Memories made with love…..AbiGya Destiny (episode 32)

Here is our episode

Next day morning, abi n litle pragya was sleeping in his arms landed in airport n waiting for purab friend. (Siddarath was purab friend. He came to receive them) sid, hi Siddarath am sorry.little bit late…Abi, its k sid. glad u to meet…sid ,is she ur daughter..abi, gets emotional seems lik mine…but my brother’s daughter..sid ,sleeping lik princess…she I tak her……abi ,its k sid..rels she get disturbed.sid ,its k…shall v leave…u can stray in my home..abi, thanks the way .What about school?sid ,nothing to worry. I have arranged to everything..abi, thanks a lot sid…..sid, kk abi enough of u thanks.shal v move…both abi n sid reached his home…sid, abi u just tak rest.after few hours v shal leave tk schol for princess admission.abi, k fine sid…abi made little pragya to lie on bed..then he went to get refresh…..


Pragya, hey sweety dont run..come n have ur fun…morning itslefs a marathon was going in pragya home for feeding aaradhya…finally raghav catches her…..raghav, hey princess.its not fair…have ur oly u ll b health…if u have ur food means , eve u, m, tweety can go to park n ll njoy a lot..Aaradhya, mamma…..see uncle n me were going to park in eve..suddenly tweety barks…Aaradhya, oh…tweety dont worry..I ll not forget u..evening v ll rock it…Aaradhya jumps to pragya lap n finshed her breakfast.raghav kissed aaradhya forehaed n left for meeting…mamma cal sid pappa…to drop me school..pragya, my dear. He ll b busy na…so dont disturb him…I ll drop u….aardhya, no my friends were coming to wjth their pappa…pragya thinks how I ll make u to understand. God.y its happening for me alone…her thoughts were distubed by aaradhya suddenly her mobile rings.aaradhya mamma I ll tak I ll tak n ran to her mob…aaradhya, hi pappa….when are u coming..drop me in school…sid, k princess. Get ready soon I ll b ther
In few mints.aaradhya, k pappa….love u…sid, love u too my sweetheart n thinks even though pragya dont accept me I am thinking u my daughter oly..aaradhya, mamma n runs back to pragya.pragya, who was in cal. Aaradhya, pappa was coming to drop in school.let go n get ready n left to her room n pragya thinks sorry Siddarath I don’t no how am going to thank for ur help regrading to my daughter..she too left to get ready for hospital…


Abi n little pragya were got ready..sid, abi shal v leave…..abi, ya sure sid…little pragya, uncle wher r v going…sid, oh my dear little princess v are going to school for ur admission.little pragya , school……????? Sid, ya…dont worry.u ll get many friends….abi, ya sweety….dont worry….sure u ll enjoy….sid, abi n princess have started from his home. Sid, abi one smal request. I need to pick up another one important If u dont mind shal v..just 2 mints oly..abi, no problem sid…While in drive abi n little pragya were enjoying…having chits chats..sid stopped his car near by pragya home…abi, whose home was tis..whom are u going to pick..sid, relax bro…soon u ll know….saying tis sid left inside.abi came out of car..little gal was sitting by putting her head outside of window…abi stands n steches his arms . suddenly he hears a familiar voice..abi thinks I have heard his voice already..immediately he sees his surrounding…by other side sid came out with Aaradhya. Sid, His heart swings hearing that voice. Is its pragya. That too here..hearing ghe voice of direction he tries to move.but soon sid comes out…but while moving he noticing the house….abi…come.lets go… seeing aaradhya,abi, whose daughter she….sid cant saything in front of he said, my daughter oly..aaradhya, pappa who s he…I have seen him somewher..but wher n started to think by keeping his index finger on her cheeks…seeing her cuteness abi held her…soon aaradhya jumped to abi..sid sat in driving seat.mean time abi kept aaradhya in his lap.same time little pragya got jealous n turned her face n sat . noticing tis abi took her n kept on other side of his lap…
Soon aaradhya n little pragya got friends..abi, aaradhya what s ur mom name..what s she doing…aaradhya, she was doctor. Big doctor. Often thearthing me by injection n pouts….abi smiles at her activity. Same lik him…abi, k…her Name…? Aaradhya, thara..(guys all knows her real name n too her in order by. Hiding that she ll b called other indenty, aaradhya knows her name.but in her school name was entered as she ll say that to all)abi, nice name. All three had their chats.while speaking n chating aaradhya slept in abi chest…seeing that slowly cares her face..n thinks about pragya.wher r u pragya..see tis gal….same lik u non stop talking n activities lik me..when I ll find u.y destiny s playing lik tis..oly I have ur memories….soon little pragya slept on another side of abi…a smal drop of tears escaped from his eyes…atlast they reached school….sid, bro…whats tis…u made them to slep…its not ur speaking itself they slept oh…abi stares him…sid, kkkk buddy cool…wake them up…abi, hey sid…see how cutely she was sleeping. How to wak up them…sid, ha ha ha….I have a trick for that..abi stares him confusedly. Sid, hey tweety come on…see she was sleeping. V alone shal go for park…hearing tis aaradhya wakes uo suddenly. Aaradhya, no no no tweety don’t go…mammma see….pappa was going alone n starts crying by closing his eyes…abi, sid whats tis..see she was crying now idiot.abi, hey princess see v are in school..he was lying..come on wak up sweetheart. Aaradhya, opens her eyes by rubbing… aaradhya, uncle….abi, ya…aaradhya,kk uncle…u wak up pragya…I ll slep till that lies again his chest…abi feels happy n feels unconditional bond…abi, sweetheart if u slep means then how u ll go school…u oly need to tak care pragya…see she was new na…aaradhya, ya uncle…dont worry..I ll tak care…meantime little pragya too waked him..sid n abi left the two princesses in school n came back for their work Somewhat day went.but abi was unable to concentrate on his work . something making him restless…sid, what happened any problem..abi, no no nothing lik that sid..feeling lik something strange.sid, may b new place oly…dont work…abi, k sid if u dont mint.can I leave..feeling uneasy..v shal catch up tomo..sid, its k dude…no regards.abi, thanks buddy..abi left to a park…thinks y am feeling strange .feeling lik some closed once presence.if it was pragya..? No how she ll b here..suddenly, he hears the same familiar voice…he searches lik a mad that time a group of doctors left by a van…abi felt bad…thinks oh god y its happening for me n knell downz on groud n cries by loud name of pragya……actually pragya came with a group of doctors for camp..hearing her s name she sees outside of van . unable to see anyone…pragy thinks, its a familiar voice. Whether it was abi…no…how he ll b here.he ll b married n living peacefuly with his…slowly tears flows from her seeing his pho. She was wearing a heart shaped was her baby n abi phot.

Scene freezer by both crying faces.

Sorry friends. Am fine….hereafter I ll try to update dialy……thanks for ur wishes n valuable comments. I hope all my sweethearts are fine….may god bless u showers of happiness prince n princess…..
I have added my previous ff link too because many would have been forgotten me too… oly….



  1. Nirmal

    How can we forget your ff… Missed ur ff so much…. Waiting for the next update…. 😊😊😊😊

  2. Rose

    Superbbb yaaar…..I m soooooo happy to b ur ff……..pls upload it regularly yaar…….Nd lovely epi yaar. …..

  3. Abhigya

    Superb episode emmy….
    I missed ur ff a lot….
    Plz upload regularly hereafter….
    Waiting for the next part….

  4. genelia

    wow how can u say that we forgotted u emmy..we missed ur ff as well as you the way where were you?. as always epi was rocking and happy to see you again..plz update daily dear.eagerly waiting for ur next update.take care of ur health..

    • Sabeenia



      Sure sweetie……am fine….I ll try to update regularly……kk geni.i wont say u all forgotten me nu….now happy a….love u dear

  5. Lakshmi

    hello Emmy how can we forgot u. I am waiting for ur ff for so long…. finally u update it today I am happy read… and wat epic Emmy… pls made reunioin of abhigaya soon I can’t see this pain… and today update was awesom….. I really loved… that last part… by heart feeling there presences really loved it…… here after pls update regularly yaar…. waiting for nxt epic. …

  6. Samanna


    |Registered Member

    hey emmy how can you say like that huh.we can never forget u and ur ff.we missed u alot as well as missed ur ff too. by the way where were you? and epi was fabulous,amazing,lovely,rocking as always..glad to see u and ur ff again and yah update regularly hereafter..dont forget to take care of ur health..genei..(.hope u didnt forget me)

  7. Mukund Raj

    hey mai tumse ek baat puchna chahta hu ki.tumhare promice ka koi value hai ya nahi tum boli thi ki tum abhigya ko 10 episode me unite kar dogi lekin kya hua.
    please unite them in next episode i beg u please.

  8. di

    How r u ? Miss u lot more n more… Waiting 4 u long time emmy dear….. Take care n thanks 4 welcome back.

  9. Adhya


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    Awesome….soo lovely episode Emmy! i just loved it to core..I was desperately waiting for ur ff..yaar…anyway’s Welcome back darling…

  10. tina(suha)

    emmy darling… after a long time na.. how can we froget u.. huh..i mentionef u in my ffs.. i missed u lot. … epi was superb.pls unit them soon.

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