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Episode 2 – I am her hero
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Karthik walks into Naira's room!
Naira walks up to him and pushes him in the bed!
Naira: So, you wanted me to kiss you!
Karthik: Yes, in lips
Naira slowly gets on top, smiles at him and kisses him! That moment was really special for them! Karthik grabbed her waist and pushed her down and started kissing her neck and stomach.
Naira grabs him and hugs him tight, they decide to sleep together!
Karthik: Naira, what if Naksh comes? He'll beat me up!
Naira: Don't worry, jab tak mein tumare sath hoo, kuch nahi ho ga tumke!
Karthik: But, Naksh?
Naira: We love each other, aren't we allowed to spend time together or romance?
Karthik hugs her tight and says: Yes you are right

8:00am In the morning

Karthik is sitting in the drawing room waiting for Naira

Karthik POV:

Kab aye gayi Naira! Mein ab aur wait nahi kar sakta! When is she going to come like literally! She will be looking so damn cuts she always look cuts. She was born for beauty! I can't believe I'm her Mandakh! I will always love her no matter what ever happens in this world. She is so sweet and nice, we will keep each other happy, forever!

Karthik goes near the cross to prayer

Naira is completely dressed in her crop top and mini skirt.

Naira POV:
Omg, what will Karthik think of me?? Why am I so shy? I know him for a long time now. He is not like the disgusting boys in our school! When and how did my life change! I am so lucky to have him! I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Why do I feel so nervous? Let me go in the drawing room and wait until he will get ready!

Naira goes to the living room she sees Karthik ready in his soccer uniform and praying to the cross, she goes to him and hugs him tight from the back

Karthik turns around and sees his Naira.Karthik gets amazed seeing the “hot” side of her.

Karthik: Mein toh bolta hoo ki saree suit choro aur apne s*xy style ko follow karte raho

Naira: Very funny, mendakh

Karthik: Fact hai

Naira pinches his cheeks and says: What should I do with you?? Waise mein kaise lag rahi hoo?

Karthik: Very damn hot! Everything suits you!

Naira: Karthik please stay next to me, you know what kind of boys they're are!

Karthik cups Naira's face and says: Don't sorry sweetheart, no one has the rights to touch you in a wrong way, not even me!

Naira hugs him and says: That's why I love you! You loved me truly, you care for me, understand me, know me, help me and many more reasons!

Karthik: You're the best girlfriend I can find in the whole universe.

Naira: Karthik, you know how Naksh will be angry if he founds out??

Karthik: I know

Naira: Karthik come on today you will have to win, if you do you’ll make it to the finals!

Karthik: Yes, it’s my mother's dream!

Naira: Yes, also my dream now.
She smiles

Karthik smiles at her

Naira: Karthik, wait I will just go and fix my hairstyle

Karthik: Naira, wait

Naira turns

Karthik blushes and says: If you don’t mind, can I make your hairstyle??

Naira freaks out and laughs

Naira: You know how to?

Karthik: Yes, I use to make my cousin sister Mansi’s hair.

Naira: Ok

Karthik braids her hair

Karthik: Finish

Naira gets surprised and kisses Karthik on his cheeks

Naira: Thankyou! It’s really beautiful!

Karthik: I know it’s beautiful, but not more than you

Naira blushes and tries to leave but Karthik holds her hand from the back and pulls her, he kisses her cheeks

Naira runs away successfully from Karthik! Karthik smiles!


Naira is practising with her squad while Karthik is taking pictures of her.

Lisa: Naira, look how Karthik is looking at you

Naira pushes her

Lisa: Ok sorry Ms Naira Singhania, or should I say Mrs Karthik Goenka!

Naira smiles and looks at Karthik.

A guy came up to Naira and started touching her

Guy: Wow damn that as*. May I touch it baby?

Naira walks back

He comes closer and touches her hair

Karthik looked and ran to Naira and hugged her

Karthik's: Naira are you ok??

Naira: Yes I'm fine

Karthik turns around and gives the guy a angry face

Karthik walks up to him and starts beating him up.

After 3 hours, police came and arrested him.

Karthik POV:
Thank God, Naira is safe! I could've killed him for misbehaving with her. Of anyone else touches her, then sorry God, that person will be dead!


Precap: Karthik looses the game

Sorry guys for the short episode! I didn't get to write anything yesterday because they whole day I was at school because of an show we had.

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