Memories made with love…..AbiGya Destiny (episode 30)

Here is our episode

Pragya moves to hospital…While in travel she was continuously thinking about her daughter asked his dad name…atlast she reached the hospital n walks in the floor towards her cabin….suddenly a hand placed on her shoulders..pragya turn to see…it was her friend n lik sister pakki ( from Ek mutti aasman, tamil Enkannmani maayuri)she junior doctor. both hugs . pragya was wearing peach color saree in single pattu with long neck , in ploted hair n left on front side.Pakki, di u look dam hot n gorgeous.if my brother see u means sure he ll fal for u….pragya, stop kidding me pakki.tis s too much… dont have appointments . morning itself taunting me… in same time pakki’s brother arrives ther.he was siddharth(jamai raj) he was interested in pragya n too a senior doctor lik pragya….but not said….pakki, I said na.see my bai came….pragya turns to see…sid was completely mesmerised in her beauty….pragya, k fine…let me move…if am here means u ll start taunting me.i have lots of work to do….evening I have to pick up Aradhya…pakki, wher u left her n from wher u going to pickup her….While walking away from pakki,pragya says from school.from today she was leaving to school…pakki, kk di.see u later.. sid, y she left as soon as seeing me..pakki, nothing just kidding. So oly left..sid ,k fine…bye . turn to leave. Pakki, stupid bai for saying bye u came here a.sid ,ya..I forgot to say morning. So oly now said.pakki ,cheater cock…I know u black shep..before she starts her question session sid left the place..Some what day pasted for her..but thinking about abi n her daughter. May b he got married with tanu n child too…slowly tears falls from her eyes….


One gal coming with a tray of two glasses… ,hey rockstars come on….get up… guy. Pls few more mints….another voice, haa mamma another few minutes….suddenly she pulled the blanket from them..ya.its our bulbul…bulbul, jiju,Its running late….purab infomed that u have to leave meeting soon……its our Abi. Abi, pls bulbul few mints….bulbul, no way.get up r else I ll pour a bucket of water on u….abi, kk…..dont do any stupid things. Ill wake rubbing his eyes waked up..then bulbul tried to wake up another person . Abi, hey wait….I ll wake my princess.bulbul ,she was not princess but drama queen. Abi, ya..same lik u….bulbul stares him . abi, kk…enough. slowly he wakes hey princess pragya…..wake up sweetie…..if not see I ll not get u chocolates. Ya bulbul kept her sister’s name for her daughter.Suddenly a small cute gal wake up n stands in bed….chachu ,today many chocolates….k va…n don’t say to mamma…then she ll start her lectures.abi gesture her to see her mom…she cant understand. What are u saying chachu..saying this she turned. Abi thinks beta today u are gon….little pragya, no mamma.i had a saying that oly….haa na chachu.say to mamma…abi thinks u are dead today. Haa bulbul. She was rite..bulbul stares both…both winks each other . before she starts abi lifts her n ran to wardrobe… bulbul, u both come down. I ll see u ther..abi, hey princesses. Now ur mom going to kill me….dont u see before speaking..little princess, sorry chachu..seeing her cutess.abi ,dont worry sweetie. Dadi was ter.she ll save us..little pragya, what about pappa.?abi ,areey pagal princess. He was tye first person who fears for ur mamma….little pragya. Oh no…..abi ,k princess come on lets get ready…. (from baby month little pragya was with she was more attached to him than tk her parents) after getting ready abi n little pragya comes down with funny talks…bulbul, come come…abi ,see ur mamma started..dadi ask her to stop..princess was little gal na….see always putting restrictions.dadi ,ha..bulbul small gal na….leave it….little pragya jumps frm abi to dadi…little pragya, my sweet dadi n kissed hr…bulbul, ha dadi….u too pamper her lik My di….both pragyas were same in character. Suddenly abi face changes..all turns to sad..bulbul, sorry dadi…Abi was stil searching for her…in many hospitals n charitys…but he cant find her..he stopped his marriage on that day.even dadi knows about that..he changed a lot….he was doing many consets because of search her at least by that way. But no use.he can’t trace her . pragya n her child..nearly 4yrs passed. He was still waiting for some day she ll b back nu..a smal tears escapes from his eyes…little pragya gets down from dadi n moves to him.pulls him down n wipes his tears…sorry chachu. Hereafter I ll not ask u chocolates.pls don’t cry.its hurts me a lot…abi hugs her n cries…little pragya breaks the hug n wipes the tears..abi ,k princess. Come lets leave for school relse ur mamma ll start again..abi was about to leave. But purab stops him n gets little pragya. Abi, what happen man . purab, cutei hereafter don’t cal him chachu..abi was shocked.he was about to speak but purab cuts off him n says cutie call him pappa because when u r born he was the most happiest person n too kept the n night he oly cared u.even u wont b with us.u alwYs search for him from now call him as pappa.he cared u more then us…abi had tears n hugged him…little pragya, pappa if both finshed ur drama means shal v leave n jumps to abi..both left happily….dadi ,really u done a good thing beta.purab ,I know dadi.his oly happiness was our little princess. So oly he kept di name.. bulbul, ha purab. Both cant b without each oter…am praying di should b back soon….v can’t see him lik tis….


Raghav n tweety were waiting in car…school time got over…Aradhya was coming by crying hard..Raghav got panic n gets down from car n runs to her n lifts..Aradhya hides her face on his shoulder Cries vigorously….his shirt was getting wet by her tears . Raghav, hey princess what happen.y crying lik tis.pls say. If anyone hurted u r scold U, hitted u….come on baby say….she sobbing a lot….Aradhya, take me to mamma…Raghav, k baba…but say what happened. Aradhya again crying hard..he doesn’t no what to do . immediately he started to his car…he made her to sit in lap n moved towards hospital..Aradhya was holding his shoulder n slightly slept..after reaching hospital. He called pragya n informed about Aradhya.she got tensed n comes to front office..Raghav lefts carefully without disturbing her slep n comes in…pragya rushed to him . pragya, what happened.y she cried..Raghav, I too don’t no..she started to cry hard. Getting panic I brought her here….pragya cares her hair…slowly her slep was disturbed..seeing pragya she started again to harder more than before…her saree got wet completely..patches her back n asked what happened baba….y crying lik tis…..stop crying maa….see yr face n eyes…my sweet princess na..cheer up Aradhya…..slowly she stops crying….Aradhya, mamma….wher s my pappa….???????


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  1. nice episode di!!di only one request don’t make raghav-pragya or sid-pragya get married…..pls unite abhigya..

    1. Sabeenia

      Don’t worry sweetie…oly abi n pragya was in pair

  2. Arey..its superb…but pls unite abhigya soon..we can’t wait…l

  3. Krishnani

    Awesome. Please unite them quickly…

  4. wow nice pls post next part as soon as plz

  5. nibe epi! expecting abigya scenes

  6. Lovely episode..Emmy….waiting for Abhigya’s union….precap is intresting. ..

  7. Awesome. Plz unite them soon.

  8. awesome…

  9. this is to much yaar

  10. Awesome episode please unite abhigya soon yaar
    waiting for next episode eagerly

  11. Superb episode really sooooooooooo sad 4 aradhya yaar… When she vl meet abhi i mean aradhya…eagerly waiting for next part

  12. ?????? upload next episode pls…

  13. Awesome

  14. Superb….waiting for abhigya’s union..

  15. Nice episode…

  16. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Awesome episode. Plz unite them quickly. This is somewhat like another ff that finished a while ago

  17. Sry from my late comments but I really loved it eagerly waiting to know what happened next

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