Mentality ― A Way Of Different Thinking… (SwaSan an OS) By Rithika

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In ABC College

There was hustle bustle in the college as the freshers party was 1 week away, all the seniors and teachers were busy with with decorations, catering and dance. They wanted it to be the best freshers party

2 young people, 1 girl and 1 boy, the girl busy checking some decoration themes and boy busy on phone

There was only 10 secs left for them to dash into each other…… 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0 and CRASH!!!!!

Girl on top of boy and papers taking the place of flowers and showering on them, both were lost in each others eyes, soon they got their senses and stood straight collecting the papers and phone respectively

Girl and Boy : Sorry!

Both looked at each other and laughed out a little

Girl : (putting her hand forward) Hi, I’m Swara Bose

Boy : I’m Laksh Maheshwari (*Shock laga, but hero can’t enter first every time ?)

Swara : Nice to meet u, anyway bye I’ll leave there is a lot of work for freshers party

Laksh : Ya even I have to leave, see u soon

They bid bye and left for the work, time passed the freshers party went on smoothly SwaLak became good friends, they were very close, but as brothers and sisters, she found a caring bro in him and he always wanted sisterly love which he got from her

Laksh : Ok so Shona today u’ll come to my home

Swara : Y

Laksh : For group studying even Ragini is coming and she needs help in accounts so u helo her and we will study too (Ragini is Laksh’s gf)

Swara : Ok

Soon Time flew Swara came to Laksh’s home with Ragini, just then a boy of Laksh’s age came running towards Swara and Ragini and hid behind them while Laksh came down chasing him with a plate of food

Swara : Lucky what happened??

Laksh : Tell him to eat food please I’m struggling, ma or papa had to go to trip now only huh!!

Swara : Hey look come out and eat food

Boy : (innocently) No chi! I hate that food

Swara turned to him and was lost in his innocent eyes, she forwarded a chocolate

Swara : U’ll eat chocolate

He nodded childishly and was about to take it when she took it behind

Swara : First eat lunch and then u’ll get it

He ate food taking the plate from Laksh while Laksh sighed in relief

Laksh : Ok now u go play in the room

The boy nodded and went

Swara : Who is he lucky??

Ragini : He is Lucky’s bro

Laksh : Ya, but he’s mentally challenged from birth, but my cute and innocent bro, I love him a lot and can’t stay away from him

Swara : So sweet lucky now he’s my best friend like u

Ragini : Yes even mine

Laksh : Thanks!

Swara went to meet Sanskar

Swara : Hi Sanskar

Sanskar : (innocent) Hi, who r u

Swara : I’m ur brothers best friend

Sanskar : (confuse and innocent) Bee frien?????

Swara : (laughs a little) I mean dost a friend

Sanskar : (innocent) So ur my dost also????

Swara : Ya of course, I will love to be a cutie’s friend

Sanskar started childishly clapping and laughing by which Swara was attracted at once and was staring at him

Sanskar : Dost, u’ll play with me everyday na??

Swara : Surely I’ll come everyday and we both will trouble Laksh too!!

Sanskar (claps and laughs) Ya because he always troubles me by making me eat yucky yucky food

She laughs and nods while Laksh comes in

Laksh : What r u both plotting against me haan??

Swara : That we’ll trouble u everyday!

Sanskar : Hehe

Laksh : Ok Sanskar, we r going to study ok

Sanskar : No, dost will be with me hai na dost

Swara : Uh… actually Sanskar I need to study now so I’ll play with u after an hour ok

He nodded half heartedly

Sanskar : Pakka na??

Swara : Sure and I’ll come everyday pakka ok

Sanskar : Yay!!

He screams and kisses her cheek and she stands dumbstruck, but soon smiles and hugs him and goes

Everything was going on smooth Swara loved Sanskar’s company and so did he, but the final year was over and Soon Swara had to leave to London to master in the psychiatrist field, Sanskar was initially sad but soon cheered up and promised him that she will chat with him everyday

True to her promise she talked with him and Laksh everyday through Skype’s video chat, she was in touch with Laksh and Sanskar though they had miles of place difference, SwaSan bond became really powerful and strong

Soon Swara finished her masters and internship in London and was quite successful too, thogh many years passed SwaSan still had a bond of best friendship

When Swara was arriving from London Sanskar was eagerly waiting for his Shona his dost, when he spotted her he immediately ran and hugged her tightly, she reciprocated with same passion

Sanskar : (innocent) I missed u soooooo much dost now don’t leave me

Swara : I won’t pakka

Laksh : Finally Ms. Bose opps Dr. Bose came

Swara : Lucky!! I’m always Shona for u and dost for my Sanskar

Sanskar : Ya

He said with a cute smile, Time passed by fast, a day passed, swara’s parents kept a welcome party for her arrival, all were happy

Soon it was party time, Laksh, Sanskar, Sujatha and Ram came and met Swara and Sharmishta and Shekhar

Shekhar : He’s Sanskar right

Sujatha nodes as he pointed to Sanskar (note Swara told him about Sanskar’s illness)

Shekhar : Hi Sanskar

Sanskar hides behind Sujatha as Shekhar was new to him and he was scared of Shekhar

Swara: Arey Sanskar, why ur scared, I’m ur dost right (he nodes) so he’s ur dost’s papa now say hi

Sanskar came out and greeted Shekher and Shomi, he became comfortable with them, Sanskar mostly talked with Swara as he liked her

But by mistake he broke a glass to which people started taunting him

Lady 1 : Huh! Look at this mad boy, even after being 22 yrs he acts like a 2 yr old huh

Lady 2 : Sahi kaha, Sujatha ji y don’t u send him to a mental asylum haan, at least we will be free from this mad person huh

Sanskar was scared and hid behind Swara holding her hand tightly, Sujatha and Ram could not bear their son’s insult while Swara, Laksh, Shekhar and Shomi were getting angry

Just then Sujatha held Sanskar’s hand and was going to leave when Swara stopped them

Swara : One minute auntie y r u leaving, it’s not ur fault that Sanskar is like this

Sujatha : I know but I don’t want to stay in such a place where people don’t respect my son

Swara : Y will they auntie, (to ladies) u know it’s said that before looking into some one else’s house look into ur own house (to lady 1) U, ur daughter is doing a very great thing right, by being a play girl and having 12 boyfriends right

Like this she taunted the others as well

Swara : U all think Sanskar is mental but he is not his mentality is like a child but u all don’t know that mentality is no something to be proud of or to tease about, its about a way of different thinking, and u all cane leave the house if u can’t respect others because Sanskar will stay here only!

She shouted and all left talking about Sanskar

Sujatha : Thank u beta for what u did

Sanskar was also happy, though he didn’t understand what she meant he knew it was about him only, he hugged her tightly

Sanskar : Thank u dost I love u

He said unknowingly while Swara felt immense happiness hearing that and pat his head lovingly

Many days passed SwaSan’s bond increased a lot, she always thought about him and his cute antics, once she was in thoughts of Sanskar when SheMish came to her

Shekhar : Shona what u r thinking

Swara : (out of thoughts) Sanskar

Both SheMish smiled lightly

Shomi : U love him na

Swara knew it was no point in lying to them and she nodded

Swara : I know ma u won’t like it but…

Shekhar : But we will love it

Shekhar saw her and smiled in an assuring manner

Shekhar : So tomorrow we will go to his house and ask for Sanskar’s hand

Shomi : Sure!

Swara got happy and was smiling ear to ear

Next day they went to Maheshwari mansion and asked Sujatha and Ram for SwaSan marriage, Sujatha was happy but

Sujatha : But Shekhar ji our Sanskar is not well and the taunts Swara will get…..I can’t bear that

Shekhar : Arey let those people be, because people r like that only, and u also see even Sanskar is happy with Swara what more u need..

After a lot of convincing Sujatha agreed, it was a simple marriage, and soon SwaSan were tied in a pious relation of marriage, though Sanskar didn’t understand that much, but since in was regarding he dost he agreed

It was suhagraat time, Sanskar was sitting on the bed waiting for Swara to change and come, she came out and sat near Sanskar

Sanskar : Dost, u’ll stay with me right, in my room na, that’s what mumma told me

Swara : Yes Sanskar, ur dost will stay with u in ur room

She said and Sanskar hugged her

Sanskar : Thank u, now I’ll enjoy at home

Swara laughed a little at his antics and soon both slept, next morning, Swara wore a beautiful pink saree in which she looked like an angel, it was time for the pehli rasoi, she made delicious kheer to which Sanskar kissed her on her cheek in front of everyone saying it’s tasty while Swara’s cheeks turned red and all giggled a bit

Soon Swara started her work in the hospital as Sujatha and Ram didn’t want her to stop her work, with work she equally managed the house and Sanskar

One day it struck Laksh that she is a psychiatrist, and may have a cure for Sanskar’s illness so one day he asked her

Laksh : Shona see ur a psychiatrist and these kind cases like Sanskar’s might have come to u so any kind of treatment is there for it???

Swara heard that and her face fell pale

Laksh : Shona what happened??

Swara : Laksh I don’t want to talk about this

She said and left leaving confused Laksh behind, many days passed Swara kept avoiding that question, but one day she finally broke down and told

Swara : (crying) Yes there is a cure….but I don’t want to do it

Sujatha ; But y?? After this Sanskar can become alright na??

Swara : (crying) Ya but it can also lead to……death

Hearing that all were shocked

Swara : And I don’t want that, because if something happens to him I won’t be able to live

Ram : But beta we can take a chance right??

They convinced her a lot and finally she agreed, soon the day of treatment came

Sanskar :Dost don’t cry when I become fine na we both will enjoy more ok

He tried to assure her, Swara nodded with tears and kissed him on his forehead, as it could be the last kiss too

The operation started, outside everyone was tensed, Swara got a hold on herself and did the operation

After many hours she came out everyone surrounded her

Swara : (removing the mask) Ma, papa, Lucky…….ur hope won!! He’s ALRIGHT and normal

All were happy and jumped in joy

Sanskar soon got his senses, and looked around he saw Swara, Laksh, Sujatha and Ram standing there

Swara hugged him tightly and he responded with same passion

Sanskar : Saw Swara, I’m alright

Swara smiled in tears and nodded, all hugged him and soon he was discharged

SwaSan’s room

Swara was going towards the bed when Sanskar held her wrist and pulled her towards him and hugged her from behind

Sanskar : Thank u Swara!!

Swara : Thank u???

Sanskar : Hmm…..even after knowing my condition u supported me in all means and cared for me a lottttttt thank u for that

Swara : What’s so thanks in that it was my duty hai na??

Sanskar : Hmm

He nodded and kissed her on her cheeks

Sanskar : (naughtily) Waise Swara this reminds me, when I was mad, we didn’t have our suhagraat hai na ??

Swara nodded but then got the meaning of what he told and blushed hard

Sanskar ; So y not celebrate it now???

She was fully red hearing it and nodded a little, Sanskar smiled and carried her in his arms and both got engrossed in their love making….

Soon after 1 and a ½ year she was blessed with a cute girl named Arya Sanskar Meheshwari


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