My mental wife..swasan ts…part 3..

Hi guys thanks a ton for liking my story..I have been scoring centuries continuously…. Maaf Karna sachinji..

So here is the next episode…

Flashback continues….

Sanskaar was guilty first but then slowly he overcame that…he completely forgot about that slowly…he was living with swara and taking care of her…

One day his old collage friend called him..

Friend-sanky dude kaga mar gayi fu..huh…koi contact nahi hai saala..

Sanky-niks how are after a long time ..huh..

Niks-i am are you..

Sanky-me too…why did you call anything important..

Niks-haan yes we have a collage reunion on have yo come for it no excuses..

Sanky-hahaha…fine I will come..

Niks-haan yes I heard you married…bring your wife also…let us see who stole our sanky from us.

Sanky tensed-no yaar she won’t come..

Niks-you both have to excusesm..bye..

Sanky-ohh god..Now what will I do…

Sanky started getting angry on swara for small small Reasons..

Swara-sanky come let’s play with barbie..

Sanky-ohh god swara are you A child…is this your age to play with barbie…

Swara cries and sanky goes…

Soon Saturday comes…

Sanky gets swara ready in a blue one piece…(same dress she wore on her date)( while even sanky wore the same costume)

They go in the car and they reach the venue..

Sanky-swara keep your mouth shut when we go inside and don’t act like kids..

Swara nods her head..

They go inside..all gets happy seeing them…all the girls were drooling over sanky while boys got their eyes stuck on swara…swara got scared seeing a lot of people and caught sanky’s hand tightly..

Sanky got irritated..all his friends came and hugged him..sanskaar introduced swara to them…

All-hi swara..


All were surprised but did not take it srsly…

Kavitha who was sanky’s ex girlfriend came and hugged him….friendly..

Swara saw this and tuned in anger..she goes and separates them..

Swara-stay away from my sanky you bad girl…he is my dosth only I can hug him..go away..

All were shocked…

Sanky was embarased.

Niks-whats this sanky..

One boy-you guys did not understand….the handsome hunk of our collage married a mad girl… Hahaha..

Kavitha-sanky were girls less or what that you married this waste…

Sanky felt bad listening to this but did not show it..

Swara-you are a dirty called me a waste..I will complain to my nama…she will beat you..

Kavitha-go baby go complain to your mom..mockingly

All laughs….

Sanky-enough swara..I told you to shut your mouth but no you won’t listen..why do you like emmbarrasing me in front of was biggest mistake to marry..I married you only because of dad.. I have no interest in living with a mad girl…and playing with you…

Swara-dosth stop shouting..mama says bad people shouts…in the verge of crying..

Sanky-haan so I am a bad have any problem..

He goes and swara bursts out crying..

Nikhil feels bad for swara….

Some people laughs seeing her…swara gets scared and runs from there. .

Swasan go back home…sanky doesn’t speak to her…

He sits and thinks about today’s incident…

Suddenly kavitha calls him..

Kav-sanky you left me for that mad girl..its ok sanky we can start our life fresh…I can’t see you wasting your life on her…if you agree we can become one again..

Sanky felt bad when she said that but then he thought that she has a point…

Sanky-yes kavi I will divorce her..mthen we can marry..

Kav-ohk sanky…πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Next day….sanky makes swara put her thumb print on the papers…he signs it submits it in the court…

He comes back home…

Sanky-papa I have divorced swara..I am not going to live with her…

DP-what are you saying..

Sanky-yes I have divorced her…

AP-but why..

Sanky-cause I can’t waste my life in her…

Uttara-bhai please think once again..

DP-is thus you final decision…

Sanky-yes.. I am going to marry someone else..

DP-annapurna from today I only have one some and one daughter that is Laksh and uttara…

Ap-what are saying ji…

All are shocked…

Sanky-papa what are you are disowning me for that mental girl…

Suddenly someone slaps him…

New entry(RAGLAK)

Laksh slaps him hard…

Laksh-how dare you bhai…don’t you dare say anything bad about my nanad…

Ragini-how can you even say about my sister like that….chii….you can’t understand her then dare not speak bad about her..

Sanky goes angrily..

Raglak goes to swara..they found swara crying badly…


Swara-didi..she runs and hugs her..

Ragini-dont cry…shh its ok…and kisses her..

Ragini-laksh can we please take her home…

Laksh-yes ok..

They take her to badi…

Swara-didi is sanky going to marry someone else..

Ragini-who told you that..


Ragini-haan swara he is going to marry someone else but you don’t worry ..ok come sleep…and takes swara in her embrace..

Swara hugs ragini tightly…Laksh hugs them both…

They both go home…swara runs to sumi…

Raglak explains to her what happened…

Then the rest is the same what happened in part one…

Guys this is the third time I am writing the entire chapter…whenever I post it something goes wrong..hug…I am so fed up with it..please guys drop your valuable comments down..


  1. Yumuna

    Heyyy when your story is perfect you no need to worry about grammatical mistakes
    It’s different from other stories and eagerly waiting for your next part

  2. Vidhi

    It was awesome… I hate sanskar instead of supporting her he 😑😑😑😑…plz update soon… N thanks u took stress for u by writing 3 times… 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr lii..loved it.. Oh God,how people can stoop so low yeh sanky ko dekke patah chalti hain😏😏..Poor swara..Keep going dear.. Plz post soon if possible*puppy face..
    Take care
    Keep smilingπŸ˜€

  4. Maha016


    |Registered Member

    it was awesome liya…i thought sanskar was inoccent but no i hate him u know i just wanna kill him n that idiot shameless kavitha….i just hate san______kav huhhhhhh arghhhhh maa plzzz do something i cant near this sanskar…..

  5. Sinthuja

    Awesome !!!
    As Yumuna said it is different from the other stories and I’ll wait for your next part, even though it’s gonna be hard !

  6. chanu

    i hate dis sanskar!
    hw cn he do dat!
    and dnt tell me in nxt epi dat swara is pregnant!
    πŸ™ ;P
    i hate dat kavitha too!
    nice epi dr
    keep writing
    be happy always

  7. NDSG


    |Registered Member

    Poor shona.. Sanky what u did.. But stupid heart can’t say a word against him.. Mad me..

    Nice chappy hope sanky will soon realise his mistake..

  8. Eva


    |Registered Member

    I hate this Sanskar😒 he should had thought about this before marrying Swara.He was not unknown to the fact that she is mentally unstable..if he had to ditch her than why did he marry her?😭 and now that innocent girl is pregnant😞
    I’m loving this ff😘😘😘
    Fist time commenting..u forced me actually😁 continue…swasan😍

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