Memories of uncanny past ~a story_1epi

This story has been revolving in my mind for quite sometime… N i thought about pinning my ideas here…. Hope u like it?

“Ma’am ur mother’s calling u for breakfast” called out a servant
“Haa Sia coming…..” Answered a gorgeous girl in her mid 20s wearing office formals with her hair tied in a high ponytail, opening the door.
She rushed downstairs grabbing her Chanel purse n drank her coffee in one go n shouted “Ma wish me luck”
“Twinkle Taneja getting nervous?” asked her mother teasingly….
“How can i ma afterall i am Leela Taneja’s daughter” shouted back Twinkle
>Twinkle taneja was the daughter of leela taneja a powerful business tycoon who raised her girl single handedly after divorcing from her hubby. Twinkle was a brave girl or any1 who saw her thought so. She was the 1 who wanted to make her own image in the world n not as her mother’s daughter. She had done a course in fashion designing n her dream was to get the post of lead designer in her dream company FASHIONISTA from whom’s CEO she was unknown to…….
She rushed to her Mercedes n drove to the company headquarters… Once reaching the compound she parked her car n rushed inside directly to the reception area. ” Hey there! I hve cum to give the interview for lead designers post” she informed the young man at the desk…
” Hello mam.. ummm… Our sir would like to take that post’s interview himself… I will call u n till then u may wait in the waiting area” he said….
Twinkle went there n sat a lil bit far from the 2 girls who were already there when
“Hey u know what i hve heard that the boss is so HOT”
“I know… All girls are gaga over him BUT he doesnt even look towards them”
“Haa… when i….”
Soon the coversation was cut short when a peon came n called her to the boss’s cabin. Twinkle, who was listening with rapt attention was caught off course since she wanted to know evrything about the boss akka CEO…..
Soon they reached the cabin which was made of translucent glass n had a huge, well intricated
wooden door at the middle. The peon knocked n “Come in…” Ordered a husky voice from inside….
A shiver ran down her spine on hearing the voice. Could it be him? No… No… How can that be possible.. she thought.
She entered inside only to see a huge well built muscular man, sitting on his chair keenly reading a file with his head bowed down covering his face… He sent the peon away n as the door closed he looked up only to get the shock of his life on seeing her

They both murmured simultaneously as all the memories came rushing back. God! He so wanted to hug her but couldn’t. He wanted to feel her but couldn’t. Just becoz of that night which changed their world
>Kunj Sarna was the CEO of the leading fashion company FASHIONISTA. He was once a fun loving person but as its said that time changes evrything, same happened with him also. He was the youngest buisness tycoon of india known specially among girls for his gud looks n charm…..
Tears came to her eyes who were threatening to spill any moment but she composed herself n said” Hello sir. Myself twinkle taneja…. So shall we start the interview?”
“Haa..? Yeah… Yeah.. certainly. Hve ur seat”
N with that he started asking her ques n was NOT surprised with her unique ans… Finally he asked what he wanted to from the very 1st moment with the hope of some uncherished luck,” So… Why this company???”he asked eagerly.
“Becoz this is the leading company n i wanted to check my capabilities….. N even if i knew U were the CEO then also i would hve come becoz for me my past is PAST. A box of those memories which give u pain as well as happiness… N i check to it that it doesnt becum a barrier in my future” she answere with sarcasm knowing the real motive behind this ques… His hopes were shattered… U r selcted, he said with a heaviness in his voice. She thanked him n got up to go when,”Twinkle will u….” Tears came to her eyes on hearing her name from his mouth.. but sh3 quickly cut him n without turning said,”Miss Taneja, Mr Sarna… U lost to call my name that fateful night…”
“Miss Twinkle Taneja… Will u ever forguve me??? I will explain everything”
“I DONT NEED ANY EXPLANATION” she shouted turning back with with blood shot eyes n stared directly into his…
“N about forgiveness????? Ha…!!! Let me tell u mr sarna, forgiven are those who truly are guilty for their deeds but i dont think that it is the same in ur case since u r going to get engaged to HER the next year… Surprised? Shocked? Well…. Don’t fly high since i don’t stalk u.. i read about it in a business magazine that —‘FAMOUS KUNJ SARNA TO GET ENGAGED TO ALISHA KAPOOR THE NEXT YEAR…’ Now for god’s sake let me live in peace… See ya tomorrow BOSS….”
N she literally ran towards her car n cried hysterically holding the steering wheel…” WHY? WHY did u come back ha? With so much difficulty i had gathered the broken me but no, u hve come to break it again….. No… No…(she said wiping her tears)… I WONT letbu break me again… I WONT fall for u again….” N with her new determined goal she drove to her house. But little did she know how miserably she was going to fail……
The next day as it came, she came to office n on enquiring about her room she was shocked when, “mam u hve to work in mr sarna’s room only since he has appointed the place himself to check the work progess”
“WHAT THE HELL……!!!!!!! R U MAAAD……???” she shouted so loudly that evry1 came to a halt n stared at her. Hearing her shouts kunj came out n asked her,”What’s the problem miss taneja?”
“MY problem? What’s UR problem ha? Whay r u doing this?” Twinkle asked furiously…. He raised his 1 eybrow n smirked at her. She realised where they were n stammered,”Ahem… Ummmm…..vooo….. I a-am ready to work in UR room SIR”
“Good then lets go” n he made his way towards the cabin. Twinkle closely followed behind n started cursing him under her breath but made sure he listens evrything,”Attitude much ha? Stupid… Moron… Bastard… Idiot….” N she went on not realising that they had reached their destination n the door was closed leaving them ALL ALONE……

Kunj pinned her against the door causing her to break out from her reverie n her breath hitched at the close proximity. JUST LIKE OLD TIMES she thought n sighed…. “So am an idiot…. Hmmm lemme show u what this idiot can do” saying so he grabbed her waist n made his hand inside her shirt tracing the delicate patterns n curves creating havoc in her mind. She wanted to push him but at the same time wanted to FEEL him. He slowly edged towards her parted lips n smooched them. She closed her eyes n suddenly the same scene came accross her mind. She pushed him with all her might n looked at him with love yet hatred, pain yet cure n trust yet betrayal…. She stared in those orbs of his which beg fo forgivenss, guilt n love… Love? How was that possible since he had cleared it to her the long time time ago as an infatuation…. OR Was he really in love?
Drifting away from her thoughts, she warned him about coming any nearer to her n engrossed herself in her work… Finally, she was free until 11pm n murmured” Uff how much this sadu gives me work.. n look at him doing nthing just reading n checking the file huh!” “Sir see ya next morning” she said loudly as she wrapped her work n ran outside without waiting for his reply. She was searching for a cab when 2 drukard came accross,”Oye hotty!!!!! Kaha chali akele akele… Chal hum tujhe chod dete hai” saying so he was about to grab her hand when CHATAAAK…. Yeah! Twinkle slapper him hard across his face. Enraged he tore her dress from shoulders b tummy exposing her soft skin to their hungry eyes. He was about to force himself on her when he fell back on his butt…. Seeing the intruder all in his furious glory they ran away. Kunj had seen thecommotion from his window n came outside to help her…..
He turned towards her. Her face was devoid of any emotion. Her eyes were focused far away into nothingness…. Unable to see her in this condition, he hugged her tightly. N yep! The did the work….. The walls which she was preventing from melting, melted all of a sudden just with his single touch. She poured all her emotions n tears on hi shirt n soon her shouts turned to sobs n she finally fell silent. She hugged him back. Afterall this was all she needed. The past 2 years had been dreadful. But what she dreaded the most was that fateful night-26th of september… That day changed their lives… That day a young love died…. That day 2 souls died n only body remained… That day a strong friendship died which was made a commitment for life time, long back… But most importantly her trust in her love died which left her with a life long wound… A wound which can only be cured by him…….
Here i end it….. Ghosh it was soo long. N i thank those who commented on my previous OS wholeheartedly becoz i was motivated to post this 1st ff of mine on that basis only. I cant say when will i post the 2nd one since it depends upon my studies….
Hope it reached upto ur expectations n do comment?

Signing off?

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  6. It was so amazing and lovely and awsm very emotional hope to see the nxt soon

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