Memories of uncanny past ~a story Episode 2

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There she was, lying vulnerably on the bed, at the mercy of the devil whom she thought was her friend. He came upon her n opened her dress, pinning her tightly against the bed, clearly refuting the struggles she made to get out of his grip… Her skin was damped with her tears which did not even budge to stop… Then the thing happened which she feared. He was about to kiss her when………..
She woke up with a loud scream. Sweat dripping from her body. She was hyperventilating. It wasn’t supposed to come but it did. It was her daily routine for these 2 yrs to get up with a jerk remembering the things which happened with her in the past. It was her daily routine for the night to scream too n cry herself to sleep. But she was wrong today. He came running inside the room n was petrified on seeing her so vulnerable, so lost to life n so truamatised. He ran toward her n asked her,” Did it come today?”

She just nodded her head in approval.”Oh my! Twinkle….” N unable to speak any furtyer he hugged her tightly n said,” Thats it now… Shhhh…Common it was just a dream.. look u r all fine with me” he said patting her hairs n rubbing her back to calm her down. It took her a moment to calm down n thats when she noticed the surroundings. It wasn’t her room. It was kunj’s. She rembered crying on the middle of the road in his arms n then evrything went blank. She might hve fainted, she thought. As if reading her thoughts kunj told her evrything how he brought her home. N then finally asked,” Ans me honestly- how many times hve u got the same dream after we broke up?”
“Almost evryday..” she said in a choked voice.
He wanted to kill himself. How could he hve thought that she would be able to sleep without him on such nights. She was once the most bravest girl he knew but evrything changed when that devil……
He held her tightly in his her arms n laid down on the bed not leaving her for a second JUST LIKE OLD TIMES. He cooped her inside his warmth as she turned around n inhaled his manly scent JUST LIKE OLD TIMES. His single touch was what she craved for during such nights. She needed his warm embrace to calm down… Soon the sleep overcome her thoughts n she fell into a deep slumber whereas kunj was wide awake thinking how the fate played its part in their lives……
10 AM:There was a hustle bustle going around the huge Taneja mansion.. All the servants were running here n there to check the last min preparations since 2 famous personalities who were also family friends were going to stay under the single roof….
Outside the airport many black cars came n lined up. Soon the gates opened n emerged out from them was a man in his mid 40s along with his wife. They were the famous business tycoons manohar n usha sarna. Behind them came out handsome boy who had a huge well built muscular body n sharp features. Being the only son to be them kunj sarna was the claimant of sarna business becoz of which he was flaked into controversies n rumours of link ups… But they were always denid. Sarnas lived in amritsar for 9 yrs before they shifted to las vegas to expand their business. They had returned to their hometown after achieving success. Kunj too was in ecstasy about returning back. One of his ulterior motive was to get the luv of his life. Its not like any proposals didnt come his way in Vegas but he wanted to get hooked to an indian girl for eternity…….

Back in TM inside a huge room there stood a cut girl wearing culottes n neck halater crop top with hairs in high ponytail, getting ready for her college. She was Twinkle the Great Taneja or what she preferred herself to be called as(?)… Grabbing her bag she went downstairs n had her bf. She shouted to her mom about going to college n was rushing out creasing her dress when she collided with a man. Sh nearly fell n without looking up murmured,” I am really sorry.” N when she finally did…. MANOHARRRRRRR UNCLEEE?! N jumped on him taking him in a bear hug. She did the same ritual with usha too. Hearing the shouts Leela, came out n greeted them inside. Twinkle’s eyes darted toward the door to catch the glimpse of the person she was looking for n on not finding HIM a disappointment ran inside. She bid them a final goodbye n drove to her college.. Amritsar fashion designing institute….
Once she entered the college compound, sye started walking aimlessly lost in her thoughts,”God!!!! Its been 9 yrs n yet no sign of him. Ahhh i dont even know how he looks nowadays. Hope he didnt forget me otherwise am not gonna leave him……” Her thoughts came to a halt when she bumped into a hot boy coming from opposite direction n fell down on jer butt with him on her top….
“Ouchhh!!!! Cant u see n walk?”
“I m soo sorry miss”
“U r lucky since twinkle the great taneja never let’s any1 escape so easily. So i accept ur apology mr.”
“Wait… U r leela aunty’s daughter” he asked surprisingly n when she nodded his doubts turned into happiness afterall he saw HER after whole 9 yrs n so to tease her said,” Oi babydoll tu to in 9 yrs me kafi hot ho gayi hai” n wibked at her… It took her a moment to realise what he said n next moment she shouted, Kunjjjjj n wrapped her arms tightly around his body which was still lying on top of her… Without waiting any further he too hugged her tightly bringing her more close to his body. Euphoria of emotion ran inside them as they breathed in each other’s odour. God! They so missed it. He was holding her waist tightly, rubbing her back n was nuzzling his face more deeper as it could go into her crook of neck. She was just caressing his hairs feeling his touch after a long time. Being in the warm embrace of the persob whom u missed, n filling the gap of nine yrs was the best feeling. After a while, well let’s face it, after a long while they broke the hug n got up. He pecked her forehead out of affection when the reality of where they were dawned upon them.
They looked around only to find a huge crowd of spectators watching them with their mouths hung open. Like srsly, the twinkle taneja who never hugged a boy was now romancing in front of all?????
“Hey!!!! What r u all looking at? Common do ur own work…” came the voice of a girl who was coming towards them along with a boy…

“WHAT WAS THAT?! U never told ME, ur best friend, that u had a boyfriend n that too such a hot one. Dhokebaaz” she said pointing towards kunj. The other boy just kept humming Mohibbat buri bimari when, “Hey… Hey.. guys stop okay? 1st he’s not my bf. 2nd meet kunj sarna he is my best friend since childhood but left to Vegas. He’s….” “Hot, dashing,cute,lovable,s*xy n will be studying alongside u” he continued. Twinkle laughed at the typical kunj who never left any stone unturned in self praising. She introduced her friends Arya n Samay. They all mingled well with each other. Just then a bimbo wearing a short dress which barely covered her thighs n showed her cleavage entered the compound. She walked with which she thought was elegant, throwing her huge butts side ways. Her eyes darted across the ground n came to a rest on KUNJ!!!!!!!!!!!! He sensed her on him on looked at twinkle with pleading eyes,”Just play along with me” she whispered when she saw the bimbo coming their way. “Hey handsome…..”she said seductively running her finger down his forehead to neck.”Hmmm looks like u r new here… No problem, come lemme give u a tour” saying so she grabbed his hand n started dragging him when suddenly he came to a halt. She turned around irritatingly n found twinkle holding his hand. “He’s already taken” she said. That single line was enough for his eyes to pop out, but the next moment he realised her game n jerked the bimbo’s hand away n grabbed twinkle by her waist bringing her extremely close to his body. The impact was so sudden that she had to clutch his chest to steady herself. She bit back a smile n looked at the girl standing in front of her, AlishaKapoor…. She was looking at her furiously n spat at her venomously, “Prove it…” This was all kunj needed. He instantly grabbed her waist her crashed his lips on hers. He too was shocked at his action but the desire to taste her plumply n soft lips overcame. He started kissing her passionately sucking her lips with his own. She too responded with equal fervor. Their salivas intermixed in their mouths as he entered his tounge inside her exploring the sweetness which she bore. Her hands travelled onto his chest abs feeling its muscularity n caressing them… A huge round of applause was heard. It made them widen their eyes as the looked at their latched lips n then around to find a huge crowd which had gathered there. They broke apart shying from each other n found alisha stomping away from the scene…..

He broke out from his reverie when Twinkle put her leg around his torso, cuddling into him more n more with a satisfied look. He touched his lips remembering their 1st kiss n an instant smile came upon… Do hell with the promise he made to ‘HER’ but i will make up with Twinkle again… N this time for FOREVER… He thought as he hid his face in the crook of her neck inhaling her sweet aroma as a deep slumber overtook…..
Things finally seemed to get better for them but was she ready to let her past become her future? But she also knew that no one can understand her mire than he did n no one can support her like he did after that incident…..
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