Memories of uncanny past ~a story Episode 3

Hey evry1!!!!!!! I m extremely apologetic for posting soooo late. Actually I was busy in studies n all so didn’t get time to post. But now I m here, all free!
PS: This is the 2nd time m writing this epi again. Actually the first one got accidentally deleted by myself only?!
They reached the taneja mansion which was going to be the sarna’s too for a few months before they shifted to their very own bungalow. They entered the hall only to find the servants hurrying around to organise evrything perfectly since a party was held on the occasion of a project signed by leela n manohar. The guest list was given to them n they were baffled on seeing alisha’s name who was the daughter of rakesh kapoor, one of the business associates of manohar. The morning incident replayed in their minds when…

Alisha stomped away muttering curses n the crowd too dispersed leaving the 2 embarrassed souls behind
‘YOU KISSED ME BACK’ came his instant reply as a playful smirk emerged on his face as she tended to go evry shade of red which were even unknown to her!!! Hayee tera yun sharmaana, he said teasingly. ‘Ha toh? That’s natural na… Even science has proved that after kissing almost evry person except those who r abnormal tend to…’ ‘Achha? Using science as a shield?? Jitna sharmaana hai sharmaale jaaneman… Hume jo karna tha humne vo kar liya aur jo dekhna tha vo bhi dekh liya…!!!’ he said before walking away….
(flashback ends)

‘ Lagta hai aaj bhagwan bhi chahta hai that she should be roasted until n unless she turns black from red!’ twinkle said leaving the into a fit of giggles… They reached their respective rooms to get ready becoz the party was going to start soon…
Soon after 1/2 an hour kunj was all ready n went inside twinkle’s room without knocking. As soon as he stepped in his eyes caught the attention of a backless one piece dressed girl facing a huge mirror, tying her hairs in a loose bun. He was literally gawking at her. Twinkle saw him from her mirror n was surprised on seeing such a prfct man. He was complementing with her, wearing a black shirt n formal trousers. The hard muscles protruded out being put to display. They moved towards each other n suddenly twinkle jumped on him wrapping her legs around his torso as he lifted her a bit. I missed you, was all that they said before going down hand in hand as they were being called out…
Once downstairs, no doubt, they were at far corners but they kept stealing glances of each other.
Soon alisha entered the hall along with her father. As her eyes darted across they came to a rest upon kunj. He being aware oh her gaze decided that it was high time, he put his plan into action. He walked towards twinkle, who was standing with her friends n excusing them, grabbed her bum and guided themselves to a secluded corner…
Moments ago, The girls were as usual talking about the hot looks of boys, well correction —- boy… who was none other than kunj! Twinkle was all set, ready to give them a piece of their mind when she looked at kunj… She was enchanted by his appearance as he walked towards them with a sloppy smile of his, ‘He is the one’ said her inner voice. She snapped back to reality when her girlfriends started squealing on seeing him come towards them. Highly shocked? was she, when he grabbed her HIPS before walking away. She could hear gasps n merely chuckled at the thought? of their jealous faces…
Once away from evry1s eyes, She hissed loudly as her bare back crashed on the cold glass pillar. She looked up to see kunj inches away. He suddenly hugged n whispered, ‘Shhh…… Calm down…. Just go with the flow…’ He wanted to tell her about alisha but there were some instincts which made him to do so n go with the flow. She like an obedient child obliged n hugged him back n unknowingly kissed his collar bone. He was rubbing her back when his eyes widened in shock on sensing her warm, wet kiss on his cold flesh. He sensed her moving away so made his hold much tighter. ‘ Dont stop…. Pleaseeeeee…….’ he said which was barely audible but to her. She happily smooched that area before biting it hard, causing it to bleed. She then took in his sweet blood, creating a perfect red hickey. He suddenly turned around switching their positions n now his back rested on the pillar.
‘God! If she doesn’t stop right now then there will be many such bites n that too in weird areas’ he thought n was about to say something when…
‘Flash?…. Click…’ came the the sound. They quickly broke away. They were embarrassed, for the intruder saw them but at the same time angry, for he/she spoiled their perfect moment. They looked up n to their horror found alisha standing there withe a triumph look. A beep sounded from their phones n they opened it fearing the worst….
It was their pic of moments ago which was uploaded but the difference was that, that in the pic they looked as though they were kissing. Both were embarrassed to hell but 1 was faking it. That one had tears of happiness, for finding their true love. The one sided lover had never ever in the dreams had thought that the best friend could even take the place of a soulmate. They quickly composed each other n looked here n there. In an instant there were more than 1000 likes with various comments. Even The media present there got the pic n in a blink both of them were surrounded by media persons. The guards cleared them, surely a sigh of relief for them but they did get hard glares from their parents. Soon the guests went away leaving the 2 of them to ponder over their trial which was awaiting them…….

Swoosh! Pheeee! Came the sound of wind?……
The dogs started howling… Aaaauuuuuuuuuu!!!…
The hall was all dark n the only light which illuminated the dark hall, fell upon them…..
To add to the effect, their parents held a stern face….
‘Was that TRUE?’ asked leela.’ANSWER US’ ‘WearenothingbutfriendsWeswear’ they babbled out simultaneously leaving leela n sarna couple into a fit of laughter… They were shocked cum surprised cum happy cum embarrassed. ‘We are happy with ur relationship’ chirped usha happily.
One was happy but one was still lost in thoughts about what they had said… They looked at each other when kunj said, ‘ Mum! We are just best friends.. Nothing more than that’ ‘EXACTLY aunty!’
Both the couple n leela just said an OH before retreating to their rooms leaving them at the wrath of embarrassment!!!!!!!!!
‘Voh…… I-i… Ummm…. I am so-sorry for th-tha-that b-bite. ‘ twinkle said before scampering off to her room….
Soooo much had happened in a single day. Even god did not know what was in store for them but he did know about the horrible plan being hatched at an unknown corner of the world which would change their lives forever. It had the power of breaking relationships but also had the power of making them stronger….
>The fate had played its part in separating the 2 young souls but now it was their choice to change their destiny which may introduce them to another world. A world with only 2 occupants who were full of trust & full of LOVE…
Here i end this chapter… Hope u liked it. Cant say when the next post will be but can assure u it will be sooner the next time. Thanks a lot to all those who commented in the last post n for the likes too…. Do like n do comment
Signing off…

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