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Hi guys…This is Saanvi back with another SwaSan OS..
I mentioned romance in between #### lines so who are uncomfortable with it can skip that part…

Memories- Best part of life…But what if some memories cause pain..Will it be easy to forget them?? This story is about efforts of a girl Swara Maheshwari who tries her best to move on in life but is it justified to forget her past this way?
Wondering so many questions and all are unanswered…Read the story below you will understand everything and will yourself answer those questions..

Coming to the story:
A car hits a girl who is carelessly walking on the road. A handsome hunk gets down the car wearing a black blazer and goggles…?
He removes his goggles and says- ‘Swara’..
A tear escapes his eyes but he soon picks the girl and places in the car..He drives the car at full speed as if it’s his life which is going to end and not Swara’s.
The doctor checks the girl and says- It is a major accident but we saved her…Don’t worry there wouldn’t be a case on you Mr.Maheshwari since the patient has some grief and this seems to be a suicide attempt because she already had poison in her right hand.
{Yes the handsome guy is Sanskar Maheshwari who is a business tycoon}
Sanskar is shocked by doctor’s statement..He felt like someone has attacked him with a knife…?
The nurse informs doctor that the lady is conscious now..Sanskar rushes inside to see her..She slowly opens her eyes and asks-“Where Am I?”
Sanskar replies- Swara you met with a accident so I brought you the hospital.
Swara- But who are you?

Sanskar again gets a huge shock of his life..?
Sanskar- Doctor why is she asking me such question? How can she forget me?
Doctor- Due to the accident she lost her memory!!
Sanskar- What should I do now?
Doctor- Don’t let her take stress..She will recollect her memory slowly but if she tries hard to remember anything she might end up in coma..
Sanskar is even afraid of the thought of anything bad happening to Swara so he agrees to what doctor said.
Swara- When can I go home?
Sanskar laughs and says- She doesn’t remember anything but her habit of hating hospital hasn’t left her brain…?
Swara pouts cutely? while Sanskar is in thoughts about Swara’s lost memory..
Swara finds mangalsutra in her neck and sindoor in her hairline and questions about her husband.
Sanskar is shocked and doesn’t know what to answer…Just then a nurse enters and says Mr.Maheshwari your wife will get well soon, doctor has just dressed her wounds but we need to change her dressing every two hours today…So please help us..
Swara(looking towards Sanskar)- Sorry I forgot you are my husband.

Sanskar takes good care of Swara in hospital and after 4days she is discharged.
Sanskar takes her to a huge mansion which has beautiful exterior design…
Swara while entering the house says- Is this your home?
Sanskar- It is ours…(his eyes get filled with tears)
Swara says- Hehe..I again forgot that we are married…
She holds his hand and says -Now tell me where is ‘OUR’ room??
She stresses on the word ‘our’ which makes him sad…He excuses himself and leaves the place..
Maid comes and shows her a room..Swara changes her clothes and comes down only to find Sanskar gloomy..She asks him several times about his changed behaviour but he doesn’t reply..

A woman of 45years enter the house and calls out for Sanskar…
Sanskar- Mom…When did you come?
{The lady is Annapurna Maheshwari…Sanskar’s mother}
Swara thinks Sanskar’s mom means my mother in-law…
She comes forward and greets the lady as Namasthe Sasu-maa..(Hello mother in-law)
The lady is shocked and asks- What is Swara doing here?
Sanskar whispers-Mom I’ll explain you everything..Please be quiet for now..
Later Sanskar asks Swara to go and take rest….Swara leaves and Sanskar takes his mom to another room to have a talk..
Sanskar explains his mother about whatever happened with Swara(the accident,memory loss,Swara assuming him as her husband,etc)..
Annapurna(happily)- I can’t believe that my son finally found the girl for whom he was searching from past 5years..His Swara..His love!!
Sanskar- But mom she is married!
Annapurna- Who is her husband?
Sanskar- I don’t know…I only saw her hairline filled with sindoor..
Both Sanskar and Annapurna are upset while in room Swara is shown sleeping peacefully..?

Sanskar instructs all the servants to do whatever Swara says and also to takecare of her…
Next day morning Sanskar leaves home early to meet press and media and gives Swara’s photograph and tells them to print and show it in news as a missing case and give his contact details.
Here Swara wakes up and finds no one at home..She asks the maid about Sanskar and Annapurna to which maid replies they left for work..
A week passes like this where Sanskar and Annapurna are busy with work and Swara takes complete bedrest..

After a week Swara is able to walk so she comes out of the room and asks the maid to show her the house..Swara sees the entire house but finds a room locked..She enquires about the room and maid replies “Sanskar sir never allows anyone to go inside it..The room is also cleaned by Annapurna Madam.”
Swara says- Okay..You all get back to work…
She goes inside her room and searches the cupboard and finds a set of keys..
{Actually Sanskar gave those keys to her to open the wardrobe and other essentials.}
Swara rushes towards the closed door with anxiousness and opens it..
She finds the room filled with Swara’s photos and I love you written on few of the photos..In some photos she sees her childhood pics and teenage pics with Sanskar..??
She feels very happy seeing every detail of SwaSan in that room but doesn’t remember anything but assumes that her husband(Sanskar) loves her a lot…❤
Later in the evening Sanskar arrives from office and asks for Swara..
The maid replies- Swara madam is upstairs in the room which is always locked..
Sanskar climbs the stairs in rush and enters the room running only to find Swara holding a photo frame of SwaSan..
Sanskar was waiting for Swara’s anger but he gets shocked when Swara hugs him tightly and says- ‘I love you so much Sanskar’…?
Sanskar craved to listen to those words from years but now he wasn’t knowing to feel happy or sad listening to it because it was not only his love Swara who was saying it but also the person who is married and belongs to someone else said it.

SwaSan had their dinner together and Swara was waiting for Sanskar in her room but he didn’t turn up..
Next day morning she questions about it to which Sanskar gives a lame excuse and leaves…
Swara feels something wrong and thinks to confront him in the evening..
Sanskar gives one or the other reason and keeps Swara away from him and this continues for almost a month.

In the evening Swara tells servants to leave early and arranges for a candle light dinner..Sanskar is surprised to see all the arrangement and his lady love in a beautiful saree..
Swara tries being romantic with Sanskar but he avoids her…
Swara gets irked and asks- Am I your wife?
Sanskar sweats listening to her question but composes himself and nods in a ‘Yes’.
Swara- Then why don’t you sleep with me in our room? Why are you running away when I’m close to you? I know you love me by looking at those photographs but I didn’t find a single photo of our marriage.
Sanskar was out of his words and didn’t know how to handle the situation..
I’ll tell you everything- A voice from behind is heard..It is Annapurna!!
Sanskar- Mom..please..
Annapurna- No Sanskar..She has the right to know..Don’t stop me today..
Swara- Tell me please…
Annapurna- You both were best friends from childhood..Your friendship turned into love but his dad didn’t approve it..
Sanskar held his forehead by his palm and thought what will happen when Swara will know the truth..?
Annapurna continued- So you both had a register marriage and that’s why there is no photo of your marriage.
Sanskar looks at Annapurna with a confused expression?
Swara excitedly says- What happened next?
Annapurna- You both were living happily but one day you got angry with Sanskar that he isn’t agreeing to let you meet your parents..You both argued and then you left home..He was coming behind you to convince you but you met with a accident and you know what happened after that..

Swara comes to Sanskar and says- Are you still angry with me for that reason??
Sanskar cups her face and says- I can never be angry with you Swara..You are my life..
Swara- Then from today be with me..
{She meant of Sanskar staying with her in their bedroom but Sanskar knew it was wrong as Swara isn’t his wife.}
Annapurna- That can’t happen…
Swara- Why? (Serious tone)
Annapurna- Because you are weak and doctor advised Sanskar to not have any physical relation with you until you get well…
Swara- But…
Sanskar holds Swara’s shoulders and says- I’m always yours..Just a matter of few months then we will stay together..Now don’t argue and go to sleep…
Swara nods her head like a small girl and leaves..

Sanskar- Mom today you managed with this lie but how many days will we keep Swara unaware of the truth?
Annapurna- Lifelong..
Sanskar- Mom?
Annapurna- Yes Sanskar..You heard it right..In that lie which I told her there was half truth too..You lost her once because of your father as he considered Swara a poor girl and ineligible for you..That day to save your dad you left her but today your father isn’t alive..So don’t lose her now..
Sanskar- But mom she is married..How can I..
Before he continue his sentence Annapurna interrupts and says-Forgot what doctor told you? Swara had poison in her hand and even you saw her walking carelessly in middle of the road…Do you think she has a happy past? No Sanskar..She had enough pain..Now she deserves to be happy and I know you will keep her happy..
Sanskar isn’t convinced…
Annapurna says- Do you think Swara isn’t pure?
Sanskar shouts- Mom how can you even think like that..I love her soul not her body..
Annapurna- Happy to listen to my son who isn’t judgemental like the society..You love her..So make her yours..
Sanskar- I’m not worried about the society mom..I will close anyone’s mouth either with money or my power but what will be Swara’s reaction when she will recollect her past…I’m afraid she will hate me for lying and cheating her..
Annapurna- She will understand your love..That’s why I asked Swara for some time…In these few months give Swara so much of love that she will never think of trying to remember her past life…

6months leap:
SwaSan spent happy time and moments together since 6months..They got to know each other better in fact they started their new life..Swara was head over heels in love with Sanskar and so was he…They got married once again with all rituals..
{For Swara she is already married to Sanskar na..So according to her this was like getting married once again to Sanskar but Sanskar wanted to make their relation legal and married Swara for real this time}
Sanskar now had no reason to be away from his love..He was mesmerized to see Swara blushing in bridal attire..He picked her and placed on the bed..
He came closer to her and kissed on her neck sensually..Swara felt current passing down her spine which made her hold Sanskar tightly…
Sanskar then kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks and finally lips..
SwaSan shared a passionate kiss which only poured in love for each other…
He made Swara turn and slowly opened dori of her blouse and removed it from behind and later he removed her entire dress..He removed his clothes too..
Sanskar’s intense gaze made Swara shy..She pulled him closer to her which made both the bodies touch each other..Heat and intimacy generated at the moment and both couldn’t control themselves from getting more closer..
Sanskar placed wet kisses all over her body and went inside her…Two souls came together and SwaSan consummated their marriage…

Things changed one day when Sanskar’s business associate Adarsh Mehra introduced him to Sahil Sengupta- A business man from Bengal.
Sanskar and Sahil became friends and then Sahil was invited to Sanskar’s home..
Sahil was shocked to see Swara there..Sanskar introduced her as his wife..
Sahil said – This cannot happen..Swara is my wife..
SwaSan are shocked..
Swara- Who are you?
Sahil comes closer to Swara and says- What is this drama? You ran away from home and now getting married to him?
Swara slaps him and says- Mind your words Mr.
She comes close to Sanskar and says- I’m Swara Sanskar Maheshwari..
Sahil says- I’ll prove it and leaves the place angrily…
Swara hugs Sanskar who gives her a assuring pat on her back…
Sanskar is in his room lost in thoughts…
Annapurna comes there and says- What if he is really Swara’s husband?
Sanskar hugs Annapurna and cries- I can’t afford to lose Swara this time Mom..
Annapurna assures him that nothing will happen…

Next day Sahil enters with police and says- These are the proofs and they withheld my wife illegally..
Proofs consist of Swara and Sahil marriage certificate and their marriage pictures..
Sanskar is shocked and broken down from inside..He looked at Swara with despair..
Tears rolled down Swara’s eyes and she looked at Sanskar for a answer but he remained quiet..
Sahil dragged Swara but she fell down unconscious..
Sahil- This may be her new drama..
Sanskar runs and comes towards Swara and calls out her name and tries waking her up..He immediately calls doctor..

Doctor tell them to wait outside and checks Swara..
Doctor comes out and says “Congratulations Mr.Maheshwari…You are going to be a dad soon.”
This news shocked both Sanskar and Sahil…
Sahil held Sanskar by his collar and said- “How dare you?”
Before Sanskar could speak Swara comes out and with little tears in her eyes and a broad smile on face says- Did you hear that Sanskar? We are going to be parents soon…??
She hugs Sanskar and says-I’m so happy…Finally our love took form of our baby..
Sanskar is shocked and is just blank by the seeing the situation while Sahil gets angry and says-Be happy Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari with this lady and your baby?
Sanskar tries speaking to Swara but she says “I’m feeling weak Sanskar..Can I rest?”
Annapurna hugs Sanskar and says- Congratulations..
Sanskar- Stop it Mom…
Annapurna- What happened? Why are you so irritated?
Sanskar- When I touched Swara just a week back..How can she be pregnant so soon?
Annapurna- Then whose baby is it?
Sanskar- Mom there is no baby at all in her womb..
Annapurna gives a confused expression…
Sanskar- It’s been 7months Swara came here..In these many months how can she be just 3months pregnant? Even Sahil understood that cannot happen and Swara isn’t carrying his child..That’s why he left…
Annapurna- Then why did the doctor lie?
Sanskar- We will ask the doctor only about it..

Sanskar goes to the doctor and threatens her to reveal the truth or he will report to police…
The doctor reveals her name as Kavya Malhotra and tells that she is a close friend of Swara from past 3years and met her during a blood donation camp..
She continues saying- Sahil and Swara were forced to marry each other by their parents 2years ago..Although Swara tried her best to forget Sanskar and their love, Sahil always doubted her intentions and called her a characterless girl..He also went to a extent saying Swara is cheap and slept with her ex-boyfriend and he wouldn’t touch a impure girl like that..
Months passed but Sahil never came close to Swara in fact he tortured her more and more and told to leave him… One day Swara found out Sahil making out with some girl..When confronted about it Sahil threw divorce papers on her face..She was broken..She didn’t know where to go..Her parents wouldn’t accept her..
So she thought of ending her life and that day really accident happened and she forgot everything but she recollected her past when she saw SwaSan pictures..
She didn’t want to return to this hell so she thought of staying with Sanskar but like last time she thought Sanskar would leave her for his dad..So she just provoked Sanskar to know his love still remained for her or he moved on in his life and whether that room was just his past..
She told me everything and I asked her to forget and move on in her life…These 6months your love made her a normal person and she decided to never remember her past but then Sahil came into her life and you know what happened next…
Sanskar- But she could have told me the truth?
Kavya- What will she say? Will you be able to see her tears when she would narrate her bitter past… She was ready to endure that pain once again but she was afraid if you or your mom will misunderstand her thinking Sahil left her so she came back to Sanskar…
Sanskar was in tears now..He cried a lot because somewhere because of his cowardness to accept his love into marriage forced Swara to marry someone else and suffer so much…
Later Annapurna and Sanskar were leaving when Kavya called out for Sanskar..
She came near them and said- Today also she had to lie because Sahil thought of separating you both and make Swara cry once again…Please don’t let Swara know that you are aware of her past..I don’t want her to lead a guilty life..
Sanskar- You no need to say that..
Sanskar reaches home and sees Swara sleeping peacefully..He kisses on her forehead..
Swara wakes up and smiles..
Swara- Sanskar I’m not pregnant..I lied just to drive away that mad person(indicating about Sahil)
Sanskar- I know..
Swara- But how?
Sanskar- When did we come closer 3months ago?
Swara bites her tongue and says- Sorry..
Sanskar- It’s ok..By the way I don’t mind making it true..
Swara blushes and SwaSan have a cute eyelock..
There started a very beautiful love story of SwaSan ?

It takes so much of effort to write a One shot..So if you like this OS please comment down and encourage me??

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