Our Memories…Ishqbaaz (Episode 1)

[Rudra was pained Shivay seeing like this. He just ran to his room and started sobbing}
@Rudra’s Room
Soumya:what happened Rudra Why Are you crying?
R:Somu, mai bhaiya ko aise nahi dekh sakta.Bhabhi ka accident 3 saal pehle hua per unki body nahi mili aur bhaiya ko ye lagta hai ki bhabhi zinda hai aur voh choti si shivi use papa par vishwas hai, use yakeen hai ki agar uske papa bol rahe hai toh uski mummy wapas ayegi(I can’t see bhaiya like this.bhabhi’s accident happened 3 years back but her body was no found and that’s why bhaiya think that she is alvive and that little shivi, she has trust on her papa, she has trust that if his father is saying then her mother will return back)

So:Rudra[Placing rudra head in her lap]
R:Somu 3 saal aur koi Obro moment nahi hum bhaiyon ne 3 saal me ache se ek saath time tak spend nahi kiya.Har baar kuch na kuch ho jaata aur bhaiya ko bhabhi ki yaad aa jati aur vo sad ho jaate(3 years and no obro moment, in these 3 years we brothers never spend quality time. Everytime something happens and bhaiya starts remembering bhabhi)
Sahil jiske life me sirf uski Annika didi thi aaj vo hi nahi hai.Us ke jitney bhi relation hum se hain sab toh bhahi ke karan hai.Vo kabhi bolta nahi hai par vo kitna lonely feel karta hoga.(Sahil had only his Annika didi in his life.Whatever relation he has with us is all due to bhabhi.He never says but he must be feeling very lonely.)
Aur Shivi use to apni maa ka chera tak yaad nahi hai aur yaad bhi kaise ho vo to sirf 2 saal ki thi.(And shivi she even doesn’t remember her mother face and how she remember she was only of 2yrs)

So(Trying to console):Bas Rudra! Maine bhi dekha hai bade bhaiya ko in 3 saalom me.Voh sirf smile tab karte hain jab vo Shivi ke saath hote hai.Ab to ye lagne laga hai ki voh sirf Shivi ke liye Jee rahe hai.(I have also seen bade bhaiya in these three years.He only smiles when he is with shivi. Now I have started feeling that he is only living for shivi)

R:Tumne sahi bola, Bhaiya ke schedule me time sirf Apne kaam aur shivi ke liye hai.(You are right, Bhaiya has only time for his work and shivi in his schedule)
Tumhe pata somu bhaiya aaj bhi roj subah us khai ke pass jate hain aur us pad eke pass jaa ke khade ho jaate hain jahan pe unhe bhabhi ka bracelet mila tha.(You know somu evey morning bhaiya go to the cliff and stand near the tree where he found bhabhi’s bracelet)

Somu tum hi batao ki agar bhabhi zinda hoti toh hamare pass vapas kyon nahi aati.(Somu you tell me if bhabhi was alive why she didn’t come back)
So:Rudra tum sahi bol rahe ho par(Rudra you are correct but)
(She Sees the Time) oh no
R:Kya hua(what Happened)
So:Mai late ho gayi hun(I’m late)

R:Kisliye(For what)
So:Podcast ke liye(For podcast)
(She hurriedly brings her laptop) Rudra ab tum shant rehna Ok.(Rudra now you stay quiet)
R:Ok Wifey jaisa aap bole.(Ok Wifey as you say)
[So Somu is Rudy’s wife. There Marriage was revealed after tia was sent to jail.The whole family accepte them whole heartedly.After they completed their studies they were married again with all the rituals.]
[Ishkara reach home]
I:Om bahut bhuk lag rahi hai aur sab log ne toh dinner bhi kar liya hoga ab mujhe akele dinner karna padega.(Om I really hungry and everyone would had there dinner now I have to have my dinner alone)

O:Maine bhi nahi khaya hai(I have also not eaten)
I:Ok(The realizing what he said) Kya tumne bhi nahi khaya par kyun(What you have also not eaten but why)
O(Holds her hands):Kyunki mai jaanta hunk i tumne bhi nahi khaya hoga (Because I knew that you have also not eaten anything)
I(Gets emotional and hugs om):Maine kabhi nahi socha tha ki kisi ko kabhi meri itni fikr hoga, koi mere bare me bhi sochega.(I never thought that someone will care about me,think about me)

[Actully Ishu lived with her step mother who treated her like a household item and Ishu never got love from any body in her life accept her youger brother and now om and oberoi’s]
O:Agar mujhe pata hota ki khana nahi khane par hug milta hai to mai roz hi..(If I knew that on not eat ing I will get a hug then every day…)
I(Hitting him playfully):Bas ab kya baton se hi pet bharana hai.(What now we have to fill you stomach by talks)
O:Oh haan chalo(Oh ye come)
[They both had dinner & went to sleep}
@Rumya’s room
[Soumya’s podcast was over and she saw that rudra already slept]
So:Jab ye sota hai toh kitna cute lagta hai jaise koi baby ho, mera cry baby(When he sleeps he looks cute like a baby, my cry baby)
[She also sleeps]
[Everyone is sleeping but Shivay was still awake he had not slept for last three years]
Next Morning
There was a huss and fuss all over the mansion.Somethings were coming in, some where going out.

Dadi:Haan ise yahan pe rakh do aur vo puja ki samgri vahan pe.(Yes keep it here and worship material there)
Pinky:Mummyji Aap stress donts takes mes and jethaijis will takes care
Janhvi:Haan mummyji, hum dekh lenge aur vaise bhi hamari Prinku ki engagement hai.(Yes mummyji we will take care and after all its priyanka’s engagement.)

D:Voh jo wedding planner ane wali thi uska kya hua(What about the wedding planner who was coming)
[Ishkara and Rumya enter]
R:Dadi voh aati hi hongi maine check kiya hai unki flight land ho chuki hai.(Dadi she must be coming ihave checked her flight had already landed)
D:Thik hai puttar.(Fine puttar)
So: Rudra tum gym jaane vale the na (Rudra you were going to gym)

R:Vo actually mujhe unhe kuch instruction dena hai 2ghante me vapas aajunga
[Rudra runs a chain of gym all over Mumbai]
So:Ok to ab jaldi jao bye(Ok now go fast bye)
[Rudra Leaves]
D:Om tum log ne kisi ko bheja nahi kya use pick karne ke liye.(Om did you send some one to pick them)
O:Dadi maine toh bola tha but unhone ne mana kar diya.(Dadi I asked them but they refused)

D:Acha voh log kab tak aayenge(By the way when they will arrive)
O:Meri abhi unse baat hui hai 5-10 minute me vo log aate hi honge(I have talked to them they will reach in 5-10 mins)
D:thik hai puttar(Fine Puttar)
P:Vaise kise bulaya hai, ache toh hai na vo log kyunki hamari Prinku ki engagements hai(By the way whom have you called they are good no because its our Prinku’s engagements)

J:Yes exactly main hi yahi puchna chati thi.(I also wanted to ask the same thing)
I:Mom, tension mat lijye humne noida se anay event planners ko bulaya hai(Don’t take tension we have called Anay event planners from Noida)
P:OMM! yeh toh vahi hai na jo sare celebrities ki bhi events handle karte hain(Oh my mata! They are one who handle celebrities events also)
So:Yes Choti mom aur aap ko pata Ms Ankita khud yahan aa rahi hai aur voh bahut hi kaam events me hi khud jaati hain.(And you know Ms Ankita is herself coming and she rarely goes in evnts)
J:That’s great matlab ek tension toh kahtam(This means one tension over)
Acha ab mujhe ye batao ki tum teeno parlour kab jaane wale ho.(Now tell me when you three are going to parlour)
[Shivi enters]
Sh:Badi D, teen nahi char mere bina bhi koi jaa sakta hai kya(Badi d not three but four without me how can anyone go)
P:Bilkul corrects

[Shivi goes and hugs dadi]
S:Grand D, vaise kis baat ki tayari chal rahi hai.(For what preparations are going on)
[Priyanka enters]
Pr:Haan dadi kis baat ki tayari chal rahi hai(Ye dadi For what preparations are going on)

Ishu & Somu:Koi to itna innocent ban raha jaise pata hi nahi ho(Looks someone is becoming so innocent that she does not know any thing.)
Ishu+Somu:Oh teri engagement ki(Of your engagement)

@outside OM
A car enter OM premises. A girl is seen stepping out. She is wearing White cape top with black jeans; a puff with a tight pony tail; simple earrings; Watch in one hand and mobile in the other and black aviators are on her eyes. She is been followed by another girl whom she is continuously giving instructions and the other one is noting it down.
Her mobile rings and she picks it up exactly in the Shivay does.
On Phone

G:Yes Tanu, I Have reached and is everything over there fine
T:Yes everthing and everyone is fine. You must be busy I’ll call you later. Bye
Here inside Om Shivay is standing near the gate and is talking on his phone. While the girl also enters talking to the other girl. Shivay turns and they both bump into each other.Girl lost her balance and was about to fall when shivay held her in his arms in the process her aviators fell.Shivay was shocked to see the face of
the girl.

Precap-Some revealations

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