Mending of Broken Heart ~ Twinj ff epi 16

Hey Everyone!
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A/NN: This Article isn’t meant to hurt anyone’s Emotions and Sentiments?

Let’s Start with a Smile?

After listening to plan TWIRAJ and RT were having a Smirk on there faces when twinkle said :

T:Get Ready Manohar Sarna ? Ur end is near ?

RT called someone and asked them to take out all information regarding Manohar and his deed’s after cutting call Uv said :

Uv:Papa and Twinkle ! We need to Council Kunj.. Cause as I have been observing him ; He suddenly remembers something regarding past or something that alway’s makes him Teary Eyed..

Even I have noticed that the last day when me and Twinkle were bickering he was lost in his own thought’s and was crying but tried to hide it cleverly..

T:Yeah Uv ! I too noticed this.. But Papa we have to be careful regarding all the plan cause Kunj’s mother is suffering from Cancer and Manohar Uncle is threatening him on this basis Only..

So we have to find her as soon as possible without letting Alisha and Manohar Uncle know..

RT:Haan Puttar! We have too but we have to ask Kunj how this all happened and about each and everything..

I had asked my men to take out all history of Manohar but still we need some clues that Only Kunj can gave Us..

Uv:Twinkle U will ask him..

T:What ?? How can I?

Uv:Aren’t U a Coucler ? Be professional and as a doctor ask him..

Twinkle hummed in response and agreed for it ; At that moment a Nurse came and said:

N:Dr Taneja & Dr Luthra ! There is an emergency.. The patient Kunj Sarna..

T:(Panicking)What? What happened to him? Speak Up?

Uv:Twinkle Calm down..

N:Mam he is getting Panic Attack! Dr Luthra plz check him..

Uv and Twinkle rushed toward’s Kunj’s Cabin ; as they reached there they were shocked and teary eyed seeing his condition..

He was continuously moving in slumber ; murmuring something ; sweating badly as if something was haunting him..

They went near him and what they heard made them shed painful tear’s..

K:(Unconcious Murmuring) Plzz Maa ! Don’t leave me..Plz don’t.. Plz don’t do her anything.. Plz Maa come back.. I miss U Maa ??

Plz comeback..

Comeback Maa..

Twinkle jerked Kunj trying to wake him up cause another anaesthesia drug to calm him isn’t good for health..

Kunj woke up with a jerk shouting and without realising hugged twinkle who was standing beside him..

He was in a vulnerable state ; Crying badly and swearing ; he wasn’t in his Senses and was continuously blabbering..

Uv and Twinkle knew this was needed for him ; so Uv left the room leaving TWINJ alone..

He was numb seeing Kunj so vulnerable ? He was wondering through what situation this soul had been ?

He (Uv) himself was an Orphan but got parent’s in disguise of RT & Leela ; A friend more than a sister in disguise of Twinkle..

But Kunj?

Even having parent’s has faced so Much! His state was worst..

Every time it isn’t about having everything..

It’s about Ur Fate..

It’s all about some have to face hardships even having everything..

But some are Lucky enough !


He was crying miserably hugging twinkle through her waist and mumbling contionously..

K:Plzz don’t leave me Maa.. Plz don’t go.. Plz don’t do anything to her.. Comeback Maa..

Twinkle herself was crying seeing his state ? Twinkle was caressing his hair to calm him down..

He was calming down a bit ; Kunj realised what he was doing ; he immediately left twinkle feeling awkward but twinkle knew this wasn’t the time for it..

T:It’s Ok Kunj..

It happens..

Don’t be embarrass..




Yet another episode ?

Hope U people will like this ?

So be ready people.. We are soon gonna introduce Manohar’s Destruction Track!

From here story will be completely Fictional..

As we told before that concept is NON-FICTIONAL (True Life) whilst rest story is Our own imagination and creation as we can’t share peoples personal life..

But as keeping the true aspects and reality of today’s world or more presicesd to be of this SO CALLED SOCIETY we have shaped up the Story according to it..

Hope U all are liking the way story is shaping ; we know it’s quite slow but as it’s a true basic concept we can’t rush anything into it like our respective other stories ?

Hope U all Understand ?

U have to be patient reading this story cause we won’t rush into anything and will try to un cover all the true realities of this society?

Our POV isn’t to criticize anyone but show the true aspects of life…


Do Comment wether +’ve or -‘ve ?

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Preshu and Aanu ??

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