Just then they hear some neighborhood men talking.
Man 1: you know swara may be a good singer and all, but do u know y she is sticking to sanskar.
Man 2: why?
Man 1: I’ve heard that she has some debts on her head. Now she sticking in d hope that he’ll be of some help.
Man 2: ohh

Sanskar looks at swara; her eyes were glistening with tears. He could feel anger bubble within him. He walked to that person and gave him a tight slap across his face.
Sanskar: HOW DARE U!!!(He thundered) how dare u talk like that about swara. Do u even know that the only reason behind u, today standing in front of me as an employee of Maheshwari Ltd. is only n only because of swara.
She is one who supported n motivated me to continue this business when I incurred losses. And you! What the bl***y hell where u doing huh?
Keeping distance n commenting away. “He shouldn’t have done this, he shouldn’t have done that”. Its way more easy said than done.
Swara is my … best friend and I wont have a word against her.

(Looking around) well, now you’ve managed to spoil everybody’s evening. (Turns to leave bt again turns back) and u mister r fired from today.

Sanskar leaves d party holding swara`s hand. All the other friends give him a loathing look and leave muttering curses under their breath.

(When they reach outside)
Sanskar: I’m sorry swara, that was never supposed to happen.
Before he could complete his sentence swara engulfed him in a big hug.
Swara: thank u sanskar, thank u so much for trusting n supporting me.
(Everyone arrive)
Sanskar: what are u talking about, I am ur best friend. Not only me bt everyone one of us trust u more than any one on this earth.
Kriti: of course we all trust u swara.
Ragini: we all are with u (and she hugs her sister)
Everyone join in, they all have a group hug

The next day swara gathers up all her courage and decides to tell sanskar about her feelings.
When she walks towards sanskar`s house, she sees him n laksh sitting in d park. She decides to surprise them n so walks towards d bushes behind them. But then she hears them talking.
Laksh: bhai bol.
Sanskar: fine. Ria u r sweetest person I’ve ever met. And ur smile is d most amazing one. I love u,will u be mine forever?

(Swara was standing behind the bushes and trees listening to all this, she felt as if the earth beneath her shook.)
She could not believe her ears, all this while it had a been a one sided love .She had been a fool to have fantasized him and her together. Her dreams to be his girl were shattered. She turned to leave. After all now there was nothing more to say or listen. He did not love her and that was it.

Laksh: bhai thoda aur feel ke sath bolna chahiye na,aise bolunga to mujhe yeh role kabhi nahi milega.
Sanskar: offo! Tu khud hi lines revise kar, mujhse nahi hoga
Laksh: vaise bhai tu swara ko kab propose karne ki soch raha hai?
Kahin kisi aur ne…
Sanskar: nahi, main aisa kuch nahi hone dunga. Main use aaj hi sab sach bata dunga.


Swara was in tears .she is sitting alone in her room and crying her heart out. This was exactly the thing she feared. Ragini enters seeing swara cry. She asks her about it, n swara tells her. She clings on to ragini.
After some time she falls asleep. Ragini comes out of the room and immediately calls laksh.

He quickly clears her misunderstanding. They talk for time and come up with a plan. They then forward the plan to aarav,kriti and some other friends living near the lake side.


When sanskar comes to know about the misunderstanding he constantly tries msging , calling and txting swara. But she doesn’t respond back. Seeing a frantic sanskar laksh comes to him.
Laksh: bahi tu itna tension mat le, main hoon na
Sanskar: dekh lucky paheli mat bujha, aur yeh bata ki main kya karoon..
Sab meri galti hai, I should never have practiced with u.
Laksh: chill bhai, tu bas itna kar, lake side pe 8 baje khade rehna baaki plan main baad mein batata hoon.

Ragini brings swara to the lake side with an excuse of freshening up her mind.
Swara: kya yaar ragu, chalo lets go back,
Ragini: (her phone beeps) umm… 2 min swara, thoda imp kaam hai, saying this ragini leaves the scene.
Just then sanskar spots swara, she was looking simply beautiful.
She was wearing a light orange skater dress with a golden metal belt and her hair was left open.
When swara turns to look around she spots sanskar standing near d tree. She stops dead in her tracks, she couldn’t face him, at least not today. She turns to leave as if nothing happened, but sanskar calls out to her.

Sanskar: swara wait. I want to talk to u about something
Swara turns reluctantly n tries her best hide her emotions: bolo sanskar,
Sanskar: (he just spits out everything) swara u have misunderstood my n lucky,s convo. I don’t know any ria, n I don’t have anything to do with it. It was just practicing a line from the play, n that too, these are lucky`s lines, I was just helping him revise…trust me
(from inside swara was feeling elated,she was so happy to hear this)
Swara: a…haan to tum mujhe yeh clarification kyun de rahe ho?
Sanskar: to tum mere calls aur messages ans kyun nahi kar rahi thi?
Swara: vo…main kuch imp kaam kar rahi thi, phone check nahi kiya hoga
Sanskar: fine. Well actually I have a surprise for u, n (seeing her looking for ragini) ragini n lucky r in it .
Swara: what! Everyone knew about it? Im not going to leave ragu
Sanskar: (smiling) chal?
Sanskar takes swara towards the boat and makes her sit in it. They then start rowing into the waters.

Sanskar: (giving a msg to his frnds on d phone) swara close ur eyes till d countdown ends.ok?
Swara: (amused) close my eyes,bt y?
Sanskar: surprise
Swara closes her eyes expectantly and d countdown starts

And then there were hundreds of floating lanterns up in d sky. The dark blue once blank sky was now filled with glowing lanterns. Swara was enchanted by its beauty.These lights seemed like a hundred fireflies lighting up d place.She was enthusiastically pointing out to various lanterns coming close. Sanskar sat there staring at her. There was a glow on her face. The yellow lights from around merged with her dress, accentuating her beauty. The way her eyes lit up with enthusiasm, her black curtain of lashes moved when she blinked, and d way her lips curled into a beautiful smile, everything was so intoxicating. Now he could not resist anymore, he gently took her hands in his, which made swara turn to look at him.

Sanskar: swara I’ve wanted to tell u something from a long time.
You r the most amazing person i’ve ever met, u,ve always stood with me like a pillar, and i’ve loved u since the first day I saw u. I…I love you swara, will u be my girl?
(Swara felt as if she was on cloud 9, she could not believe her ears, sanskar loved her, not ria, not anyone else, but only her)
Swara: but…me?
Sanskar: I’ve only had eyes for u
Swara hugged him with all her might: I love u sanskar, I love u. u don’t know how long I,ve waited to hear those words.
Sanskar returned the hug with full passion. They slowly pulled apart. And then, when he leaned in to kiss, she did too.
It was a blissful oblivion.

PS: sorry everyone if its too long. This was my first try so pls do comment 

Credit to: shria.t

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