Our Memories…Ishqbaaz (Episode 3)

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Episode 3
@OM 7pm
Shivay entred smiling
Whole family was sitting in the hall And they all were surprised to see shivay smiling.
D:Kya baat hai puttar aaj bahut khush lag raha hai[What the matter you look very happy today]
S:Dadi khushi ki baat hai isliye khush hun[Dadi its is a matter of happiness that’s why I’m happy]
Sh:Kya baat hai Dadu aap apni shivi ko bhi batagoge[Whats the matter Dadu won’t you tell your Shivi]

[Shivay makes shivi sit in his lap]
S:Batata hun aur sab ko batat hun but use ke pehle ye batao vo Ankita kahan hai[I telling and that too every one but before that tell me where is Ankit]
R:Bhaiya vo BKH bahar hai outhouse me[Bhaiya that BKH is in outhouse]
So:BKH matlab[BKH Meaning]
R:Simple hai somu Bhabhi ki humshakal[Its simple somu Bhabhi’s twin face]
S: Bhabhi ki humshakal nahi sirf bhabhi[Not BKH but Bhabhi only]
All:Kya Matlab????{What]

[Shivay explains everyone about information given by PI and Dr. jain]
I:Iska matlab voh Ankita nahi[that means she is not Ankita]
Sh:Meri moma hai[She is my momma]
[Saying this she hugs shivay]
S:Hmm vo aapki moma hain[Yes she is your momma]
Sh:thankyou dadu apne apna promise poora kiya[thank you dadu you fulfilled your promise]
O:Kaun sa promise shivay[Which promise shivay]
Shivay goes into flash back
Flashback starts
One fine day Shivay was working in his room when Shivi came crying to him.
S-What happened my princess why are you crying.
[Shivay made her sit in his lap]

Sh-Dadu my every friend has their momma but why I don’t have.
S-Who told you that you are not having momma.
Sh-no one but others momma come to pick them, attenda their PTMs and they are even present on the school functions.But my momma never comes doesn’t she loves me Dadu, doesn’t she remembers me.
[for the first time in life The Great SSO felt like he was nothing .He could not give anwers to any of the question that his daughter has asked him.]
Just then sahil enters
S-Sahil has something happened in the school.
Sa-Yes jiju actually this happened
Flashback in Flashback

@School IN Shivi’s Class
Teacher-Students today you all will speak five lines about your Mother. Ok
All students except Shivi answered in chorus ‘yes ma’am’
One by one students came and spoke and went. Now it was Shivi’s chance
T-Yes, Now Shivika its your turn

Shivi gathered all her courage and went in front of the class
Sh-My mother’s name is Annika Singh Oberoi and and…(She couldn’t not speak any further)
All students started laughing and saying that she doesn’t knows about her moyhr.Shivi was unable to control any further started crying and run toward Sahil’s class.
Sh(Crying)-Ma’am I want to talk to Sahil Mamu
T-What happened Shivika

Sh-Ma’am I Want to talk to him please
The Teacher knew Shivi and Sahil so she allowed Sahil to go. Sahil came out of the class.
Sa-What happened Shivi why are you crying

[She explained what happened in the class]
[Sahil also got a bit emotional. He was unable to understand what to do]
Sh-Mamu doesn’t she love me, why doesn’t she lives with me why why why?????????
And she came back home crying.
@OM in Flash back

[Shivay felt helpless and the he made a promise]
S-Shivi its you Dadu’s promise that he will bring your Momma back.
Sh-Pinky promise
S-pinky promise
S-Nothing Om its just a promise that a father had made to his daughter which is now to fulfilled.
[Then he explained that we will do small attempts to bring back Annika’s memory without giving her stress]
S-I think that you all have understood everything.
Then Ankita entered

A-What understood everything
[All got frightened if Annika has listened their conversation]
[But they saw she is talking on phone]
A-Good then I want it by 11 tomorrow
Call Hangs up
A-Why you all are looking at me like this as if you all have seen a ghost.
D-Nothing puttar

A-By the way I was here to tell you that Priyanka has selected the designs and we have ordered everything accordingly and one more thing I want you all to be present at 12 tomorrow.
A-Because the designers are coming to take the measurements and yes plase make sure that the groom is also presnt.
A-Ritika pass me those sheets

Ri-Yes ma’am
[Passes the sheets and Ankita gives them to everyone]
A-These are the designs outline which are decide if any one has any problem please tell me by tomorrow.
[All were fascinated to see the designs they were just flawless and a treat to the eyes]
A-Ritika now you can go back to outhose and rest.i will join in few mins and yes now you all can rest but make sure you all are present here tomorrow at sharp 8.
Ri-Yes ma’am

[Ritika and others went to outhouse]
A-thank you for letting us stay in our outhouse.
D-Puttar is this a thing to thank.
A-I have a request could you please arrange one more bed there.
D-For whom I have arranged as many bed as you told me
A-Actually I forgot one
[Shivay got an idea]
S-there is no need for that
D- But why puttar

S-Dadi she can stay with us
[He winks at Dai and she understands]
D-Yes puttar you can stay here with us.
A-But me here I mean guest will be also there so
D-First you call me dai and then you don’t obey me. Iwon’t listen anything
D-No buts and cuts, the guest room beside Shivay’s room is emoty you can stay there.
S-I was also saying the same

D-So its decide and now no arguments
[Ankita unwillingly agreed. All the family members got super excited]
Shivi held Ankita’s hand and said-Come I will show you the way.
[When Shivi held her hand anika felt a comfort in touch, connection but ignored it]
[Corridor–>Shivi’s Room–>Shivay’s room–>Guest room]
[when then were going shivay’s room doors was closed.Anika got few flashes got she was trying not to think about them she could feel the connection with the house and members but was ignoring]

They reached Annika’s Room
Sh-This is your room and the two rooms before this was of my and dadu’s and If you need anything you can disturb us.
A-Thakyou Shivi
Sh-Its ok
[Shivi went out]

Precap-Annika Faints

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