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Memories made with love…..AbiGya Destiny (episode 22)


Here is our episode

All left to mall….pragya,Bulbul, Aliya n preethu had their chats..purab was coming behind them like a watchman….preethu comments him n others all starts laughing. Purab behinds to chase n preethu started running…pragya laughs a lot.Bulbul admiring Her..Bulbul thinks di was so happy aft a long time..I pray to god her happiness should b remains like tis til the end…pragya, hey Bulbul.what happen. Day dream a…kk. continue that after the marriage..Bulbul, di…..preethu, come di…let’s go.pragya, k the way is purab.preethu, god oly knows him….purab comes behind her n twists preethu’s ears.preethu, bai bai…’s paining..pragya, leave her purab..Bulbul, come on’s getting late…all moves same time.they hears a voice..pragya, Raghav…? Bulbul, come Raghav n holds his hands to bring near pragya…pragya gives a fake smile n thinks how he came.sure I know the black sheep behind tis was her naughty sister nu so no other way except tolerating him….Bulbul, he came for shopping with us.I n purab oly invited him…Aliya k guys.whether coming for shopping r goin to speak like tis a…preethu, another one person also need to come…Bulbul, he ‘ll come within few mints….don’t worry…pragya,…y tis problem on one day..if he see Raghav means sure he ‘ll dance like devil..her thoughts were distubed by Bulbul….All went to their respective sections for selecting dress….Bulbul forces to go pragya with Raghav..she can’t appose without saying anything she left with Raghav..they had some talks on random things.then they selected dress for Bulbul n purab.then Raghav suggested pragya to select the dress for him..she too done for him as he helped a lot for her….they both seriously selecting dress….meantime, Abi arrives there…..he fumes by seeing them…..thinks tis gal na….always irritating me…wait.I’ll see u.he moves to purab…purab, hey man….y r u so late…Abi, nothing.just Busy in meeting….Bulbul, tis s too long v ‘ll wait..Abi, u all are waiting.some seems busy in their shopping n sees pragya.preethu, bai r u jealous….Abi, no no….not at Al..y am goin to b…Aliya, hoi…bai.I know u don’t him.but he seems sweet…Abi, k fine.let me taste that sweet now…preethu, all the best bai….Abi stares her…preethu holds Aliya’s hand says come on Aliya let’s see that dress n diverts her concentration. .Abi slowly moves to pragya…pragya n Raghav were seriously selecting dress…pragya moves other side to see a dress…Abi, hi Mr.Raghav….forwards his hand.Raghav, hi u doin.Abi, am good….how about u.Raghav, ya…am good….pragya brings a dress to show Raghav…shock to him..that too soon he came…pragya, hi Abi….Abi, hi doctor mam..seems to b busy always…not even attending the calls..pragya thinks how can I attend it Abi…..I need u to b happy without me.Abi calls her loudly..she came back to sense..Abi, tis dress was nice…u can try it.pragya nodes n went to trial room…Raghav n Abi had some talks.after some time, Aliya brings a dress for Abi n asks him to see a trial…Abi too leaves for a trial mistakenly, Abi enters the same room of pragya’ she kept door unlocked for Bulbul to bring some more dress….without noticing pragya he enters the room n locks.pragya shouts by seeing him in mirror suddenly.Abi closes her mouth..they were standing very closes as they can feel their breath….Abi, don’t shout. What u doing without locking the room….she keeps her hand on back n says vo…..Bulbul said that she ll bring some more dress….so oly..Abi, k what happen.y keeping iru hand at ur back..pragya, nothing. ..just leave it.Abi, k then u leave the room now….pragya thinks how to move out as her dress zip was not closed fully…Abi shackes her…Abi, where u lost….pragya, nothing.u leave first. Abi, y…u said na.u changed ur dress nu..then leave…pragya, vo…vo……..thinks how can I say him.
Suddenly Abi moves closer to pragya.she was stepping back.finally hited on the wall..slowly pins her in wall…both mesmerized in their eyes..Abi moves still more closer…pragya heart beat raises like anything….pulls her towards him..she can feel his breath..his warm arms were crossing over her arms….she places her hand on his chest n lies her head…Abi slowly closes her dress zip at back..

Hi really sorry. Unable to reply all ur comments..sure I ‘ll give a big thanks giving note on my next episode………happy to see all here…many new readers too…without u all, I can’t b here for more than 20 episode. Even I don’t had that I ‘ll b here nu…..anyway, thanks my dear sweethearts.

ThAt day…before that, while am crossing his home I use to scan like anything.whether his bike was ter, his car, his voice, his friends,he was like tis…I’ll sees all these things within a fraction of day, he got ready to go was one worst Saturday, which think I should never return to my life….two days before which means 17th, also v met he dropped me in college it was Wednesday….later again,on19th he called me for asking my college TC for some issues…he has two one mob my no was in last dial n received it was friday..THE NEXT DAY it’s was weird day whIch even I cant do anything. 20/12/ happiness got end in a single mints….by 19th nit, he informed me by 11 o clo that he was moving nu…n too he was little angry that I have the full amount without taking any of that.actually, he asked me money for travel as his card was in some problem. I hav took around 4500rs.he asked me to take rs if I need.but I gave him ful amount…becoz am happy to give him everything of mine….on saturday of same day i too left to in travel..I received a cal from his another no.which he ‘ll not use to cal me becoz that was a rough mobile…thinking y he was calling from tis mobile nu…may b called for enquiring about my travel.attend the cal..from His No.,some unknown person speaks n asks about my detail n said that he was met with an accident….I can’t understand anything at that moment..I don’t feel anything….he said that he was Police n asked me to inform in his home…but he was not said anything clear about his accident. Whether he have been caught, any injury, any fracture r anything…millions of questions Running in mind..he did nt mean anything…..i cant ask anymote too…before I speak he disconnected the cal…even I can’t cry in with my parents… body started to get Shriver….controlling All my feeling’s n questions n called his mom n informed indirectly to cal his son n someone have been called me from his mobile nu…..

Still it was ter friends…..thanks for all ur supports. Really happy……consen too……..

Credit to: Emmy

  1. Super yaar..

  2. Superb episide.keep rocking yaar

    1. thanks ya……

  3. Superb episode emmy..i dont know what to say but i understood ur pain..i can say one thing at this moment be strong..

    1. still more ter yah……it’s just a half oly…. nearly 1 year I have suffered….thanks A.F

  4. Hey the epic was awesome…

  5. Nice ep . Plzzz unite abhigya soon yaar…..

    1. sure Rose. ….

  6. Give long epi,,,, he is fine?

  7. So, did he die r still alive??I love d way u write stories……also love u too…plz keep updating episodes lyk this

    1. thanks varsha…….but, he s no more…..

  8. nice epi…plss don’t make pragya pregnant befr abhi get to know the truth plsss……. waitng fr nxt epiii

    1. thanks krish…….

  9. please unite them yaar

    1. sure Mukund……

  10. Nice episode yaar

    1. thanks Durga…….really thanks for ur supports….

  11. guys……am I boring u all…..really am happy to feel that u all here……thanku so much friends…….

  12. super waiting for next episode..

    1. thank u sugan…..

  13. dont know what to tell.. but keep in mind we are here ..share your pain with us.. and be strong sis.. we all are with you.and one more thing.. you didnt told us directly about his condition.. what ever it is.. true love never leave us alone..itz always with us.i know its really painfull.but when you feel the pain close your eyes for a second and remind how he is when smiling.. think about your sweet positive.. he and his love always with you.. nothing can separate true lovers.. he’ll be always with you.. i swear.. dont know wht hppnd to him after the accdnt.. but dont froget you are not alone when we are here and share anything with us

    1. living by his memories oly Suha…….thanks a lot suha…….no words to say. ..oly tears are coming……many don’t the value of a love…. so oly easily getting breakup….missing our loved once a the worst pain in tis world ever n ever….whoever may b….

  14. superb ..episode..Emmy……..i loved it…..but i can’nt say anything….about ur incident…i strongly hope he is fine……..

    1. thanks adhya….but it’s my bad luck.he was no more…..

  15. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice

    1. thanks R.P……

    1. thanku thanku……

  16. Its painful to lose someone u love so much but just rmbr that even ur love would be thinking that u should move on and for that with his memories u should move on in life. And I feel u are trying to do that by writing ff..I may be wrong but just be sure that we all are here to support u and ur sorrows….btw both of us are ard the same age…and just treat me as ur sis who always listen to ur probs…

    1. sue maya………already am considering u All my sister’s oly…..

  17. Nice episode.

  18. Its awesome episode but am sorry for u…sometimes our fate takes away the one whom we love deeply at that we have to be strong enough and we all are there for u

  19. A.K (akshaya kannan )

    Today’s episode was wonderful and awesome we love many people in this world but sometimes we fall in love with memories But time can changes anything including memories hope time changes everything in your life let happiness be throughout your life

  20. It was really awesome

  21. superbb ya

  22. Awesome. Eagerly waiting for next epi. No matter what happen, if life put you tough situation, don’t say why me. Just say try me. Be strong always.

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