MEMORY SHOT- one shot on shivika

Hi friendsi already posted this story on indiaforums. this is my first one shot on current track. Hope you would like it. Please like and comment. Please ignore errors.
Shivay’s pov
I started running towards the stairs. I felt my heartbeat stopped for a minute. I felt someone pushed me from a cliff. All my senses went numb. I couldn’t register what was happening. I found her lying in a pool of blood before me. No, no she is not my Annika just before few minutes she was fighting with me, talking to me, scolding me but how come she is so silent now.

As I ran towards her I found her still body. She was not moving. I slowly shaked her, but there was no movement. I called out her name few times but still she didn’t respond to me.
I had the same fear in my mind once again the thought of losing her. It was the most horrible moment of my life when daksh kidnapped her and threatened to kill her. No one ever knew what happened to daksh after that. Anika asked me many times about his whereabouts and I managed to convince her by saying that he is in jail. But little did my anika, (did I say my anika obviously she is mine only mine) knew that daksh is bearing the consequences of messing up with shivay singh oberoi’s wife. Obviously he was sent to jail but not before seeing my tadibaaz treatment. I destroyed his entire business empire; beat him with my own hands for many days and breaking his bones. I literally made him a living dead body.

Still my blood boils thinking his name how dare he torture my anika but wait I did push anika from the stairs I too deserve the same punishment even much more than that. I was filled with a mixture of emotions. I remembered all those moments I spent with her. I came to senses when rudra called me bhaiya, we should take bhabhi to hospital. We immediately rushed to the hospital all the way I was holding her hand and constantly called her name.


All the oberois came to hospital. Doctor was treating her inside. Shivay was feeling restless. When nurse asked him how he is related to the patient without any hesitation he replied I’m her husband I became speechless. He was not the old shivay I knew who once believed in blood and lineage. He is anika’s shivay. I am able to see love for anika in shivay’s eyes. Suddenly I found shivay missing. I went around the hospital to search for him. I found him leaning over a pillar with messed up hair and shirt. I went running towards him. I called his name but he did not respond. I shaked him vigorously he spoke in a broken voice.

Shivay: I pushed her om. It’s all my fault. She is in this condition because of me. I married her forcefully, always insulted her, never trusted her, wanted to divorce her om. I made her life a very big mess. She will never forgive me. She will never come back to me. I can’t live without her Om she is not my responsibility but my wife. I love her om. Please ask her to comeback om. I will never let her to leave me I promise om. Please, and with that he started to break down in my arms I hugged him tightly and consoled him.

Doctor: mr.oberoi she is out of critical stage now u can meet her but please make sure that she is not stressed.
Shivay: thank you doctor.
I went near her she was sleeping peacefully I holded her right hand and promised to not leave her hand again. I thought myself to introduce anika as my wife to the world and prove tia’s wrong intentions. I will ask anika to forgive me and will never let her leave me. I slowly kissed her forehead and cheeks.
I noticed her eyelids moving. She slowly woke up and tried to get up. I wiped my tears and helped her to get up. She was looking me like a stranger. I know she is angry with me and she refused to take my help. But I somehow helped her. I started to apologise to her but nothing seems to enter into her mind. Suddenly she started to speak in a terrified voice.

Anika: what is my name? Where I am? Who are you? I don’t remember anything.
She started shouting and crying I panicked and called for the doctor. He injected her with some medicines and she went into a deep sleep again. Doctor called me to his cabin.

Shivay: what happened to my anika doctor? She said she don’t remember anything. How’s that possible? She don’t even remember me.
Doctor: mr.oberoi , in these kind of cases there are possibilities that the patient may suffer temporary memory loss.

Shivay: what? But she can never forget me doctor.

Doctor: I understand mr.oberoi but please try to understand the situation. U should be patient. She may get her memory back soon.

Shivay’s pov

God gave me the worst punishment in this world. Now my anika will never remember me. But still I have hope she will remember me soon and I will make her mine on that day.


Shivay bhaiya has changed a lot. For past one month seems everything changed a lot. Bhaiya asked lady baba to move out of oberoi mansion and she did that. I still can’t believe how he convinced her. but he is SSO and can do anything. He shifted his office to home and took care of bhabhi no, no now we should call her didi. She doesn’t remember anything when she asked us about her past we said that she was working for obreoi company and met with an accident. She was very close to the family. Bhaiya refused us to say anything more to her. Bhaiya was eagerly waiting for anika bhabhi to regain her memory.


I went to anika’s room it’s midnight and you cannot enter into a girl’s room but she is my wife and I have full rights over her. Little did she remember my blush lessons? I chuckled at my own thought and slowly went near her. She was sleeping beautifully and I can’t resist myself from kissing her. I slowly kissed her forehead and covered her with blanket and left from there.

Anika’s pov

I could feel shivay’s hot breathe over my face. I must say I got pretty used to it. He used to daily visit my room thinking that I am sleeping but I am all awake waiting for him to come. Even though I never open my eyes his mere presence make my heart jump in happiness. I know I am acting before him but I did all this for him. It’s my plan to expose tia but that’s a long story. Once she is exposed I will tell the truth to shivay and will leave him forever but can I live without him?


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