Our Memories…Ishqbaaz (Episode 2)

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Episode 3

By now girl was adjusting herself.
Girl:Not Annika, its Ankita. I mean I’m ankita owner of anay event planners
[Shivay was confused, shocked and what not]
[Ankita clicking her fingers in front of his face and bringing him to reality]
A:I’m the wedding planner and you are

S:I’m Shivay Singh Oberoi, Priyanka’s brother and she is(pointing towards the other girl)
A:She is Ritika my PA.
[Shivay was still in dilemma when our rudy boy entered actually he did not went to gym he gave the instructions on the mobile itself]
R:Bhaiya I saw some cars outside those event planner came?(he now turned towards ankita and was shocked)
Annika Bhabhi(this annika bhabhi was loud enough to gather every family member and every one was shocked to see Ankita)
A:Why is everyone here calling me Annika, I’m Ankita A-N-K-I-T-A Ankita
[Meanwhile Shivay gestured everyone to keep quiet]
S:Everyone this is ANKITA Prinku’s wedding planner.

[ankita waved hi to everyone]
[Shivay then introduced everyone to ankita. After the intro duction was over Ankita asked about the details of the function and then she sent Ritika to Priyanka so that the theme and other stuffs could be decided.]
{here on the other hand shivay was too much curious to know about ankita}
[So after thinking a lot shivay called up his private investigator]
On Phone

S:I want each and every information about Ms Ankita Owner of Anay event planners.
PI:Sir just give me half an hour. I will get all the information about her.
{all this time shivays was thinking about annika and was gazing her pic}
After 30 mins his phone rings
S:haan bola kya pata chala

PI:Sir she is a very mysterious personality ,ther is no record of her before 3 years like before 3 years this person did not existed.And one of the most interesting thing is that she looks like your wife. Sir we could not get her address and sir one more thing her company is so famous but she never came I front of the media getting her pic was the toughest job in this whole process. Sir and her all records are after few days of your wife accident and one more thing she is consulting a doctor and I don’t know for what but I have got the doctors no. and I have sent it you.You can get her medical details from the doctor.
Call hangs up
[Shivay got a hope that ankita is his Annika]
Shivay called the Doc

On Phone
S:Is this Dr. Jain
Dr:Yes May I know who’s speaking
S:Yes Im Shivay Singh Oberoi from Mumbai and I Actually wanted to know about your Patient ms Ankita
Dr:Really sorry but I can’t tell about any patient without their consent and all their data is confidential.
S:Listen dr. it’s really important. Ankita looks exactly as my wife, I think that she is my wife.
Dr:I didn’t understand what are you saying

S:Dr. can I meet you in an hour or so Plz its important
Dr:But I’m in Noida and you’re in Mumbai how is that even possible
S:Just tell me the place I will reach there you need not to worry.
Dr:Ok then meet me at Café xyz in 2 hrs
S:ok thanks doc
[Shivay calls his pilot and ask him to keep the chopper ready,he is reching there in few minutes. He left from OM without informing anyone.He reached Noida in 1.5 hrs and straightaway went to the café and after few minutes the dr. arrived]
S:Hello Dr I’m Shivay Singh Oberoi
Dr:So you wanted to know about Ankita

S:Yes Dr.[He shows her a pic of his and Annika]This is my wife Annika
Dr:OMG she looks exactly like Ankita
S:Actually she is missing from last 3 yrs after she met with an accident so
Dr:I completely understand Mr. Oberoi. I will tell you about her. When she was brought to me she had head injury, after her treatment when she woke up we got to know that she suffering from memory loss. She didn’t even remembered her name. The name Ankita is also given to her by me.
S:Dr that means she doesn’t remember anything before these 3 yrs.
Dr:This is true but I we try she can remember her past but rember too much stress is not good for her. And …..

[Cutting her]
S:Thanks Dr
[Shivay Got a call]
On Phone
S:What ok I’m coming
S:Sorry I’ve to leave its urgent

[Dr wanted to tell shivay something what was that?????]
[Shivay reached Mumbai, he took his laptop and files from OM and went to office. Actually he had meeting with foreign delegates about which he forgot.He reached for the meeting on time and the dealed was signed. He returned back to OM]

Precap-A promise and a flashback

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