Mendhak To Prince – Nikita (PROMO)

Mendakh To Prince – Promo

Hello, I’m Nikita and I’ve been working on many fan fiction! Right now, I’m basically working on “What’s So Special About You” and “Pehla Nasha”

In my other fan fiction, Kaira is the main (of course) but Naira is more main! The stories are based on Naira’s life and Naira’s love!

This story is based on Karthik’s life and Karthik’s love! So I hope you really enjoy this series!


Karthik is gone through much of pain! But finally he has met the one named “Naira”

Yes, my fan fiction would be dramatic but fun!

There would be cases of murder!! Not yet but soon after Kaira’s marriage!

I really want to give you a hint! Every one of you will be shocked! Also I want to give a big surprise!


Karthik’s Past:

Karthik was 5 years old when his mother left him. That day was his worst day! Him and the Goenka family cried! The luckiest thing happened is he got another mother! Her name was Swarna! She loved him whenever she felt down!!

At the age 9…
He got shot by one of the gangs!
This is how it happened:
Karthik is running
The gang took Keerti’s lollipop
Karthik: oy! Give it back
And boom…they gang shot the kid!

Luckily he was still alive.


At the age of 13…he broke his leg!
At the age of 14…he lost his way! Got lost for 2 days
At the age of 15…he failed exam!


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