Down the memory lane…Hamesha and forever- Chapter 2

“Get up Naira the sun is already out.This girl will never change”said Akshara.”So what ma am I supposed to do photosynthesis if the sun is out.You ruined my dream,I had almost won Nach Baliye with my prince charming”said Naira rubbing her eyes.”See I told you now you are dreaming of your husband its high time you got married darling”said Akshara.”Mom the first thing I never said I was with my husband it could even have been my live in partner and the second thing I will marry only one who has SRK’s charm,Hrithik’s body,Salman’s looks”said Naira getting down from her bed.”Oh my Aishwarya Rai where am I supposed to get this all in one pack for you,if you continue like this even Mishti will be married.Look how happy Gayu is with her husband.”
“Good idea mom I will marry Gayu di’s son.”
“You are hopeless Naira now get ready and come down you are supposed to meet some clients today”said Akshara.
“Oh bete ki I totlally forgot”replied Naira
“And for god sake stop watching that marriage drama serial.”Said annoyed Akshara.
“Mom its Ishqbaaz and don’t say anything about it.”

Kartik said so my kids so was your darling mom.I changed her.
“Oye mendhak jyaada tadi mat dikhao abhi tumhare secrets batati hoon”replied Naira.
Ekta said “so ma ishqbaaz is still your fav.”
“But dad how do you know this about Mom.This is supposed to have happened before you met her” asked confused Eklavya.
“I told him”
“Naksh mama you”said the kids in unison.
“Happy Aniversary evergreen couple”said Keerthi and hugged Kaira.

Authors note.
So that is it.Will post the next chapter soon.Do comment peeps.

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