Mending of Broken Heart ~ Twinj ff epi 5

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Recape: twinkle moment with her parents…

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A/N:This Article isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s Emotions and Sentiments..This FF is based on the sensitive Issue..Read Further if Handle Sensitive Issues..
_Alisha’s House_
Kunj and Alisha were lying on bed wrapped in Black Silk Sheets but on either corners of bed..Alisha was sleeping peacefully(Huh?Iski peaceful Sleep ki aisi ki taisi?)
But sleep was Far away from Kunj..He was staring at cealing aimlessly with tears in his eyes..Tears had became his best friend..He was so helpless..He could not save his Mother from his So called Father?
He was so helpless that he could not even end his Life?The Life which he hates most?The life which is only surrounded darkness?The life which made him what he never wanted to be?He was living just cause of his Mother?
Kunj wiped his tears wore his clothes and left a sleeping Alisha there..
It was 3:00 at Night..Kunj was walking on a Lonely Road aimlessly..Cloud were thundering..Heavy Air storm breaking sky Apart..Clouds were ready to brim..
But all this didn’t effected a broken soul that was of Kunj..Dried tear marks visible in his Face..His Eye’s blood Red and Swollen..His Face Pale and devoid of any emotions..
A small cute boy of about 5 Years was running and laughing in whole house..His Mom running after him with a plate of Food..
M:Kunj stop Baba have some Food..Don’t irritate Ur Mamma and have Food..
Little Kunj:No Mamma..Plz I don’t wanna have Food..
Usha sat on sofa and cried Fakely :Ok Fine U don’t wanna have Food na and irritate ur Mamma..Ok Fine..I won’t ask Kunj anything Again (Cried Fakely)
Little Kunj stopped all his Mischieves hearing his Mother Cry (Fake)..He came near her and climbed the sofa..He held his ears cutely between his chubby hands and mumbled Sorry..
K:Sholly Mamma..I won’t do anything or irritate U but plz don’t cry (Teary Eyed himself)
Usha Smiled at him and started tickling him making him laugh whole heartedly..
U:Acha meray badmash bacche..
After that she fed him with her own hands..
A Faint Smile Appeared on his remembering his Moment’s with his Mother but soon it Faded when again a Moment hit him..
Same Flashback..
After Feeding Little Kunj..She wiped his Lips with her dupatta and placed a Loving kiss on his Forehead that’s when something breaking sound was heard..
There came a stumbling drunked Manohar..Kunj was scared of Manohar..Usha asked Kunj to go to his Room..He did as Usha said but was Looking everything from hidding behind his Room Door..
Usha went to support Manohar but he pushed her hardly making her fell on Floor..Tears Formed in little Kunj’s Eye’s..Manohar slapped Usha Hard but she kept quite cause of Kunj..Cause she knows what kind a disgusting person Manohar is..He can even harm Kunj for his benefit ? After torturing Manohar left crying Usha on Floor..
It was a daily routine..Usha thought that she kept Kunj away from all this but unknown to her little Kunj saw all this..Kunj was crying looking at his Mother..
Kunj marched towards Usha with baby steps and wiped her tears with his small chubby hands..Usha was shocked to see Kunj..She thought he must have slept but he watched all..
Usha hugged little Kunj tightly taking him In her embrace..And Cried whilst little Kunj also slept crying in her Embrace..
Kunj was walking on Road..When a Sharp light flashed before him making his vision blurred..A truck hit him making him roll on the Road..Blood Oozing Out of his Head..He was badly injured..
I know u all are desperate for TWINJ meet Kunj..U people want twinkle to heal kunj’ s broken heart soon but u have to wait for sometime..Maybe for next two episodes..
I hope I haven’t hurt anyone of U and Unknowingly I did I am really sorry?
Love U all??

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  1. Sameera

    Wow yaar preshu amazing loved it sooo much bechara kunj felt bad for him yaar ..
    Do cont soon …
    Loved it ..
    Love you ????

  2. Nice episode ….loved it. ..plz post soon….

  3. awesome preshu

    u nailed it dear

    it was so heart touching yaar

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    waiting for twinj’s meet desperately

    love u a lot ……..♡♡♡


  4. Sohi

    Emotional episode
    Waiting desperately for twinj meet
    Do continue

  5. Baby

    ohhhh god preshu amazing or ronaa aa rha hai……..♥
    srsly nailed it ♥
    loved it ♥
    beautiful cute fb 1
    n hate did Manohar donno bt really osm ♥
    love u lods….♥
    post soon ♥
    cried alott ♥

  6. SidMin23

    Presha u made me cry and those kunj and usha fb make me cry and he bear all this for his mom and waiting to know how will twinkle heel his broken heart and hope kunj is fine waiting for next episode.

  7. Mind blowing episode yaar
    Too emotional ? ?????
    Feeling sad ? for kunj
    I right now I’m watching mom movie ?
    Same situation in ur ff and movie ? too only one difference us ki mom achai movie me tumare ff kunj papa ? villain hai???post soon plz plz fast ?♥️♥️?

  8. Daniya_khan_34

    Awesome prishu plzzzzzz post asap par koi faida nai i am reaching early morning to my school sooo i will be back for 1 day after days oh mai bhi kitni stupid hoon maine poocha hi nai ham frnd ban sakte hai ya nai love u loads ❤️❤️???

    1. P.....Secret

      Of course we’re frnds

  9. Rashiverma2199


  10. Sidmin ki sadia

    So emotional. Feeling bad for kunj
    Awesome. Epi. Post next soon

  11. Simiyy

    It’s really emotional
    Feeling sad
    Post soon
    Loads of Love

  12. Ramya

    Awesome one Presha
    It’s amazing
    Don’t they no that you hurted anyone
    Feeling so bad for kunj
    Love you keep smiling

  13. emotional episode preshu awesome ???? ?
    feeling bad for kunj
    post soon dear
    luv u

  14. Supriya18d

    Presha…awsm episode

  15. Nishuu

    Wow bujji it was awesome and emotional tooo
    I loved it dear
    Love u
    Keep smiling

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