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Chapter 3 – He looses
Mendakh to Prince
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Episode starts with Kaira in the car

Karthik: So what flavour do you want!

Naira: After this, you still wanna do this!

Karthik: Yes, Naira! Because I love you so damn much!

Naira: For now, I'm tired! I wanna go home!

Karthik parked his car near her house!

Naira: Nahi, mere ghar nahi, mera matlab tumhara ghar! Jo shadi ke baad hamara ghar hoga! I would stay there tonight

Karthik: As you wish

Karthik’s mood was ruined. They're ice cream date was cancelled. Karthik didn't wanted to go in that mood, but he still wanted to just for Naira! Naira knew his was depressed so she told him, she even wanted to cancel the ice cream date.


Karthik takes Naira to his room! They sat in bed staring at each other. Naira could see his pain in his eyes. He did wanted to cry, but not in front of Naira.

Karthik POV:
Naira kitni acchi hai, or meh isko ek iccha poori nahi kar paya, kaisa insaan hoo mein! At least, ice cream date pe toh jaa sakta tha. Mujhe pata hai, ki Naira ko pata tha ki mujhe nahi jaana isliya mana kara, only for my sake!

Naira POV:
This silence is so awkward! We’re just staring at each other! bhagwan, meri Karthik ki sadness mujhe deke, meri happiness use de do! I need to stay and calm him down! If I go, he will be alone!

Naira decides to break the silence with wiping off his tears and hugging him!

Naira: Can I kiss you?

Karthik didn't answer! He was depressed on the fact that he didn't made it to the finals of the soccer!

Naira took that as a yes and kissed him softly! That moment was a sad moment which they made special with a kiss.

She smiles at him

Naira: Karthik, ek haar ke waje se poori zindagi barbaad nahi kar sakte hai! Bus thore aur trials karke, game khel ke, finals me pohanch joyge.

Karthik kissed her forehead and said: Really, you think so baby?

Naira: Yes

Karthik hugs her tight

Karthik says: Main kitna ganda boyfriend hoo…..

He couldn't speak the rest of his sentence! Naira put his hand on top of his mouth!

Naira: How dare you speak a word against my boyfriend Karthik?!?! He is the best, so don't judge him!

Karthik smiles he puts her hair back and tucks it behind her hair!

Naira: Always smile like that! I love too see you smile! It’s so pretty!


Precap: First Night


Hey guys, short update for you guys! As you guys know I'm really busy with school work!

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Btw. I'm also working an OS (One shot)

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