Mending of Broken Heart ~ Twinj ff epi 17

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Manohar was in house waiting for Alisha to be back with Kunj but there wasn’t any sign of them..

Then Only door knocked ; He went and opened door with an evil smirk but soon it turned into angry one seeing Alisha alone ?

M:Alisha ! Where is Kunj?

Alisha without answering his answer went inside the house and sat on sofa with a frustrated and angry look (?)

M:(Angrily) I asked you something ?

A:(same tone) They didn’t discharged Kunj ? At last Moment that b*tch came and stopped all the procedure ? otherwise he was being discharge! They said he is still weak and need’s to be in hospital for some more time ?

We can come and meet him but can’t take home as he need’s proper rest and care ?

M:What ? Who was that doctor ? Who stopped You?

A: She was some Twinkle Taneja !

M:(Shocked) What ?

A:Why are you so shocked ? that b*tch came at wrong moment ??

M:Do you even knows whose daughter she is ?

A:I am not interested to know ! You are talking as if she is daughter of some famous Buisness Man (non-interestedly)

M:Yes ! She is the only daughter of Ramindar Taneja ?

A:What ?

Before they can continue their talk’s there was a knock on door ; Manohar went and opened the door ; seeing them his face went pale , same was Alisha’s condition who came back after him to see who was there…


He was crying miserably hugging twinkle through her waist and mumbling contionously..

K:Plzz don’t leave me Maa.. Plz don’t go.. Plz don’t do anything to her.. Comeback Maa..

Twinkle herself was crying seeing his state ? Twinkle was caressing his hair to calm him down..

He was calming down a bit ; Kunj realised what he was doing ; he immediately left twinkle feeling awkward but twinkle knew this wasn’t the time for it..

T:It’s Ok Kunj..

It happens..

Don’t be embarrass..



Kunj was completely numb with her response ; He didn’t uttered a word and just looked around ; then he remembered how TWIRAJ sent Alisha back stating they can’t discharge him..

Fear gripped him thinking about Usha ; they can go to any extent to get money and fulfil their need’s ?

K:Why didn’t u let me get discharge ? Atleast now let me go cause now you no the reason to ? plz ! Don’t know what would be Maa’s Condition these day’s ??

T:(Sternly) No u can’t go ?

K:(Teary Eyed) But why? Please let me go ?

T:(Felt bad for his condition)Kunj u don’t need to do this all anymore..

K:(Confused) Means ??

T: I promise to help you and find Usha Aunty (Kunj’s Eye’s sparkled listening this) but on one condition..

Kunj’s face fell ; the sparkle somewhere again lost in darkness listening to her word’s..


K:W..What condition?

T: You have to tell me about how all this happened ? then only we can get any clue and can find her..

K:No.. If I didn’t go back to them they will hurt Maa ! I don’t want any more troubles for my Maa..

T:And what about urself?

K:I don’t care about it ! Just discharge me..

V:U don’t need to worry about your mother nor have to care about them..

They turned toward’s the voice ; Kunj was confused whilst twinkle smiled widely seeing the person..

He was in his mid late 20’s ; He had a good physique and well built body ; tall and handsome..

She ran toward’s him and jumped on him wrapping her arm’s around his strong well built physique smiling..

Kunj’s heart felt a pinch seeing twinkle hugging him ; He don’t know why but he felt to seperate HIS TWINKLE from that man and punch him..

They broke the hug and twinkle spoke with a wide smile adorning her face..

T:Varun ! U here?

(Varun Khanna : RT’s Friend Son ; an honest and brave police officer ; Twinkle’s and Uv’s friend ; imagine Varun kapoor)

V:RT uncle called me here !

Twinkle understood for what RT might have called him and then took him with her to Kunj and introduce them to eachother..

T:Kunj ! He is my Friend cum (interrupted)

V:Varun ! I am Inspector Varun Khanna!

T: And U know he is Kunj ?

V:Nice to meet you Kunj ? (forwarding his hand for a handshake)

Kunj shook his hand with him and gave a slight smile ?

V:Kunj ! U no need to be worried and ignore ur health ! Twinkle told me everything about ur past and we will find ur mother but for that we need to know ur past..

Kunj didn’t know how to start ! Tears formed in his eye’s remembering his past moment’s with Usha and he bowed his head down when he felt a hand on his shoulder..

He looked Upto find twinkle looking at him ; She assured him through her eye’s to trust them and continue and for an Unknown reason he did…

Here we end another episode ?

Next two episodes will contain whole past revelation of Kunj’s Past and will focus on Kunj’s bond with TWIRAJ , RT and Varun..?

Then Manohar and Alisha’s punishment time ?

We hold back Manohar and Alisha’s part to show TWINJ bonding ?

See U people soon ?


Till next byeer..
Love u….
Presha nd Aamna

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