Mending of Broken Heart ~ Twinj ff epi 4

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Add these lines in episode 4 in start…
(I know u really felt bad with Manohars Behaviour..But this episode will show u that at the same time two or even more kinds of personalities also exist..Here is a snap to father-daugher relationship)

Lets begin…

A/N:This Article isn’t mean to hurt anyone’s Emotions or Sentiments.. It’s based on a Sensitive Issue.. Read Further if U can Handle Sensitive Issues..
After having dinner with her parent’s twinkle was sitting in her balcony wearing her night dress in open air.. Inhaling Fresh Air and Watching the Star’s all the time smiling.. Her Smile wasn’t gone Un noticed by Leela and RT.. They were happy seeing their daughter Smiling..
Twinkle was sitting on a swinging comfy sofa when RT came their and sat beside her.. He started the Conversation making Twinkle Slightly Blush..
(Twinkle and her Parent’s share a Great and Frank Bond.. More Over Twinkle shares a Friendly relation with RT and shares everything with him more than Leela.. )
RT:I think My Princess is in Love with Someone and has Found her Prince.. Am I right..
Twinkle nodded her head with a Slight Blush.. She side hugged RT.. RT to reciprocated her Hug and stroked her hairs lovingly and asked her to continue..
Twinkle then narrated the whole incident how he saw Kunj and Found his dairy (She didn’t read it yet)
And How he left before she could ask his Name..
Twinkle sadly pouted at how she wasn’t able to find even his Name making RT chuckle..
T:Papa U r giggling seeing my state.. Jao I won’t talk to U..
And turns her Face to other side.. She was smiling silently knowing her Father can never let her be Angry with him for even a minute..
RT:Acha My Princess (Holding His Ears) I am Sorry..
Twinkle Smiled widely at her Father and hugged him.. When Leela came their with three Cups of Coffee saying..
L:Hayoo Rabba.. in dono baap beti ka kya hoga.. Aap na isse buhat spoil karte ja rahe ho..
RT:Offo Leela Ek hi toh beti hai meri.. Agar isse nahi spoil karun ga toh phir Kise..
RT said hi-fi -ing twinkle.. Leela Shook her head smiling at Father-Daughter bond..
They than drank Coffee and spent some Family time speaking.. laughing and sharing their Routines.. Leela and RT were happy for their daughter and wished Babaji to soon make her meet the person she has Fallen in Love with..
After some time having family time everyone left to sleep.. Leela hugged her daughter wishing her Good Night and RT pecked her Forehead Lovingly wishing her Good Night..
Twinkle to slept smiling and all blushing to her self remembering the whole day happenings and wishing Babaji to make her meet to him (Kunj) again..
Here I End Episode 4.. Hope U All liked it and it was upto Ur Expectations..
Bye Bye..
Love U All ??
Urs Preshu ??

Srry but i cant give such long updates….

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  1. Sameera

    Wow yaar preshu amazing bond …btw RT and twinkle …
    Loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much
    Woah twinkle has fallen for her kunj woah ????????…
    Can’t wait for next episode …
    Love you ????

  2. nice epi…
    loved d bonding of rt and tw..
    post next epi asap..

  3. Nishuu

    Nice one MERI bujji
    Loved it

  4. SidMin23

    Nice and love rt leela twinkle bond and wow twinkle fall in love with kunj already now waiing for twinj officially metting

  5. fan of presha di

    Amazing presha di loved it so mych …
    Plz post soon na ….

    1. Presha

      hii…hw r u…
      well who r u…dont kow u..
      can i know ur name…
      i m happy that i too have a fan…
      but i m not as gud as other…
      thank u..
      love u

      1. fan of presha di

        Thank u so much di for replying ..
        Yesss i am your fan …
        And don’t u dare say you are not good ..
        I love your each n every ff but can’t comment daily because of some problems ????

      2. Presha

        Aww ..
        It’s ok..
        Love u…????????

  6. Awwsmm yaar superb too cute bond of father-daughter ?????

  7. Cute one nice ??

  8. Wow…..finally u post it…..loved the episode….

  9. Ramya

    Awesome preshu amazing. Twinkle bond with her family is so cute
    N father daughter relationship
    U nailed it
    Love you keep smiling

  10. Sohi

    Very cute and awesome episode
    I liked this cool and awesome family

    Even my family is almost like this only

    Waiting for twinj scenes
    Do continue

  11. Aamu

    Hey it was awesome…?
    I jz reallly loved it…
    The father-daughters bond was ????…
    Perfect..just perfect preshu..?..
    But it was short…pls post soooon….n lm

  12. Aamu

    Hey it was awesome…?
    I jz reallly loved it…
    The father-daughters bond was ????…
    Perfect..just perfect preshu..?..
    But it was short…pls post soooon….n lemme know from insta..pls..
    I dont open TU daily na..
    Love u,??

  13. Haye amazing episode
    Loved father-daughter bond
    Post soon
    Love u
    Keep smiling ☺☺

  14. Sidmin ki sadia


  15. Baby

    preshu episode padne se phele I wuld like to ask sriieee ♥
    m soooo sriiee jaan mere scul strt ho gaye hain sooo mein visit nahi kar paa rhi thii TU
    m sooooooo srriieeee ♥
    love u soooooo mch kii tune mere liye post kiya love u…….♥

  16. Baby

    thankuuuuu soooooooooooo mch preshu…………♥
    meriiii jaaaaannn m sooooooo happy m soooo soooooooo sooo happy…….♥
    it was d cutets episode till now……..♥
    srsly loved it ♥
    d father n daughter bond lovely……..♥
    I wish I had d same………♥
    really osm ♥
    love u sooooooooo mch ♥
    marveleous ♥
    osm ♥
    do post as u get time…….♥

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