Mending of Broken Heart ~ Twinj ff epi 6

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A/N:This Article isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s Emotions and Sentiments..This FF is based on sensitive issue..Read Further if U can Handle Sensitive Issues..
After Talking to RT twinkle came and stood near the window..She had a Blushy Smile thinking about Kunj..It was almost 3 at Night..It was not new to her cause when ever she was talking to her parents when time flew no one new..
She was smiling when suddenly her breath hitched..She Felt like someone hitted her soul..
Their Kunj was lying in the blood of Pool..Badly Injured in Hand & head..
Twinkle was Sleeping in her Room when her Phone Rang..She opened her Eye’s Cutely Irritated..
The Screen flashed MR BANDAR??She scrunched her Face and picked up the Call..
T:Bol Bandar Kya chahiye?Iss waqt bhi tang karne se baaz nahi aya?
V:Twinkle(Serious Tone)
Twinkle immediately got to know that something was serious cause her Bandar was serious only when it’s really important..
(Wanna know who is her Bandar??)
T:Haan Bol Uv
(So the Bandar is Uv?)
Uv:Twinkle plz can U reach the hospital Now..There is an important case to discuss..
T:Ok I am Coming..Just give me 15 Minutes..
Twinkle Cut the Call and Went to get ready..She went towards Study Room..
She slightly opened the door knowing that her Father wasn’t asleep till yet cause of his Work..He never let his Work affect his Family but also didn’t ignored it..
She stood there with her hands on her hips pouring Cutely and said:Papa..
RT:Princess..Woh Sorry..Bas I was going to sleep only..
RT tried to escape from his princess lecture?
T:Pakka Na (Suspiciously)
RT:(Stammering)Haan Haan Pakka..
T:Acha Papa Wo(Interrupted)
RT:Bandar Ka Call Aya tha..Hospital Jana hai..
Twinkle nodded her head smiling knowing her Father knows her very well..
RT:Ok Come I will drop U..
T:No papa..I will go Myself..U go have a Glass of Milk and Sleep Ok..(Sternly)
RT Smiled and said:Ok Princess but be careful?
Twinkle nodded her head smiling and left study room..She took her bag from her Room when the dairy of the same man (Kunj) caught her sight..She don’t know why but kept that diary in her bag..Her inner voice was asking her to do so..
Twinkle reached the hospital..She was feeling that something bad had happened..Her heart was scrunching in an unknown fear..
And Went towards Uv’s Cabin..She opened the door of his Cabin..
Uv:Twinkle..U came here..I Wanna discuss about a Case..Come have a Seat..
She took a Seat opposite to Uv..And Uv started..
Uv:Twinkle an accident case came today..The patient name is KUNJ SARNA..
Twinkle felt an Unknown connection with the Name..Her stomach twisted in knots hearing Kunj’s Name but ignored the feeling..
Uv:He had an accident and was badly injured..I was returning home when I saw him lying on road in pool of blood..So took him here..But..
T:But what Uv..
Uv:But twinkle all the way to hospital when he was half unconscious he was just murmuring few lines.. (Plz don’t do this to Mom..I will do as U say..Plz I am not the one U are Forcing me into..Plz don’t hurt her)
I will feel like he is going through some pain..And U being a Councler I thought to share This with U..Right know he is under observation but Once he will gain consciousness..U can Consult him if he want..
Twinkle hummed in response and asked him to take and show her who was the patient..
What will be Twinkle’s reaction when she will come to know that the patient is Kunj Only?
Will twinkle be able to know the reason behind his pain?
Will twinkle be able to heal Kunj’s broken Soul?
Will Kunj ever be able to let himself come out of darkness?
Stay tuned to know More..
I hope I haven’t hurt anyone of U and Unknowingly I did so I am really Sorry?
Love U all

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  1. It was fantastic ???

  2. SidMin23

    Finally twjnj will met and waiting to see twinkle reaction when she will met kunj officially waiting for next part

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  4. Sidmin ki sadia

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  5. nice epi..
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    ye TU bahut gndaa h…Maine kitne pyaar se te edit bnai thi….but ye mere OS pr nai post hua aur dusre pr aagaya????????..

    BTW nice epi Preshu

  7. Sohi

    Nice episode
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    And I m sorry to say that from now on I’m not gonna comment not only on ur writings but also of other writers too
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  8. amazing episode fabulous…
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    amazing preshu

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  11. Lovely yet emotional episode

  12. Hey preshu it was amzing episode..
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    Amazinggggg yaar loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much….
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    1. Presha

      Sorry for being rude dii…
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    loved it prehsu 🙂
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