memory recovery can’t destroy two soul swasan(one shot)


This is a one shot.
ap: look like maheswari kings were happy today.
Lucky: haa maa ranveer bhai made our rivals down.
Ad: those who linked with them were them is my enemy.
Rag: that means we are also. Becoz me and bhabhi is aastha’s frnd.
Ishani:they enimity only toward shlok and aaryan .
Dp: they were really sad and heartbroken.
Lucky: haa sanky bhai flight arrive at 8: oo clock maa.
Suja: what he is coming . After his departure iam really sad.
Ap: haa but now he is coming.

Uttara; haa maa .
Sanky entered :. Mom iam here. Today i have some meeting pls can i take a nap.
Rag: come here for business not for us.
While family moments going on ranveer enter there witha girl. The girl is total hurt and have wound.
Is: who is that. U diorce me no never. Ekk chutki sindoor ki kimath(cut down by ranvi).
Ra: shut ishani. Bas karo yeh drama.
Girl: where is my hubby bhai. He never miss me.
Ranvi pointed towards sanky he is the one.
Swara go to room and scold ur hubby later.

Sw: ok bhai.
When she leave.
San: what the hell bhai i don’t think its fine leave her where u get her. Who is she tell me.
Ap: haa bol beta.
Ra: within hour karan he is the one can explain this .

Karan entered.
Rag: bhai karan here.
Sanranlak: who is she.
Karan : she is the one who unknowingly made us win over them. But she find out we use her innonce she try to suicide.
Dp: rp look sincere empoly.
San: she very sincere to her office, for a unknowing proposal she think to end her.
Kar: because she is the sis of sholk and would bbe of arryan.
Ap: that our anjali’s jaan. Hai naa.
Ran: u are dissmissed how can u behave like this.
Kar: now she lost her memory support her. He leaves
next day.
Swara in hall on sarree
sw: u didn’t forgive me tell?.
San: nono shona i forgive u.

Slowly there bond increase, but he cross the limits. Sanky leave the professsional life. Began to enjoy.
Aftr 1 year.
Sanky waiting for swara she go for shooping. Later he get to knw that she ,met with accident, when mm reached there agnihothri were there . She forgot sanky forever. Her family took her back.
Sanskaar was broken ranveer and others try to cheer him but fails. Even hetry to commit suicide.Later from karan swara came to know all, except the love of sanky.
Next day:
swara enter mm.
Ap: beta tu here.
All gathered except. Our hero.
Ran: cutie ur fine hai naa.
Swa: i want to thank u.

Sanskaar came out of room for office saw shona.
Sw: tq sanskaar. U should come for my wedding. She place the letter.
San: sry i will try becz still u are sis of my rival. So get lost.
Sw(teary ): so rude i hate u.
She leave.
Is: why you behave like that
suj: u hurt her.
San: morethan am hurt. I love her without her am dying. If saw her marriage may be i again try to end myself.
Swara over hear it. On wedding day when they reach there they saw aryaaan marrying aaradhya.
Dp; where is shona.
Shl: swara lost memory she remember only u guyz.

Mm took her. Except swara evryone in hall.
Par: we get back hai naa.
Rag: for how many days.
Swa: life long.
San: means?
Swa: i lovr u yaar. Why i don’t know i saw a spark in ur eyes for me when i came tht day. I think u love.
San: more than my self dear.
Screen freeze in swasan hug


i think u guys like pls cmmnt

Credit to: aastha nandh

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