Mending of Broken Heart ~ Twinj ff epi 8

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A/N: This Article isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s Emotions and Sentiments?




Kunj Still Unconcious due to Heavy Loss of Blood..Nurse Came in checked his Pulse and Heart Beat and Left..


Twinkle was walking in Hospital Corridor walking toward’s her Cabin which was On same Floor as Kunj’s Room..

She was about to shout when she heard Nurse calling for Uv from Kunj’s Room..It horrified twinkle..She walked there quickly as Uv was In Operation Theatre busy in Operation..

She went inside and saw Kunj panicked in an Unconscious State murmuring something..Sweat needs Visible on his Forehead..

K:(Unconcious) Plz don’t do this..Plz don’t hurt her..Plz Stop..I said Stop..Don’t hurt My Maa..

Nurse Saw twinkle and Said..

N:Thank God Dr Taneja u are here..He suddenly panicked..Plz Check Him..Dr Luthra is Busy..

Twinkle who was in tears seeing his condition came back to her senses and moved ahead..

She gave Kunj an injection..He calmed down..But was still murmuring and sweating..

Twinkle gestured Nurse to Leave and she did..Twinkle caress his hairs lovingly..A tear fell from Kunj Eye’s..He was just murmuring calling Usha..

K:(Unconcious) Maa..Kidhar ho Aap? Plz wapas ajao? Maa ! I won’t let him do anything to U..Plz Come back..I promise I will never irritate U like in Childhood..Plz be back..

Tears Weld up in Twinkle’s Eye’s..Even Uv had tears in his Eye’s who came there after finishing his Operation to see Kunj..

He heard what Kunj said..They both knew something was really Worst Upto him..

Uv and Twinkle was Sure that Something was Wrong to his Maa..Twinkle was Uv..He came in and assured her everything will be Ok..

Uv and Twinkle was disscusing about Kunj’s Health when Kunj started gaining his Senses..

Uv checked his Pulse and Heart Beat on Monitor it was Normal..

Kunj opened his Eye’s and Examined his Surroundings..He wasn’t there which wasn’t less than a Hell to him..He saw Uv standing beside him..

(Twinkle was On Other side)

K:Where am I? Who are U?

Uv:Kunj! I am Yuvraj..Dr Yuvraj Luthra..
And she is Dr Taneja..

Uv pointed to Twinkle..Kunj moved his Gaze toward’s her but immediately saw other side..Twinkle was Confused at his behaviour..

Uv Continued: U had an Accident and I brought U here..Well will U tell me about Ur Family..So I can Call them..

Listening to word family Kunj’s face became pale which was noticed by both TWIRAJ..Twinkle diverted the Topic..

T:It’s Ok! Don’t stress Ur Self.. U can tell Later about it..

Kunj nodded his Head still his Face was pale..

Here I End this Episode?
Hope U liked it?

Well let me Clear U people Uv is positive here?

Love U All??
Bye Bye☺☺

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  1. SidMin23

    Well u make me cry and poor kunj and hate this monohar.

  2. superb episode
    all the best for ur exam
    come soon
    luv u

  3. Aamu

    That was damn emotional???..
    But amazing..
    Bahbye gn..
    Srry for chotu but have to sleeep???

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing interesting

  5. Supriya18d

    so so emotional

  6. Wow my bujji u nailed it dear it was awesome
    I loved it

  7. Hey presha
    It’s Emotional?
    Loved it??
    Poor Kunj??
    Wanna kill this manohar??
    Post soon
    Love U ??

  8. Emotional??
    Feeling bad For Kunj’s condition?? Poor Kunj??
    Hate this Manohar??? Wanna strangle his Neck and burn him???
    Post soon

  9. Nice ; post soon

  10. Superb ?
    It made me cry ; poor Kunj
    Hate this manohar
    Plz pst soon

  11. Sameera

    Awww yaar preshu ..
    Loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much…
    Bechara kunj …
    Post soon ????

  12. Ramya

    Awesome amazing superb
    Feeling bad for kunj
    All the best preshu
    Will be waiting for your next post
    Love you keep smiling

  13. Shalini15

    It was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb nd emotional episode Preshu. Feeling bad for kunj nd hate Manohar. Hope he will be fine soon. Loved it.
    Nd sorry for late comment ? ? ? ?
    Love you ? ? ? ?

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