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Mendhak To Prince
Chapter 1 – Confessed
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I was lying down on the green grass waiting for her! She is was really special for me. I could feel the air breeze. I was lost in my thoughts. I suddenly realized how lucky I am!! I am really lucky! Even though I have gone through so much pain and failure in my life, I am still lucky!

I was only lucky for a reason which was, I was called “Mendhak” from her. People would laugh, but I'm happy. Girls think I'm hot! She thinks I'm mendakh.

She was beautiful, innocent and smart. He thought to himself “I am stupid, why would she even fall for me”

My happiness is college and her, nothing else! If I go back to my home, that Mr Manish Goenka would scold me about not being great at studies! Karthik remembers all his worst memories in that Goenka Villa.

He Remembers:

(When he was 15, the Goenka family went on a ceremony! Many people were there!

The worst part is when Manish got up the stage and started talking about how great her daughter Keerthi is at studies, not mentioning his name at all! His friends made fun of him and bullied him!!

He smirks and says “After all these pain in my life, I am now young, hot and the most popular boy in the school! Every girl is wants me except for her!

A beautiful girl walks in and punches him in the stomach.

Him: ow! Naira tum?

Naira, that was her name! The beautiful young girl! She was one of the best at studies, and the most popular! She was known as the fashion icon in college! Most girls were jealous of her!!

Naira: Ha! Meh hoo, Karthik!

Karthik, that was his name! The extremely hot and popular guy at school! He is an basketball player! Most boys were jealous of him!

Karthik: Finally you're here!

Naira: Mendhak, chup raho! Aur bheto thikse!

Karthik: Fine! Let's work on our projects now!!

They started working on their projects. While working Karthik accidently touched Naira’s hand! They stop and look at each other for a while

Karthik apologizes

Naira: It's ok

Karthik POV:

What should I say? Should I invite her!?! Let me ask! Don't worry Karthik!

Karthik: Naira

Naira: Ha, kya hua?

Karthik: Do you have any plans tomorrow?

Naira looks at him and says: Now, are you going to ask me out?!?!

Karthik blushes and says: Pagal ho gayi kya! I just wanted to invite you to the basket tomorrow, you should come! Tomorrow are the finals!

Naira laughs and says: Agar invite nahi kara hota to bhi mein ati! Because, I'm in the cheerleading squad

Karthik: Damn..Wow

Naira: Kya bola? Damn wow
Naira laughs

Karthik: What's the costume tomorrow, the you guys will wear?

Naira: Mini skirt, and crop top!

Karthik smirks

Naira pushes him!

Naira: Don't think dirty!!

Karthik: That will only happen if you look se*y!!

Naira gets shocked

Karthik: Mere matlab, the other girls

Naira: Oh accha!

Karthik: Btw, I am staying at Naksh’s apartment tonight

Naira: excuse me, that's mine, Gayu di and Naksh bhaiya’s apartment!

Karthik: Oh accha! Yeah so Naksh and Gayu will go early in the morning to apply Gayu for a job, then me and you will get ready together and leave for the basketball game!!

Naira: WHATT! Get ready together!!

Karthik: I mean, leave together

Naira: Tonight my friend Suniya, Liska are going to come, so don't disturb us!

Karthik gets up and tickles Naira

Naira laughs

Karthik: Disturbe mein to karoonga

Naira pushes him and gets top of him! She holds his collar and says: Thik he, ek challenge doo?

Karthik pulls Naira closer to his face. She could feel his breath. They looked into each other's eyes!

Karthik: So what's the challenge?

Naira: I dare you to flirt with Liska, she liked you in 5th Grade! You didn't like her back!

Karthik: Sorry, I don’t flirt with any girls except for you!

Naira blushes

Naira pushes him away and runs

Karthik smiles and chases her

He gets her from the back and carries her, he made her lay down in the grass!

Naira pushes him again and gets on top!

Naira: Accepted?

Karthik: Only if you kiss me?

Naira: What?? We’re only friends

Karthik: I know
(Karthik in his mind: Well we won't be friends, we would be bf and gf)

Karthik: Challenge toh challenge hota hai! Last year, you dared me to pull up a girl’s skirt! You know I got detention for 15 days!

Naira laughs and says: Ya I felt so sad for you that day!! Ok I will kiss you, just because I made you in trouble! I'm ready to kiss you! When?

Karthik: At night! Before sleeping

Naira blushes and says: Karthik tum bhi!

Karthik smiles

Naira: If I kiss you, you will have to buy me ice cream tomorrow

Karthik: I was thinking that we should go to the ice cream shop after basketball! Wow, I'm impressed, shaadi se pehle hi, meri dil ki baat jaanli

Naira blushes

Karthik gets up and hugs Naira, she was sitting on Karthik’s lap

Karthik: Naira, sach sach bolo?
You love me?

Naira smiles

Karthik: Naira ever since you came into my life, I am able to forget about my painful life I had! You are the one, I want to marry you, start a family with you, I just wanna say I LOVE YOU

Naira pushes him back and lays on him and says: Karthik, am I stupid! The whole time we are looking into each other’s eyes! Lying on each other! Touching each other! Do normal friends do that?? No they don't! I already knew you loved me, I could see it in your eyes! We did these things but never ever confessed it to each other?? Omg we’re so weird!!

Karthik: So you love me?

Naira smiles and screams: OF COURSE I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU KARTHIK!!

Karthik and Naira hugs each other

The screen freezes


Precap: karthik and Naira romance

Most episodes will be Kaira having romance! It will get to the murder part when finally the families get to know about their love!!

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Comment down below your most top 2 favourite parts in this story!

Thx bye love you!!

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