Hai frnds Shot 5

Abhi get shocked by pragya’s replay. Abhi said u r leing right. U just want to distract me for that u telling like this right. Tears came from abhi’s eyes. Pragya was silent and watching abhi’s tears it’s hurts her. Abhi again ask plz tell nikita it was an lie right. Still pragya is silent. Abhi just sout and ask tell me it is a lie. Pragya said no abhi it is truth. But I don’t know whether iam married or not . Iam not revember anything. The lady who help me only gave that maggalsutra to me and said it was tied around my neck when the accident was happened. She said It was the only thing she saved from my past. Now abhi was silent don’t wat to do. Pragya is watching abhi continuously. Abhi just walk here and there and think something seriously. He won’t think this will happen in his life he is totally satter now.

After sometime abhi goes to pragya and said u know chashmise I was struggled in my life too much to get this position. When I was small my parents are died then my dadi only take care me and my sis. So I love my dadi too much even my sis. Then my only frnd purab. I can do anything for them. But after that 3 of them now I can do anything for u nikita. Even die. Pragya was look shock. Iam not belive in love but u change everything. I always see motherly care in your eyes. When iam with u I can feel like iam complete. I love you that much nikita. U know even iam also like you. I lost my 2 yrs memory. Pragya was he’ll shock now. After that I feel always I miss something but when I see u first time I feel u r everything to me. Plz chashmise don’t go. Pragya don’t know wat to do. She know she like and love abhi but her past and everything confusing her.

Abhi was silently watching her. After too much of silence abhi breaks that and said ok chashmise plz tell one think. U said u have magalsutra but u don’t know it’s ur’s are not right. Pragya nods her head. Abhi ask if u married means where is ur husband now y he is not searching u? (With angry). Pragya just bend her head. Abhi again ask like wat if u don’t get ur memory means are u going to be like this in ur entire life. Pragya don’t know wat say she won’t think in that way. I know nikita u love me. Iam not going to comple u now. But Iam going to give u time . After my accident i don’t know how to start my career but my frnd purab support and i start to do album but iam not feel good when that was started but after met u, u gave different hope of my life so i gave 48 hours time to you that means 2 days.

After 2 days iam going to launch my album on that day iam waiting for ur replay. After 2 days iam goingto leave this pune also u can decide iam leaving with u or not that means u accept me or not. Now the is in ur side nikita. 48 hrs U can decide anything. Iam waiting in car u come. Saying of this leave from there. Pragya was standing with confusion face but she get some flashes like ” iam going give u 24 hours on that 24 hours u can prove ur self”(mms epi abhi gave time to pragya to proof herself ) but images are blur she can’t see anything but the words are again and again came to her memory. Her heads are paining now and she held her head and try to stand steadily but all get blur she falls the last think she hear is nikita(abhi voice) but before she reach floor abhi catch her. Fb : after abhi leave pragya he goes away and just turn around and watch pragya her face have to much of confusion after some time abhi pragya held her head go in to fall abhi just run to her and catch her. Fb ends

Now pragya is totally unconscious abhi try to wake up Pragya but she is totally unconscious so he take her in his hand and come he car and drives to his room (1st he think to go home but if they saw her like this all get panic so decide to his hotel room) after reached room abhi call a doctor . Then call home and tell pragya is with him. After sometime doctor came and check pragya and said it’s just because of stress so take care of her. Abhi nods his Head.

After doctor leaves abhi see pragya. He feel her pain in her face and also a cuteness. Abhi cannot control himself he came near pragya and go close to her forehead but suddenly stops himself and says abhi she is not say yes to you so control ur self. Then abhi goes and sleep in sofa.

Next morning pragya wake up and look around finally sees abhi and get shocked. On that time also wakeup and she pragya both eyes are met again they lost in eyes. After some time came back sense and pragya ask how she came here abhi just explain that and leaves to wash room. Pragya just look around the and see a photo. She take that in her hand and watch that. Abhi came back to room see pragya with photo and he came near her and touch her hand it gives some feels in her then abhi said they are my lovable person and this is aliya my sis and this purab my bestie and finally this is my payari dadi. Pragya smiles and said they all are looking lovely and such a lovely family. Abhi said here after u also one of the family member to us. Pragya ask Wat with confusion. Abhi said nothing u just get fresh up I drop u in home. Pragya nods and go to washroom.

Abhi drop pragya in home. After get out from car pragya said thanks for helped yesterday and now for drop. Abhi just smile’s and pragya said bye and try leave but abhi call her and said nikita iam waiting for u 2moro evng . If u come means I take that u accept me. If u not come I take that u are not accept me. Ok bye take care. Saying of this abhi leaves from there. Pragya was totally confused now she goes to her room and thinking of abhi.

2 days complete like a second.
Pragya still confused other
Side abhi was feel rest less.

Then abhi launched his album the audience all are ask him to sing a song. Abhi sees every where there is no nikita. Abhi feels sad and tears came from his eyes and control himself and sing a song for his fan it was a sad song. In that song we can feel abhi’s heart and love. at last abhi see a lady like Nikita he just close his eyes and think it was imagination. Then he open his eyes and see nikita be there with smile and tears. Abhi was super happy now. He just say I love you in loud the fans are think abhi says to them but pragya know that and blushed.

Fb: pragya was thinking in her room. The lady from home with pragya last two days she feels something is bothering her thinks to talk to her. In evng she came to pragya room and see nikita is lost somewhere she came near her and touch her hand pragya see the lady. Lady ask wat happened nikita y r u looking sad. At first nikita is not tell anything then tell about abhi and her past. Lady ask nikita tell one think to me if u don’t had that maggalsutra means are u accept abhi. Pragya said yes. The lady said with smile so u also love abhi right. Pragya nods her head and tells but lady stops her said don’t think about past nikita. The past is always be a past. Sometime the past gave happy and sometime sad. But we won’t stop ourself just thinking of our past. I know u are confused like she is married or not right. Just think where is him. Y he is not searching. We already gave complaints about u but we don’t get any details. Ok if u still confuse close ur eyes if u see abhi means plz u go to abhi now itself. If u see ur magalsutra means we will search every where about ur past ok. Pragya nods and closed her eyes . At first she sees abhi suddenly opened her eyes and again closed her eyes and now abhi was stand there with magalsutra. And thinks he tie that around her neck. Pragya open her eyes and gets happy she hugs the lady and get ready to meet abhi.fb ends.

Some one touch her hand then pragya came back to sense. One man(abhi music cmpy manager) told her abhi sir called her and he is waiting in caravan. The man show way to abhi caravan. Pragya goes inside the caravan. Suddenly abhi hugs her 1st pragya gets shock and then she also hugs him. Then abhi broke hugs kissed pragya forehead and said thank you soo much of Coming nikita. I love you sooo much chashmise and hugs her. Pragya feel sly and hugs him back. After some time both are settled in bed like sofa abhi take pragya hand play with it. Pragya feel sly and blushed hard. Abhi said Don’t blush chashmise I can’t control my self. Pragya gets shocked and take her hand. Abhi smiles and again took her hand. Abhi ask so u also love me right pragya just nod her head with her blush. Abhi cup pragya face and ask plz tell me the 3 words nikku. Please. Pragya with more sly and blush said I love you abhi. I love you so much. Abhi just hug pragya tightly and kiss her head. Both are remains like that sometime. Then abhi’s phone rings and purab calling. Abhi attend the and get shock. Pragya was clueless of abhi’s words. Then abhi cut the call and watch pragya. Abhi said nikku dadi gets heart attack and admitted in hospital and hugs pragya and cry. Pragya gets shock but seeing abhi’s sad and cry make her to cry. Then pragya consol abhi and make him to go to Mumbai. Abhi ask pragya to come with him. She said I also like to come with u but dadi is not well know if they see me with u she will definitely feel sad. It’s not good for health so after dadi good well u can take about me to her ok. Abhi nods and hugs her. Then pragya leaves from there abhi also leaves to Mumbai.

After 7 days now dadi is little bit better. Aliya also came to see dadi. They discharge dadi to MM. Abhi take care of dadi always. In this 7 days abhi call nikita everyday(there home land line) and talk to her. Pragya ask about dadi and health. Abhi likes her care towards dadi.

One day rsdadi call purab and ask about dadi health. Then said now a days sarala totally sick and always only watching the front door. U also now came here last one week bcos of abhi dadi health so sarala feel like u also forgot her. If u get time come and meet her and and try to get abhi with her it will give some hope to sarala. Purab said ok.

Next day purab and abhi are in car purab is Driving. Abhi ask purab where we are going now. Purab said u belive me right abhi said ya. Purab said abhi we are going to my frnd house they all are fan of u they all are want to meet you . Abhi ok and ask who is that new frnd of u abhi with smile ask gf. purab just smiles and drive the car with bulbul thinking. After they reach sarala maa house. Purab and abhi enter but abhi feels he already know that place very well abhi said purab I feel I know this place very well. Purab said may be abhi. Then both are entered rs dadi first see purab and said happily purab then seeing she gets more happy. Purab understand dadi feeling and hugs her and said in her ears dadi abhi came here as a rockstar I just convince him to see a fan so plz act like a fan dadi plz dadi nods and act like abhi fan. Abhi like dadi very much so he again named her rsdadi. Purab dadi abhi all are chat with each other. Sarala ma hear abhi voice. And thinks if abhi be here means pragya also here and shout pragya. 3 gets shock by sudden shout. Abhi ask purab wat happen who shout like this who is in that room. Purab said abhi you wait here I will come saying this he going to sarala ma room.

After that also sarala ma shout I want to meet pragya. Abhi was feeling restless because of the name of pragya. He go to that room see dadi and purab try to control sarala ma. Abhi ask wat happen to her purab. Who is she? Purab said abhi she lost her second daughter in one accident and her elder daughter also missing now. Don’t know where she is now? Because of that ma begave like this. Suddenly sarala hold abhi hand ask abhi where is pragya if u be here means pragya also here na. Where is she? Abhi don’t wat to say and looks confused try to relive his hand and turn around and gets a chock seeing pragya photo there. Abhi with shock ask purab who is she? Purab turn and see pragya photo and said oh she is pragya the elder daughter of ma and now she is missing. Abhi ask her name is pragya ha abhi (with feeling) and we Try to search her. Suddenly abhi said but I know where she is. Purab and rsdadi gets shock. Purab ask you know her. Abhi said ha purab I know her. Purab ask where you met her abhi said in pune. Purab ask Pune , which place abhi do you her address. Abhi said purab relax I know her every details why should I give you details to you. I go to pune now itself and come back with her ok. Purab hugs abhi.

And purab said I am also come with you. But abhi stops him and said purab u r need to be here and dadi also just discharge from hospital so be here I will come with her ok. Purab said ok. Abhi leaves from there and take pune road to see nikita. Abhi was super happy he thinks finally nikita gets her family. But suddenly abhi’s happiness gone he think if pragya past that maggalsutram. Abhi think like wat if she joined her family means she came to know about her husband right and he scold himself by not asking about nikita husband to purab. Bcos of this thought he lost his car control and it’s dashed with a lorry. It was big accident abhi gets hard hit in yer head but before he close his eyes he revember his last time accident and the phone talk to pragya at last words to her I LOVE YOU FUGGI. That’s it he closed her eyes.

Some people admit abhi to a hospital and call purab. Purab and aliya reached hospital. Finally after 4 hours doctor came out for operation theater. Purab ask about abhi doctor said he is fine now his head gets hard hit may be bcis of that he will get his old memory. But if he get his old memory means he definitely forgot this last 3 months. Purab was super shock. Aliya was shocking to core bcos after too many days now only she can get the love again from her bro.

Then next mrng abhi shifted to normal room. Dadi ask purab to come to hospital but purab stop dadi bcos of her health issues. Rs dadi was came to hospital to know abhi state. Then after some abhi opened his eyes and purab and rsdadi be there. Aliya was not in abhi sight. She is out of the room. She know if abhi get memory means definitely get angry after seeing her so decided to wait outside. Abhi slowly opened his eyes and see purab and rsdadi. Purab comes to abhi ask abhi are u alright abhi just nods his head litly. Then abhi with more struggle ask where is pragya? She is alright na purab?

Precap: abhi searching pragya in pune. Nikita is waiting for abhi call.

Next shot is my last shot frnds. Try to update soon. Sry for late update. Plz forgive me for mistakes. Thanks everyone who read this shots. Thank you sooo much.. love u drs 🙂

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