Our Memories…Ishqbaaz (Episode 4)

@ Hall
[Shivay was real Happy and he asked his brothers something which they could not believe]
S-Omru What should we make today?
S-Simple what should we cook tonight for dinner.
R-Is it true bhaiya we three are going to cook together.
S-I guess I said that only but if you both are not interested then
Om-Rudra shutup and come
[So the boys got ready in their aprons and chef hats and it was time of obro moment after three long years. This was happiest moment for the family members too. So the boys were in the kitchen and others were watching them from dining hall]

@Annika’s room
She sees water jug empty
A-Oh water jug is empty, let me get some water. But wait how will I find kitchen in this big house.Ok I will try to search no problem.
[Annika easily reaches the kitchen area]
Annika’s POV
I reached the kitchen like I’m living here for years but no problem I will take water and go.
[All were sitting on the dining table, just then Ishana spotted Annika]
I-You need something
A-No, I’m here just to fill the jug.
S-Come join us for dinner.
A-no thanks
R-Are you fasting
R-Then come sit and have dinner and you won’t get this chance every day in your life
O-Actually today we brothers have made the dinner that’s why don’t miss the golden opportunity.
A-no my stomach is full
D-When you ate, I know you did not had your dinner just come and sit here.
[Annika understood there was no scope of argument]
A-ok dadi
[Annika went and sat near Shivay as that was the only empty space]
P-So whats theres in dinners
R-Choti maa Aloo puri and Gajar ka halwa in desi ghee
A-My favorite
R-Yours favorite too
A-Who else?
S-Someone is there.
[All had dinner and then they retired to their rooms. Annika filled the jug and was going towards her room when she saw inside Shivay’s room and she got too many flashes and she fainted at the door and the jug broke, upon listening the sound shivay turned.He saw that Annika was unconscious and was shocked. He lifted her and laid her on the bed then he called Dr. Jain]

On Phone
S-Hello Dr Its SSO
Dr-Yes Mr Oberoi is there any problem
S-Actually I found Annika unconscious at my room’s door.
Dr-Is there anything in your room that can shock her
S-I don’t think but yes there are pics of mine and Annika in room
Dr-That’s it may she got stressed seeing the pics and she fainted.
S-So what should do now
Dr-Don’t panic, just take har to another room and give her(names a medicine)And if there is any other problem just call me.
S-Thanks Dr
Call Hangs up
[Shivay carries Annika to guest room and give her the medicine.After 10-15 mins she gets conscious]
A-Where am i(holding her head)
S-I your room
Then she remembers what she saw in Shivay’s room
A-That is your room adjacent to this room
S-Hmm(nods in positive)
A-in that room I saw pics of you and me together.
S-ok and
A-And how is this possible I mean
S-SSh! Calm down in those pic is my wife with me.
A-Your wife???
A-But I never saw her in the house and I thought that you are single.
S-Not at all and if you remember Shivika is my daughter.
A-Oh yes but where is she??
S-Actually she is missing from last 3 years.You remember everyone in the morning was calling you Annika.
A-Ok now I get it.She actually looks like me.
S-By the you take rest and no stress.And I have given you medicines after talking to Dr. Jain
A-How do you know that my doctor’s name is Dr. Jain
S-Actually I found her no. in your phone.
A-ok thanks
S-Ok now you rest and if you need anything
A-You are in the next room
Shivay was leaving the room when Annika’s phone rang.

On phone
A-Yes tanu tell All are fine
T-Yes Ankita
A-And where is
T-here he is
A-Hello baby I’m missing you
A-Love you
[Shivay was on the door when he heard this and a 1000kg stone fell on his heart]
A-Ok now go to sleep GN.
@Shivaay’s room
Annika’s words were ringing in his head
S-Who is this baby in Annika’s life I need to know.

Precap-Entry of Ishana’s Brother

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