Mending of Broken Heart ~ Twinj ff epi 7

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A/N:This Article isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s Emotions and Sentiments..

TWIRAJ moved toward’s the Ward where Kunj was Kept Under Observation..He was Still Unconscious due to a Head Injury..

As the Steps towards the Ward decreased an Unknown Feeling Overcame Twinkle..

Uv opened the Ward Door and Let her In..As Soon as Twinkle came inside the sight left her shocked? He was the One For she had Fallen in Love..He was the One who stole her Heart at the very First Sight..

He was lying on Hospital Bed..Monitering and glucose machines attached to his body..

He was Kunj..Tears welled up in her Eye’s..She felt like running somewhere and Cry?But she can’t..Twinkle wiped her Unshed tears and walked ahead with Uv..

Uv:Twinkle he is Kunj whom I brought to hospital along with me..He was badly injured..Right know he is unconscious due to Head Injury..He will get Conciousness in sometime..

T:(Composing Herself) Did U informed his Family?

Uv:Actually we didn’t find anything with him..No Cell phone and All.. I am Confused too..He don’t had anything with him..Even his Name we came to know from the bracelet he was wearing..

T:We have to wait for him to get his Conciousness..

Uv hummed in response and went to checked other patient’s whilst twinkle was there Only..


Manohar was pacing his room angrily whilst Alisha was standing there bowing her head..

M:(Angrily) Alisha.. Don’t U know where is Kunj?


M:Just Shut Up..
Don’t know where the hell is this Boy..Even he left his phone at ur house..

After a minute pause Manohar continued..

What if Kunj Ran Away..No Manohar he can’t n he will never (Evily) His Life lies in his Mother..He won’t ever do any such thing which will make me hurt his Mother.. But U have to pay for this My Son?


So here I end this episode..

So Finally TWINJ Met..Know let’s See how will twinkle come to know about Kunj’s Truth? His Worst then Hell Life?

Bye Bye Sweeties??

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  1. Supriya18d

    oh Mera Kunj…. I hope ab sb thik ho

  2. Sohi

    Firstly thank you soo much preshu
    This birthday is my most special one

    And about episode very emotional
    Do continue

  3. Nishuu

    Emotional episode

  4. Sameera

    Wow yaar preshu loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much…chiiii this Manohar disgusting …???…
    Love you post soon ?????

  5. Baby

    loved it preshu ♥
    emotional jst sooo heart touhing ♥
    love u alottt ♥

  6. SidMin23

    Nice and if possible make it Little longer

  7. too emotional sad episode preshu

  8. WISH U VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOHI??????????????????????????????

    god bless u dear……

    luv u

  9. amazing episode dear….?????
    tumhari health kaisi h ab preshu…..

    luv u

  10. Sidmin ki sadia

    Bht bura laga kunj ke liye lekin awesome. Epi beautifully. Written. Luv it soo much post next soon

  11. Ramya

    Awesome preshu amazing superb
    I hate this manohar
    Budda kahi ka
    Post soon
    Love you keep smiling

  12. Shalini15

    Awesome amazing fabulous nd emotional episode Preshu. Feeling bad for kunj. Hope everything will be fine soon. Loved it.
    Love you ? ? ? ? ?

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