Down the memory lane…Hamesha and forever- Chapter 3

“Kartik Goenka the director of Goenka industries…He was an arrogant and self centered man with a dark very dark secret.He worked 10 house a day,he had brought Goenka industries from scratch to the position so high.He thought work,spoke work and lived work .

The only women who he was friendly with were his sister Keerthi and Mallika his friend who had a secret crush on him and was even slightly possessive about him.”Naira said.Just as she fini shed talking about Mallika Kartik on a flirting tone said “ahh Mallika she was smoking hot.”

Naira fumed and whispered indeed.”Cmmon jaan she was the one who brought us together” Kartik said despite knowing what she had done to Naira he never hated her so much.

“Anyways that means mom was chirpy and cute and dad was rude..hmmm….Now I know why you guys were poles apart”Ekalavya said.”Hello I wasn’t rude I just needed my woman my Naira.”Kartik said.

Authors note.
so here’s the 3 chapter.

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  1. Shivaya khanna

    Nice chapter great but pls post longer update these are too short just a request

    1. Rosa18

      Shivaya di I know actually ive got my boards and so it is difficult to post long chapters but long chapters after 17 pinky promise.Just keep supporting me sothat i can improve my works.

  2. Vedanshidwivedi

    Short and sweet

  3. Vinni05

    NYC one
    Waiting for next

  4. Hey rosa ! If i m not wrong then u 2 r hving ur icse 10th boards…if yes den same pinch bcz even i m giving icse boards ryt now…btw i m lvng ur ff bcz its a new story…& ya All the best for ur boards!!…

  5. Rosa18

    Yes Ananya i am giving my ICSE
    Glad that you are liking my story
    I’ll try to post long updates in the 10 day gap we get for maths

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