memories made with love……..abigya destiny(epi10)


Here is our episode:

Pragya was in shock to hear his words.a silent tears fals from her eyes.
flashback starts,
one pleasant evening, after school Pragya n Bulbul walking towards home (they were straying in home where orphan children will grow)while coming, they had their chit n chats meanwhile they notices a lady was dizzying and about to fall. both rushed to her n made to sit.Pragya gave some water to her.after few mints that lady was fine. she thanked the both.lady, children what’s ur name. pragya n Bulbul said their names.lady says her name as Gowri singhanv.beti,pls come to my home. u have done a such big help for me.Pragya, it’s k aunty.getting late. v have to leave now.Gowri, it’s k beti. thanks a lot n kissed both of their forehead.Pragya n Bulbul waved their hands n left the place.
Another fine morning,again gowri met tes two gals.they were playing in the park.Gowri,Pragya n Bulbul. Bulbul noticed n signs Pragya. they both went near to her.Gowri, how are u gals. Pragya, yahoo v r fine aunty, how about ur health.Gowri, ya am fine.come.let me introduce my husband. trio went to a car.Gowri, gals he s my husband Mr.singhanv.singhanv, hi sweethearts, really am thankful to u both n kissed their forehead. Pragya, it’s k uncle.our pleasure.Gowri called them to her home.Pragya n Bulbul looked each other.singhanv insisted them to both said k n all got into the car.while driving, Pragya beti where s ur home n say about family.Pragya had a small tears in her eyes.Bulbul consoles her.Gowri noticed that n signed him not to ask about that.Gowri changed the topic. k come on gals say about school. Bulbul started her long story.singhanv liked her a lot b’coz of her bak’s bak’s.the all reached singhanv home.Gowri welcomed them.singhanv n Bulbul started their bak’s.meanwhile Pragya notices the photo in’s all Gowri’s family photo.Pragya touches the photo n thinks y god took my parents from me.y I don’t get their love n affection.y god made us alone in tis world.a small drop of tears falls from her eyes.Gowri keeps her hands on Pragya shoulder. Pragya wipes her tears n turns.Gowri,I can understand Pragya. don’t worry.v are here for u.suddenly Pragya burst out in tears n hugs her.Pragya, aunty see tis god made my life hell. whenever I see my frds with their makes me to cry.y am alone nu.thinking of Bulbul I made myselfs to b strong.hiding all my tears n feeling.Oly her happiness makes me to leave.Gowri patches her gently at back.Gowri,relax beti. v r here na.think us as ur relations.Pragya slowly calms down.singhanv n Bulbul came ter.singhanv, Gowri see my sweetheart. Gowri,arey s my sweetheart n shows Pragya. Pragya notices another photo n asks who was he.Gowri, he was son.studying in wish was he to b doctor bt uncle, s wish was to b a anchor.Bulbul, then what he was doing nw.singhanv, hey sweetheart he cheated us both.he was doing his MBA now.(it was a small age photo)Bulbul laughs.
Days passed……..they had a nice relationship.she cares them like her parents.while Gowri was ill Pragya oly use to take care of her.she was very close to Gowri.Bulbul was very close to singhanv.
one bad day came in their life, Asusual Gowri came for a shopping. her husband n son(Raghav) was in car (tat day oly he arrived India).Gowri thought to give intro to Raghav about Pragya n Bulbul.Raghav knows well a about them bcoz his mom use to speak more about Pragya.Gowri notices Pragya n Bulbul were coming as she crossed the road n reaches them.Gowri says to them tat Raghav have arrived n waiting in car.they three were about to cross.Raghav n singhanv were watching tis from car.Pragya moved little front before them.suddenly a truck was about to hit Gowri pulled her back, unfortunately truck was hitted Gowri n further lost its control n dashed to the car which was parked as side.badly tat was car in which Raghav n singhanv was.Pragya was shocked. Bulbul shouts uncle…meantime singhanv pushed Raghav outside of car.he was hitted in road n slightly bleeding. Bulbul cries a lot by sitting in the road.Pragya was still in shock n no reaction.slowly went near Gowri’s body n sits.she took Gowri’s head n placed on her lap.wipes the blood which was in Gowri’s face.Pragya,aunty get up.see I found tat u r trying to prank me.get up.let’s go home.slowly taps on Gowri’s face.Bulbul cries hard n hugs Pragya from side n says di…….aunty left us….she was no more.Pragya,don’t play Bulbul. aunty was well oly.see she ll get up now n starts speaking to Gowri body.aunty see Bulbul.what’s saying.get up aunty.scold her.I know u ll never leave me like tis.I promise u aunty sure me n Bulbul ll come to ur home.u said na, u have to see as a doctor. pls aunty, atleast for tat wakeup…n burst out in tears…cries hard as she can.gets up n says wait aunty I ll say to uncle tat u r trying to tap me with such ideas nu. she goes to singhanv body n pulls his hand n says uncle pls come n ask aunty to get up.she was trying to tap me like tis.I can’t see her like tis.Bulbul come here.u r uncle’s sweetheart na.say to him.pulls bulbul’s hand towards singhanv.bulbul hugs her n cries.bulbul, di….pls come back to sense.uncle n aunty was no more.pragya started to mummer lik something…speaking to herselfs something lik aunty n uncle.seeing blood in her hand suddenly faints.
Pragya n Raghav were took to hospital. Raghav was under treatment…he came out from his room in wheelchair.Bulbul crying in the corridor. Raghav noticed tat n moves towards her bt stopped.Pragya gained conscious n comes out like a strom from her room n runs towards Bulbul. Pragya, where s aunty, she z fine na….wt about uncle.Pragya was asking her continuously. Bulbul was crying by hugging her.Raghav sees from distance n cries.meanwhile two stretches comes out from a room.Pragya suddenly opens the blanket.started to cry vigorously. aunty pls get up… who ll care us…who ll speak with us.oly u seen us ur nw u too left us.what I ll do without u.cried like a child. Pragya pulls other blanket Too. uncle….pls get up.atleast u say to aunty to get up.comeon uncle. cal me sweetheart. other than u who ll cal me like tat…..sure I ll fulfill ur wishes uncle.pls…get up….Pragya was started to sheiver n again faints. Raghav cries a lot by seeing tes. even I don’t have such a affection on my tes too…as per my mom’s words I ll need to care them.

After few months:
Pragya was like lifeless body.Bulbul oly take cares day she receives a letter tat she has got scholarship by a trust.a smile comes on her face by the trust was Gowri trust.she remembers about Gowri’s wish…she decided to work hard fr studying doctor. later Bulbul was also got scholarship from same trust.she went to abroad.

flashback ends.

precap:Abi. gets jealous of seeing Raghav supports Pragya for walk.

Sanju,arshi fan,di,maya,tina,sugan,durga,reshma,sana, sheerapthinisd,sharanya thanks fr ur valuble comments frds….if so anywrong in tis episode means sorry…

Credit to: Emmy

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  2. Very sad about prabul.. fb is very heart touching.. your words are strong enough to give me the same feeling that prabul felt. That much sensitive writting.keep it up!

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  3. No need sorry, wow super…. N thanks, waiting 4 next epi.

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  4. somewhat i have tried to give my feel by the words……hope u will understand…if any of the grammatically error was here means realy sorry guys..

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  7. Episode was sad and heart touching sentiment …. We can feel the pain 🙁 … Waiting to see abhi’s reaction ….

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  10. Soooooo sad episode really hrt touching n emotional one n make me to fill my eyes with tears yaar really pragya n bulbul 4 their wish only they bcum doc n anchor ah… Thn in 2day episode s really awesome n give a perfect emotional one yaar don’t say sry..

    1. ya durga….fr them oly…..indirectly raghav helped them by the name of trust…..thanks….u have felt it……

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    Its Superbbbbbbbb……. Really touching……

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