Our Memories…Ishqbaaz (Episode 9)

Here you go with the 9th part. ihope you all will like it.
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Everyone was sitting in the hall and were chatting with Annika.When a boy of 3 enters
Boy-mamma and goes and hugs Annika, she also hugs him back
All the oberoi’s are shocked especially Shivaay
A-my baby I missed you so much and kisses his cheeks
B-mamma no kissi
A-ok sorry ansh mama won’t do it again
All oberoi’s in unison-Annika who is he
A-Oh yes I totally forgot, Ansh meet everyone and everyone this is Ansh
S-I understood that he is Ansh but why is he calling you mamma
A-Shivaay its simple because im his mother and he is my son
Shivaay was shocked to the core so were all others
S-but how is this possible I mean
A-Why is it not possible Shivaay I just now told na that he is my son
Confusion was clearly seen on the face of oberois
S-But I mean
A-Shivaay I told na he is my son oops our son
More Confused face
All-But how
S-Wait a sec I remember a day after accident some reports from hospital came. Now I understand when you had you accident you were pregnant at that time I thought that I have lost both of you but I was wrong.
A unexpressable happiness was seen on shivaay’s face it was the best day of his life his family was complete again.
Shivaay goes and take Ansh in his lap and hugs him
An-Mamma ye taun hai mujhe tyon pakda hai(who is he why is holding me)
A-Ansh he is your dad
A-yes dad
An- daaa….aaaad, daaa….aaaad(with naughty smile on his face)
R-Bhabhi he also has eyes like bhaiya
A-Yes the Kanchi aakhen
Now ansh was the centre of attraction all of them surrounded and were fighting over Ansh. But our Ansh was no less Afterall he is Ansh Shivaay Singh Oberoi son of the two greatest tadibaaz in the world.
@Gauri Place
She enters her house
G-Anna Aunty where are you
AA-Im here dear what happened
Guari goes and hugs Anna Aunty
AA-what happened why are you so happy
G-AA you won’t believe whom I met today
G-Annika Di
AA-what Annika…our Annika
G-yes our Annika di I’m so happy I cant even tell you
AA-how is she
AA-but where is she
AA-when will she come
G-i don’t know but I know she will come soon
AA-hope so
(Anna Aunty is Guardian to Gauri)
@Unknown Location
Mystery Man(MM)-what rubbish how is it possible few hours back you told me that she is missing and now she is back and her memory is back.
No this cant happen this is not possible no and throws the things around him.
A-what happened Ansh
An-Mamma ito bolo one one kalke aye ok(ask them to come one by one)
A-Before that tell me where is tanu
Tanya-I’m here Anki
Annika and Tanya Hug each other
A-thanks tanu you came to Mumbai just on a call
T-Don’t say Thankyou Anki
A-Everyone this is Tanu I mean Tanya Singh My friend. She only used to take care of Ansh when I used to be away for my work.
[Tanya Singh played by Disha Parmar]
Then there is a meet and greet session going on.The Oberoi mansion is blossoming with happiness.
After few hours of conversation
Servant-Sir the Dinner is served
S-ok lets go and have dinner
After dinner all retired to their rooms, tanu also went to the guest room.
@shivika’s room
Shivaay was busy playing with Ansh and Shivi. While near the poolside Annika was calling someone
On call
A-hello this is Annika
C-Annika maam you
A-yes Verma this is me your Annika maam
V-maam where were you all these I mean
A-that does not matter verma the thing is that I’m back and most probably I will be coming to the office tomorrow
V-of course mam we all will be looking forward to your arrival
Call hangs up
Annika come to ansh
A-baby now sleep its your sleeping time
An-nai mamma abi daaad te saath me thelna hai(not now I will play with dad)
S-annika let it be and by the way I’ve organized a press conference tomorrow
S-to inform everyone that youre back
A-what was the need of all this I mean
S-nothing you mean nothing I have decided that and its final
A-ok fine
Then everyone slept
Precap-Some secrets to be revealed.

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