Mental Sisters Luv Story~Thahaan RagSan SwaLak Virika Arshi Zaya Aara Ishra Asya (chap 1)

Mental sister’s luv story


The story starts in a big villa named as ‘Kapoor Villa’….. There is a big garden n a water fall at entrance n a big swimming pool on backside of villa… There is a swing also…. And a big joggine track

We entered inside a house its like a big royal palace its has many rooms.. We entered to a room which is very big n have stylish walls n well furnished bed and on bed someone is sleeping

TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Sound of alaram clock ⏰⏰⏰ one hand come out of bkanket n stopped the alarm

The girl removes blanket from her…… N sits n removes hair strand from her face her attractive  eyes are shown she ties her hair n her pink lips are  shown finally her face is revealed its malika aka divyanka tripathi

Malika gets up n yawn n sees tym its shows 8 she walks up to cup board n takes out her clothes n headed towards washroo
Scene shift

Another big room is shown where one girl is sitting n writing something… She removes hair strand which ia disturbing her face her shiny eyes are shown…. She smiles seeing her diary… Her beautiful lips are shown someone comes n back hugs her

Voice:Gud morning asthuu

Her face is revealed n she is astha aka drashti dhami

Ast: gud morning sweety

A beautiful girl is shown smiling n her face is revealed as rumana aka jenifer winget

Rum:what asthu in morning u started writing not fair

She folds her arms

Astha smiles

Ast: u knw na ruma i cant stay away from my diary (she said closing her diary n holds rumana hands)

Rum:urghhh i think our future jeeju have to bear his sautan diary n chukkles

Asthu glares

Rum:ook sorry sorry

Both smiles

Ast:where is nidhi

Rum: must b working as always (sadly)

Astha smiles

Ast:dnt b sad u knw her na

Rum:yeah miss our naughty nidz now a days

Ast:dnt worry she will b back wid us soon n now tell wherz is ms. AM dreamer

Rum:must b somewhere listening or dreaming about his AM like mad

Both laughs

Scene shift

A big room is shown with white n green designed walls n on 1 girl on bed is shown dancing like mad with full on music she is looking crazy ?
1 girl enter in her room n hit her head with her hands n goes n stopped the music

The girl who is dancing stop dancing turns n looks at a girl standing infront of her n glaring her

The girl smiles n jump from the bed

Girl:y did u stopped my AM song haan (she said keeping her hand on her waist) 

Girl2 folds her hands n glares her

Girl2: cuz i m not interested in dancing like a maniac on urs AM song at 8. 15 am on morning sam

Yes the girl who is dancing ofcourse its sam aka mouni roy

Sam smiles n goes towards girl2 n shouts

Sam:Gud morningggggg Fariiiiii

Yes the girl2 is fari aka tejaswi

Fari closes her ears n rubs them

Fari: i m here only nooo need to shout crazyyy girl

Sam smiles: i knw i m crazy only n smiles while dreaming

Fari: ahhhhhh i wish i would have bcm a mental doctor so i can cure u also

Sam fakes smiles

Fari:now dnt show me ur fake smile go n get changed n come for bf normal n goes without listening

Sam frowns n goes washroom

Scene shift

Malika comes out wearing white  coat suite with high pony tail she goes n knock on the door which is next to hers

A girl wearing jeans n pink shirt white coat opens the door her eyes are shown tired

Malika huffs

Mal:u didnt sleep well na

Girl nods

Malika enters room

Mal:how many tyms i have to say u nidz sleep on time y u always worry for work haan (she said angrily n folding her arms)

Yes the girl is nidhi aka helly shah

Nidz smile n hugs malika

Nid:di u knw na i cant sleep if i have to work

Malika frowns

Mal:its last tym from nxt say ur PA to do this no need to sacrifice ur sleep ok
Nid nods n smiles

Mal:ok now clean this files mess n come at dining for bf

Just then they hear a girl humming

Mal:jazzy stopppp

The girl who is humming songs outside stopped n bites her tongue n turns n her face is revealed as jazzy aka krystal dsouza

Jazzy murmur: Hitler called now surely i will b dead

Jazzy comes inside room n greet

Jazz:gud morning malika n gud morning nidz

Nidz:gud morning jazzy

Mal(coldly):gud morning

Jazz:di u called any work(smiling)

Mal:yes i want u fizoo anju n kia on tym today at bf table if u came late today then no bf

Jazz:no no i cant stay hungry (hurriedly)

Malika glares

Mal:gud if u cant then come on tym whr is anju n kia

Jaz:fizoo is waking them up

Mal:ughhh these 2 still sleeping go n wake them up fast i want u all at 5 mins at table

Jazz nods n runs as milkha speed

Scene shift

A big room is shown where 2 girls are shown sleeping n 1 girl is shown shouting at them

Girl1:its my last warning if u both dnt get up na then i will through water on u both

Girl2 sleeping: do want u wants to do

Girl1:i m counting on 3….. 1……… 2…….. Andddddd

Jazzy comes in running n bump into girl1


WATER falls on sleeping girls

Both girls wake up n shouts


Yes the girl who throws water is fizo means mee heheheh aka sanaya irani

Fizoo bites her tongue n so as jazzy

Fizjaz:hogaya siyappa

Both girls wake up n glares at fizJaz who smiles

Fiz:its bcz of jazzy

Girl1:dont blame Akbar u idiot

Fiz:u dumboo shut up n its good that water fall on u otherwise u will b seen sleeping kumkaran huh

Jaz:anju calm down

Yes the girl1 is shouting is anjali aka nia sharma

Anj: y should i calm down this idiot splashhhh my beauty sleep n u r saying to calm down

Fiz:oyee u dumboo dnt call me idiot n u r saying if i distrb ur romance na in ur dream huhhh n folds her arms

Anju pick up water glass which is kept on table n about to throw it on fizoo when jazzy holds her hand

Jaz: u churail fight later i dnt want to lost my bf bcz of u both kumbkarans

Fiz: me neither btw jazzy y u came with milkhas speed

Jaz:cuz Hitler says that if we four did not reach at dining table in 5 mins then we cant have bf


Anj:u kali churail cant u tell me this early n jumps from bed n trio look at girl2 who is still sleeping

Trio shouts:Kiaaaaaaaaaaa

Kia aka kiara played by sana sheikh

Kia who is sleeping got up with jerk

Kia:what na let me sleep

Fiz:Hitler ne dhamki dii hai if u love ur hunger come fasttttt


Jazz:what shatt later go n get ready

Both kia n anju holds the washroom door at same time n starts fighting

Anj:i will go first

Kia:no i will go

Anj:nooo i


Fizjaz shouts:stoppppp

Jaz:kia u go to my room fast fast

Kia nods n goes fastly taking her clothes

FizJaz shakes their head in disbelief


Dining area

All are present except four n w8ing for them….. All look at stairs n sees FizJaz and KiAnj running on stairs n hurriedly comes n sits on their chairs n fakes smiles

All:Gud morning

Malika sees them n then at watch

Mal:jazz what tym i gave

Jazz look at her

Jaz: 5 mins di

Mal: n how many minute u r late

Jaz:10 mins n lower her head

Mal:gud u accepted its my last warning n kia and anju if u both woke up late from tomrw then no pocket money

KiAnj who is eating coughs while all giggles

Mal: n sammy if u again listen songs on dining area then i will snatch ur ipod

Now sam makes a face n all chukkles

Mal: n jazzy n fizoo no outing for u both

JazFiz who is giggling over KiAnjSam stops laughs n make a sad face KiaAnjSam hifi to eo

FizJaz:ok dii

Mal:gud now have ur bf without noise
Anj senses  all is quite n says

Anj:where is ruch

Malika glares her n she smiles

Voice: i m here

All turns n seesa girl standing smiling n wears a simple top n jeans her face is shown she is ruchika aka preetika rao

Ruch smiles n sits with all malika greets n starts eating

Kia:huhh look ruch di also come late u did not say anything to her (annoy)

Malika sees her

Mal:bcz she is working not sleeping like u both

KiAnj makes a sad face n eats

All eats bf

Mal: everyone sit here i need to talk

Fiz: u said that no one will talk now

Nidz:shut up fizoo n listen

Fiz:ok i will n lock her mouth

While anj chukkles n she glares

Mal: astha rumana i want to knw what u both thought about ur future u both completed ur studies as well

Rum:dii i wanna join music skool if u gave permission

Mal:u dnt need to ask ruma n u astha

Rum:di me n astha can join… I will b alone if astha will also come then i got a partner also

Mal smiles:ok u both can join

SamFizJaz at union:can i also


Sam:i will join only if they thought to teach me singing AM songs only

All looks at her disbelief n fari slightly hit her head

Far:keep quite

Mal: no u trio cant concentrate on hr studies n can i ask u fizo n jazz y r u both not going colg its ur last year na

Fiz:yeahhh but fari says its waste to go that’s y me n jazzy are not going

Fari look at them shock while samastrum chukkles

Nidz:di fizo is lying

Mal: i knw

Fari smiles

Jaz:choti hitler cant u stay quite

Nidz:no i wont any prblm

Jaz:more then prblm huh

Nidz:dii they are like that only come let’s leave we r getting late for meeting

Mal:hmm anju n kia tell ur teacher i will come to meet them at tmrw i wanna knw ur both progress

KiaAnj look at malika shocked

AnjKia:yyy dii

Mal:what y i wanna meet her

Anj:noo need dii

Kia:yeah she is soo boring u will bcm mad

Mal:thanks for concern but i m not going for a date wid ur teacher so tell him ok n dnt u dare to make her up

KiaAnj sadly nods

MalNid greets everyone n leaves

FizJaz laughs at them

Astha n rumana come n hugs anj n kia respectively

Ast:fizo jazzy dnt u dare to tease them

Rum:yess if u tease my chotiis na then i will tell ur both secretes

Fari stands n come infront of them

Far: i said u its waste going  to colg  last year (angry)

FizJaz nods

Far: u both are gone

Anj:yeah fari beat these idiots

FizJaz:first catch us then beat u dumboo n both runs

Fari also runs

All laughs

Ruch after having dinner

Ruch:ok guyz i have a deal i m going

Ast:finish ur bf first

Ruch:i m done

Rum:eat properly

Ruch:i will eat later sweety by n hugs all n goes

Sam:ok guyz i have to go also

Anj:sammy didi drop us also

Sam:ok let’s leave

Kia:w8 i m eating

SamAnj:bhukar eat fast

Kia rolls her eyes n take toast in her hands

Kia:lets leave i will eat at cars

Sam:ok asthu n ruma i m leaving

Ast: sam dnt get lost while dreaming

Sam:chillax i will not

Rum:hope soo n anjKia take care of urself

AnjKia:yes mommys we will bye bye

Both smiles n leaves

Rum:lets go n stop fari otherwise they will make play ground here


Scene shift

@fari room

FizFarJaz are shown laughing on bed

AstRum enters n throws cushions at them

Far:aray asthu y r u hitting me

Rum: bcz u make this room like a tom n jerry show huh

Fiz:ooo sweety chill yrrr fari anty will clean this

Far:shut up dadi amma u n jazz will clean

Jaz:no ways my sweet asthu will clean

Asth fakes smiles: n who says u this jazzy

Jaz:aray no one says me but i knw my sweet sister

Ast: dnt butter me n clean the whole room i m going

FizfaRum laughs

Rum:awww jazzy better luck nxt time n winks

Far:ok mentals gotta go to clinic i dnt want to b late like u both

FizJaz:mean huh

Far:byeee dadi maa n bye jatinder

Jaz:its jazzy

Far:yeah yeah jatinder

Jaz:fariiiiii glares

Fari laughs

Far:ok sorry byyy n rumana takcr of these idiots

Fiz frowns:anju ki atma agai hai

Rum:dnt say anything about my choti

FizJaz:okk anju ki maa

All laughs n leaves

To b continued…….

Precap:fight, fun

Yayyyy chappy 1 done hope sisi u all liked the chapter nxt will b on all life stylesss and entry of thapki surbhi joyti and vrushika mehta after 4 chap do cmnt n tell meee plzzzz love u all my sistersssssss muwahhhhh ❤❤❤❤

Fizo ?

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  1. Sindhura

    Confusing because of lot of pairs

    1. Silent_writer

      Malika-divyanka tripathi
      Nidhi-helly shah
      Jazzy:krystal desouza
      Ruchika:preetika rao
      Astha-Drashti dhami
      Rumana-jennifer winget
      Anjali-nia sharma
      Fizo-sanaya irani
      Kia-sana sheikh
      Sam-mouni roy
      Fari-tejasswi prakash
      Halima-surbhi joyti
      Lisa/almas- Jigyassa Thapki
      Navya/Ash- vrushika mehta

      From nxt i will put characters n here is the cast

  2. Berdilla

    Awesome dear friend

  3. Can u put the character name.. cause all confusing because of new names.. Don’t know who is who..

    1. Silent_writer

      Dear above i mention them n cs also

  4. Asra

    awesome dear…jazzy murmur ‘hitler called now surely i will b dead’ thz dialogue superbbb dear….bathroom fighting scenes superbbb….loved it alot….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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    dont change name its nice dear..superb waiting 4 3rd epi

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  10. I want sukor only…

  11. Inu

    Superb. Keep Rocking everywhere u go.

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      Aww thnkx a ton

  12. It’s really confusing with different names… Keep their serial names only yaar

  13. Jazzy

    amazing fizzoo

  14. keep their serial names. It will be easy for us to remember

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